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The listed reading is for a 3-card reading. This particular spread is very plastic and can cover any topic you would like...or none at all if you would like to leave it up to Universe to tell you what you need to know right now. Set aside approximately 1/2 hour for a phone reading.

While I'm happy to do phone readings, I generally offer Tarot card readings via email. My clients go to my website store and choose from the 40+ different spreads. Once I'm notified I have a reading pending, I'll contact my client to confirm the gist of the issue that will be explored through the reading. I then study the cards chosen on behalf of the client and send a very detailed analysis of their cards to them. I try to do all readings within 24-hrs of notification (except for the really big ones). My policy with all my readings is that follow-up discussions are all free. It may take some time to digest the information I provide, and therefore a client may not have any questions right away. Clients are invited to take their time and contact me when they wish. That follow-up discussion can also happen over the phone at a mutually agreed upon time.

My style of Tarot card reading is going to be more insightful or energetic rather than predictive (i.e. "you'll meet a tall stranger in two months”). Therefore, I won't know if the energetic signature I'm picking up through the cards is happening at work, in a relationship, or at home. However, my clients always know what I'm talking about.

Also, energetic fields surrounding a client can relate to something in the past that one thought one had fully resolved. Yet I find energy can be like garlic: we sweat it out our pores for several days after eating a lot of it. So if my client recognizes the energetic pattern I'm seeing to be something dealt with some time ago, Universe is telling them they're not as done as hoped or thought.

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To give potential clients a feel for her style of reading the tarot cards, Annette offers a free "Card O' the Day" on her website, Facebook page ( Emerald Box Turtle), and Instagram page (@theemeraldboxturtle). You're invited to follow these pages.

With a strong background in the arts, science, and writing, Annette Noyes approaches her Tarot cards with not only her inner sight but also practicality and common sense. She has a keen interest in the Tarot cards which encourages her to study them academically as well as esoterically. Therefore, her knowledge of the Tarot is not simply that of intuitive information gathered from the symbols depicted on the cards, but also from the wealth of information she has studied regarding the archetypes of the Trumps, the suits, Court Cards, hermeticism, cabalism, herbalism, psychology, astrology, astronomy, numerology, and other forms of science and divination. All of this information is pulled together in her readings to make them perceptive, relevant, and real. Ms. Noyes is not one to sugar-coat the truth and wisdom of the Tarot; she'll tell it like she sees it, but she also helps her clients to find the way forward.

In addition to providing personal readings for her clients, Ms. Noyes also lectures on the history of the Tarot, is a frequent guest on Sacred Journeys Radio (, and donates her time and reading skills at charity fundraising events. Annette also travels to appear at public and private events across the country. See her "events" page for a schedule of public events. To engage her to offer readings at your next private affair or charity function, contact her via email at

Listed since: Jun 14, 2019

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