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Natalie Michnya
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I’ve been working professionally for over 23 years now. My passion in helping people no matter what the situation may be is an honor.
I am able to look into someone’s thoughts at the moment to give you a peep into what is going through their head, but that doesn’t necessarily mean what I see them thinking is actually the truth, it’s what they are feeling.

If one has a relationship situation, a financial situation, or a medical intuitive, which does not mean I am a doctor by any means, but I usually can help you figure out what’s going on with your body so you can take the next step in your healing process.

I also do life coaching with a large number of my clients in which I give them the tools and insight for healing their psychology wounds of the past so they may move on with their lives in a spiritually healthy way of life. I believe body, mind, & soul are connected so once we have all 3 in balance our lives and thoughts are well balanced so when making major or any decisions with ones life it will always come from their heart as well as never regret their choices in life.

I also love reading animals. I’ve had them all my life and yes, they call me Dr. Dolittle but in such a lovely way some people think I’m kind of goofy... pretty much but it’s in the best way possible so I will take goofy, eccentric, the wacky artist, or anything else related to something kind like that my heart loves it.

I am a medium as well but I do not have control so if you’re calling me especially just for that I can I promise you that that person will be there for you because they’re there they’re not there, but I’ll always be honest so if they’re not there or I’m not picking it up, I will be the first to tell you and not try to make anything up as well if I get something I’ve learned it makes absolutely no sense to me but when I tell you, it usually makes sense to you or somebody you know which I think it’s just beyond awesome I love that I can help heal and get answers to people looking for and sometimes answers are so simple like I love you and you’re doing well. I’m doing well . Vote of confidence is interesting for people on the other side have to say I must say.

I’m also an artist as well so if I am not helping you, I’m usually working on a book usually for kids that have ADHD, or just for fun, but they always have a positive note for our children so they become strong and know that they are loved. I also create workbooks to help us with manifesting our dreams, journals to help us heal as well if you need something special in the way of healing and you do not see what you’re looking for. Let me know. I will create it just for you. I do like to remind people that the universe does not always give us what we want exactly, but they always give us what we need at the right time whether we see it or not at the time it is given to us what I do find is when we look back we tend to understand.

You will find most of my clients & friends have a blast with my straight forward answers, & comic relief that tends to happen to me on a daily basis. I am always loving, caring, with a kind straight forward answer in a nice manner I am able to look at any situation you ask me about so please don't be shy.
Let’s get started to a better you and a better life that you’ve always dreamed you can have because there are no limits what we dream we can make happen.

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Though Natalie was born psychic, she's worked professionally in her field for over 20 years. Before she decided to commit full time to her calling, Natalie worked in the medical field. She seemed to always know what was wrong with a person before the doctor pronounced thier diagnosis, but Natalie always refrained from voicing her accurate findings. As a fully functioning Empath, she's always been able to feel others' feelings, so working in an office became exceedingly difficult. Once she fully devoted herself to her psychic work, everything immediately fell into place, as it was meant to. It was like coming home for her.

At times. she'd work with law enforcement on missing people, murders, and robberies, helping officials to close the book on cases that had eluded them until she came on the scene. She found she could also stand on a piece of land and describe, in full detail, the scenes that had tragically occurred. She's been tested in this regard, and the results have been no less than astonishing!

Her clients range from everyday working people to well known celebrities in Hollywood, and also include life coaches with very large companies. Her philosophy is that no matter where you are in life, she can always bring you back to where you need to be.

