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Vincent Genna’s combination of innate psychic abilities, academic credentials, and his authentic, charming delivery is why he has come to be known as a “Triple Power” Psychic Medium. As a Psychic, Vincent tunes into clients’ souls, as well as to their angelic and spirit guides, and ascendant masters, deceased loved ones, and Spirit to impart messages and guidance. Then using his 37 years of training, research, and experience as a metaphysician, psychotherapist, and spiritual teacher, Vincent offers his clients an invaluable bonus. He dives deep into the psyche where true transformation takes place, helping clients to leave behind whatever is blocking them from the empowerment to heal their own weaknesses, imbalance, or lack.

Thousands of followers from the U.S. to Russia to Australia to Japan have been inspired by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations on self-love and self-mastery, and also by his insightful interviews on Hay House Radio, and on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Better Show, Gaia TV’s Beyond Belief, and the Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family. Vincent is also a beloved regular on Raleigh's CBS My Carolina Talk and on Chicago WCIU’s You and Me This Morning.

Compelled and deeply committed to continually fine-tune his skills as a Medium, Vincent has trained with the world’s renowned Medium experts, including James Van Praagh, and Europe’s, Tony Stockwell, Paul Jacobs, Lynn Probert, and José Gosschalk at the Arthur Findlay Psychic Sciences College in England.

Vincent’s personal journey to realizing his true mission and purpose in life was wrought out of the trauma and pain he experienced in his youth. Following a series of paranormal events that altered his entire life and destiny at 28, he dedicated his life to transforming lives. Everyone who experiences a Vincent Genna event goes home enlightened and energized—emotionally prepared to unlock and release their passions and purposes, and possessing the key to achieving their life goals and fulfilling their dreams.

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A message from Vincent:

“I believe that my true mission and purpose in this life is this:

To use my gifts to transform and heal others by empowering them to stop stopping themselves—and instead, believe in and love themselves. Once self-love and self-belief are realized, I truly believe all of us have the power to see our own magnificence and manifest all that we desire and deserve.

My fans say they are drawn to my methods because I speak to them as a friend would, with genuine compassion and pure love, using words that resonate with their whole being.

But perhaps what they respond to most is that I’m not afraid to get in the gutter with them and tell it like it is.

My psychic and mediumship abilities allow me to reach into the beyond to find and define meaningful guidance for my audience. My psychotherapy skills helps them use this enlightenment to heal and grow.

Yes, I may smack people upside the head (figuratively, of course!) with tough-to-hear messages, but in the end, they always hug and thank me, and dance out the door, completely energized, hopeful, focused and filled with love!”

Listed since: Feb 23, 2012


I had the pleasure of having a session with Vincent Genna yesterday afternoon. I have been consuming books, presentations, and meetings with psychics over the past seven years as I have been on a mission to learn as much about the afterlife and my understanding of my soul contract. In two words, Vincent is “extremely accurate” with the messages he delivers. I won’t go into detail on what he does due to lack of space but let me say that Vincent is as good as they get. I will use him again!
Vincent's reading was amazingly "right on the money"! And, so what I needed to hear!

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