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Located in Columbus, Ohio, local psychic Christopher Scott, is a renowned psychic adviser. He has traveled throughout the mid-west performing psychic readings. Available by appointment only, Christopher Scott believes the potential to improve ones life is having the right information. His Ability to tap into the energy systems of his clients and touch on important details from past, present and future events enable Christopher to provide his clients with information useful for making life changes. Christopher has also worked with Detectives in solving cold-cases through out the years.

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I grew up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio. I developed psychic abilities at a very young age. By the age of 15, I began to use my talents for helping the public. I will never forget my first ad taken out in the local paper. Listed where you would typically find ads for garage sales and want ads, I was advertising psychic readings.

I want to acknowledge that I had wonderful friends, teachers, and spirit guides through whom so many of my life’s most important happenings flowed. To all of these individuals who are of endless compassion; limitless giving; kind wisdom; ongoing patience and endless forgiveness, I am in awe. They have taught me that circumstances cannot be changed by complaining but by leadership and that I can do anything I put my mind to. And so I did. I have always taken a stand on what I believe in, refusing to accept ‘no’ from a world which has defeated so many others. Because of them, I am able to stand in the face of the most overwhelming odds and still be able to say “there’s nothing to it!”

I live to take on dares and hopefully in my life process, I have an impact on other human beings to awake to the possibilities of expressing affection without limitation. I have chosen to give from my treasury of self on a massive scale and to risk it all to use my gift even if not well received, to give again and again.