Listed since: Jun 20, 2010


Natalie has been so spot on! Told me my new lawyer would be a team of a man and woman, sure enough I find a shark of a woman atty and her partner is a highly experienced man. Court yesterday went exactly as she said— boy was he mad! Thank you Natalie! Now let’s get through the rest of this !
I had a reading with Natalie and it was great!! She is very down to earth and friendly. She provided me with answers to the questions I had in great detail and timing. She connected with my husband who has passed. That was a definite plus! She was right on about him. I would recommend her to anyone!
I had a recent reading with Natalie. I have had a few reading in my past with a well recognized top few. What I like about natalie is, she is a strait shooter. I called to get information on what I can't see; whether it is positive or negative. I want the truth! I also thank her for not counseling me! I don't need a counselor, I called to get some answers. I find her very honest, and adore her quick witted humor. I will post when things that have been predicted come to pass.
Very very helpful and her reading is very accurate, and her funny, kind way of talking also helped me healing! She answered all my questions and they all happened later! I love talking to her and she is really awesome!
Okay, so I have had my very fair share of interactions with psychics over the years. Some were amazing and some were not so amazing, to say the least. Natalie was extremely impressive. She found my neighbor's dog (even though she was 500 miles away!) She communicated with the dog and she relayed the messages. She also received a few messages from my dog too. She wasn't sure at first who was coming through, then she described my dog perfectly. Blue/Gray big, gentle.....I have a Weimaraner!
I love talking to her. The timeline she gave me was exact down to the day. I love her humor and mixed with caring honesty made the situation I was talking about all the more easier. Will definitely call her again.
I have contacted many different psychics throughout my time, and I can say that Natalie is one the BEST psychic experience that I have ever had the pleasure of consulting with. If you want a psychic that will give you accurate insight then I would suggest you call Natalie. It is a great experience, I HIGHLY recommend her for ANY ISSUE!
I just had my first phone reading with Natalie today and it was awesome. I was very nervous at first to call her, because I have never called a psychic before but she was very upbeat and comforting. Very easy to talk to and told me what I needed to know. I would definitely recommend her to a friend and call her again! I wish it wasn't so expensive! But I'm sure if it wasn't, her phone would be ringing off the hook!
Natalie has been my adviser for the past several years. She's always friendly and to the point. Her guidance has helped me get through a lot over the years and her counsel is invaluable. Not everything she tells you will be what you want to hear, but that's what you want in an adviser: honesty.
Natalie is one of those "WOW" how in the world does she know that!!! and be so accurate in her reading. I know .......cause she's the best out there. you will get a reading like no other, picks up quickly, tells you things before you can ask. Thank you Natalie for using your wonderful talent to ease my mind.
Natalie has been unbelievable with reading me over the phone. I have been talking with Natalie now for close to a year. She has been right on. Over the past year I have had many things going on and with Natalie's guidance I have been able to pilot through most these issues with great ease and the least amount of agony for myself. Thanks Natalie for your continued guidance.
Natalie is awesome and accurate! I absolutely enjoyed having my reading with her and without me telling her knew details about the person in question. Will be in contact, thanks much Natalie!
I would like to comment on my recent session with Natalie. She gave specific answers to my questions, & told me information from her guides that validated her authenticity to me. I will update later when the predictions she gave come to pass. I highly recommend her!
This was my first time consulting a psychic so I was a little skeptical but Natalie was amazing! She helped me so much at a period of high anxiety/stress in my life. She was warm and went well above and beyond her obligations in helping me out. The reading was just what I needed, when I needed it. It gave me a perspective I wasn't able to get elsewhere, not from close friends or therapist. And things are playing out very much like she said. Natalie is the best! The real deal!! Thank you!
Just got done with my first reading with Natalie. She was great! Felt at ease, and felt great about the answers she gave me. She was spot on with a lot in my life. I will be going back to her for future readings no doubt!
Had my first reading with Natalie and she's wonderful. Extremely accurate and tells it like it is - no BS. She gives great advice and she doesn't disappoint. I strongly recommend getting a full reading!
NATALIE is an AMAZING psychic!!! If you want Accurate and Straightforward guidance, then you must call Natalie! I really appreciated her "Straight-Shooting" style of passing information to her client because I don't prefer the "Sugar-Coating" style that other psychics use in their readings. She made me feel that we have been friends for many years. The BEST part of her guidance is that she is Right on the Mark! I love watching her predictions come true for me, one after another! Thank You!!!
I am very pleased and grateful for having found Natalie! In our telephone reading Natalie was very informative, supportive and comforting. Natalie has a very down-to-earth style of relating, and our conversation felt like chatting with an old friend who has known you forever. Natalie answered several troubling questions for me--her answers and counsel rang very true. Thanks, Natalie!
OMG! Thats what I have been saying the last few days as I have watched everything Natalie said would happen come into existence. I was skeptical at first because I never had an over the phone reading. It was more like having a convo with a best friend. She tells u what u need to know straightforward even if its something you may not want to hear. She even gave me messages from family that passed. I will continue to get readings from her for years to come. 5stars across the board! Thanx Natalie!
I was a bit hesitant at first hand. Natilies voice is so warm and welcoming...I hadn't been feeling good and Natilie picked up on it instantly!!! She convinced me to go to the doctor cause i was very scared about my health...Thnx Natalie
Natalie gave me a amazing reading. She was right on and gave me insight and clarity about every issue we touched on. She gives you so much information without you having to say anything. Which is the way it should be. Thank you!!
She is gifted! On point 100%. I have spoken to many phony psychics and only 3 real psychics and she makes #4. I recommend her to ANYBODY. One of the best Ive met!
I will tell you upfront that until yesterday I was a little hesitant about physics. Natalie changed my life in about 30 minutes. My mama who was my best friend passed away about a year ago and I have been worried about her ever since. Natalie relayed messages from mama to me. There is NO possible way she could have know those private words otherwise! I am blessed to have met Natalie and I can’t wait to talk to her again! It is nice to finally feel at peace! Thank you Natalie-you are awesome!
Natalie has been right on . She has been doing readings for me for over two and a half year,She has answered many questions I have concering my family and my girlfriend. She has many times answered them before I can even ask them,she is amazing person.
Natalie has been unbelieable with reading me over the phone. She has been telling me things for over 4 months and so far everything that she said she saw happened to me. Not the way I thought but I chuckle when I say oh, there it is. I think that if you want to know how your life is panning out she is an excellent source to let you know that it
Natalie's readings are true and to the point. I appreciate the fact that she gets right to the point and tells you the truth about your situation. She has a great sense of humor and is EXTREMELY compassionate. The first and only person I would go to for information is Natalie. She is amazing!!!
Natalie is a truly gifted lady, she is so on the ball. Told me about a conversation that would happen (she said soon) and it did exactly the way she said within 2 hours!!! That was very accurate even some of what he said was verbatum to what Natalie said. She is a rock and has helped me so much, I am looking forweard to her other predictions coming to pass. If you want the truth please call her!!! Thanks Natalie
OMG what to say about this psychic, she is the best. Always on the mark and truly gifted. I have been talking with her for years and she has never been wrong about anything she has told me. She keeps me grounded when I need it. Never sugar coats anything which is a good feature since you want the truth when calling a pshchic. Always on the ball and correct. Thanks for all the wonderful/grounded help you give me!!

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