Listed since: Apr 9, 2008


OMG! I am still in awe!!!! Christopher Scott is the utmost real honest, detailed and awesome people I have ever met! My god he is accurate!!! Go see him!!
I went into my session w/ low expectations out of fear of being disappointed if it did not go well. But needless to say I was blown away. Christopher came into contact w/ some of my loved ones & knew things that no one outside of my family would know. On top of that, he brought me reassurance, comfort, & even motivation. He is an impeccable person who truly cares for his clients; it literally felt like I was talking to an old friend. I plan on booking more sessions & highly recommend him!:)
i had the chance to meet with Chris and he did my reading and hands down he is the best i know out there and he knows his stuff i reccomend anyone
Christopher is amazing! I have been to psychics in the past, and I will visit him again. I called him at night to schedule a reading, and I am so thankful that he answered! He offers the best price for his readings and the best readings. He was spot on with what he sensed, he kept me longer to answer all of my questions, he let me have a reading with his mother, and he said to call him with anything! He is a wonderful and realistic person, and I highly recommend seeing him for a psychic reading!
Don't ever doubt this man..he is my son by another mother, that's how far back we go. He is aware of things my own family doesn't know. He is always on the mark..when you have more loved ones that have crossed than here, he is your operator:) it's nice to just give him free reign, it proves they're keeping tabs on us. The best of the best! You will not be disappointed but be back again..that's my prediction
I showed up early for my appointment in anticipation chris scott was already there waiting for me. He read me for an hour and a half. Only charged me an hour. He was very perceptive in his advise. My daughter had passed and he was able to tell me how. I could tell it was my daughter. He is everything you would expect from a classically trained medium. He also has recently got his PhD in theology.
Christopher Scott is a psychic spectacular! The readings are truly authentic and I felt comfortable with the honesty and insight. His warm, personable nature gets my positive feedback. I felt as if he is an angel! I highly recommend him to my close friends and anyone who need serious and real answers to life's dilemmas. He is capable of giving you a sense of peace that everything will be ok when all is said and done. I hardly know of anyone competing with him. He is quite a character for sure!
Christopher is nothing more tan truly authentic. He has read for me and my family for over two decades. All I can say is God bless you Christopher!! Just keep up the great work.. Awesome is our God...
Oh my God!!! I have been to other local readers and was a waste of time and money. He was so accurate and spot on.. Everything from names of family/friends that past on. Christopher you are a rare treasure. I am still in amazement. I will be sending the rest of my family to you! God Bless you Chrisopher
I am new to Chris but found he is the best reader out there and I have known many. He cares and has empathy and is very accurate. Try him and you will be happy. I hope to know Chris for a lifetime.
hey guys like to say a few words about chris no iv talk to a few psychics in the past not that we need them every day but most of us seek out some info that weight on our minds or feelings we mat have ect but iv talked with chris over the phone a few times n i fell he did really well whit the info i got iv been told im a little hard to read at times hahaha ok but yet chris told me alot about myself n he was right he has also gave me a little insight on up coming events ... he's good id call
Chris was the kindest psychic I've ever met. He has a warm and inviting personality and easy to get caught up with. I was amazed when he told me I had scar tissue on my eardrum as I've always had hearing problems. While it's too soon to tell if his predictions will be true, I am hopeful. Chris is certainly worth a shot for those that have never tried a psychic before. I look forward to more guidance from him in the future.
simply put , he is the best psychic out there .other's only wish they had this man's ability . do yourself a favor ,and go see christopher ,you'll never ever regret it
I've been getting readings by Christopher for several months now, and I'll return again and again. His insight and the way in which he shares his incredible gift is truly astounding. He has and is helping me in many areas of my life, and he's a very professional, yet compassionate and honest person. The readings with him are very comfortable, powerful, exciting, and fun! I've always received WAY more than my money's worth! He is the real deal, and you won't be disappointed!
Mr.Scott was very kind and welcoming. I was nervous before I went to get my reading. I was waiting outside his office and a lady that had been read by him multiple times before said that he was really good with his predictions and making you feel comfortable. She was right. He was welcoming and very compassionate and straight forward. No sugar coating. And I was only supposed to have a 40 minute reading but he talked to me past the 40 minutes. He was very helpful and I definitely recommend him.
Oh my goodness I went to him and boy was he ever on the spot he is a wonderful person and I would go to him again and again thank you Christopher.
Christopher Scott gives extremely good and insightful readings. His knowledge of all this metaphysical is extensive and he is highly caring and empathic. I highly recommend him. Additionally he also occasionally gives classes in tarot card readings, which I've taken, and I recommend his classes also.
I had my first reading with Christopher on 5-14-12 n he nailed information on the spot that he had no way of knowing. He gave me information that I needed to know to clear my mind. He was wonderful. I will be using him from here on out when I need information. Thank you very much Christopher! I will recommend him with 100% approval! Once again Thank You! Sincerely, Carrie
i made a appointmant with christpher scott i seen him 2 8 2013 i took my daughter with me, he only had my first name and wrote down daughter, soon as we walked threw the door he knew i was there to connecct with a man my son, and i didnt tell him it was for my son either he knew thing none else could have known except for me and my daughter, he is wonderful and is the real deal he is as good as the long island medium i highly recomend him he is the first medium ive seen god bless u christphoer
I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher recently - I am in a very difficult time in my life and had no where else to turn - after one appointment, I am already feeling better and also feel that Christopher has shared his gift with me. I lost the love of my life last month and I feel better that he is in peace and is communicating with me through the signs that Christopher has told me - I will be back and let people know of the gift he has to share -Thank You Christopher - Debi
I met Christopher this summer and oh what a journey I began. I still am flabber-gasted about the information that spilled out of him during our session. We both cried, we both laughed and then suddenly I realized that alot of my grief and sorrow had seemed to just disappear afterwards. The burdens that he lifted from my shoulders (and my heart) was simply amazing. There was a strong connection between him and I and I truly believe that he has a gift like no other. I adore him !!
I had my first reading with Christopher in June of 2011. When I left his office, I thought he was way off base. There was no way, that the things he said could ever be true. As the months past, my life turned upside down. Everything part of my life was torn apart. I should have been completely crushed by this. Even though it was hard at times, I knew that it was all for the best. Christopher had seen it all coming. He also, told me that it was all for the best. I would be much better of
I went and had a reading done by Christopher Scott and it was a wonderful experience. He was very warm and personable. He gave me insights on my children and my mother. Within 3 days several things he had shared with me came to be. All I can say is he is AMAZING!!!! I can not wait to go see him again. I highly recommend Christopher Scott.
It was the first time that I ever reached out to a medium, and when I chose Christopher Scott, I found that this man is not only compassionate but straightforward who's insight helped me get through of the confusion of my life. He helped me feel relaxed through his readings and told me some things that made me realized of what a lucky person I am. I\'m happy that I\'ve spoken to Mr. Scott, and I\'m blessed to create a friendship that we have. THANK YOU, MR. SCOTT! :o)
Christopher is a great person in general very easy to be around he is not creepy like every one thinks psychics are if you don't under stand something he tells you don't be afraid to ask he will try to help you understand he told me something that I was just thinking about 3 days before I came into his office an it put butterflies in my stomach he isamazing at what he does and very resourceful I give him a five star rating he is definitely recommended
I have worked with Christopher for the past year he has helped me threw so many difficult times. Hes truly blessed with a gift, I would recommend him and have to anybody. Few people are truly blessed with such a gift.
The Amazing Christopher is what our group calls him. 5 yrs ago a friend of mine and I went to Chris. My mom had passed. Christopher was right on it I couldn't believe it. My mom came through and a friend that I had been searching for. He asked " who is Dorothy" it stunned me and I said I am not sure. He told me she passed and was with my mother. They told him to tell me that I called her Dot. It started with just 2 now there is 15 seeing him. So many things have came true for all of us.
I went to see Chris with my mother about some personal issues we were both having. He let me know that my recently deceased father was okay and watching over myself and daughter. He also answered questions i had about my 2 year old daughter talking to things that didnt appear to be there. He let me know that she could see two different child spirits and that she could also talk to my father. After seeing Chris i feel completley at ease. He also helped me with my day to day problems.
Christopher has been reading for me for the past 15 years. He is extremely accurate, detailed and very honest. He is one of the most compassionate and intelligent people I have ever met. He has helped me through personal tragedy and also w/ my company. I highly recommend him, he has been truly a God send. Jody Spencer
My daughter and I went to see Christopher recently. Right off the bat he picked up on some personal issues we were both dealing with. We were both amazed. He let us know that someone we both love who recently passed on is ok and he is watching over us. Ha also gave me insight into what is going on in my lide now and gave me advise for my future. I would recomend him to anyone.


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