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New release! The Invisibly Real - The first book explaining what psychic ability is, what it can do, won't do and who can ... explained directly from a spirit guide. Hundreds of questions are answered from the unique perspective of: the client, the psychic, the ability, the heavens, alternate realities and the wise & the a.s.s This is an entirely new way of of thinking and interacting with the invisibly forces.

Guidance and Consultation: Psychic, Medium, Master Channel, Past Life Intuitive, Intuitive Coach, Beginner and Advance Psi Trainer, Published Author. Michele's reputation for accuracy and ethics, has reached a global audience, from word of mouth and being vetted on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. She is listed, as one of, the Most Trusted Psychics in the World. Michele appeared on Blog Talk Radio several times, as an audience favorite.

Credentials and Training: Certified Psychic Medium (LWPMC) Initiate-Adept Master Training of the St. Germain's Hermetical Arts, Mentorship with Guru of Eastern Philosophy, 1st Degree Usui Reiki Healer and Certified NGH, Certified CDW, Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy (sponsored by the Learning Annex)

Published Author: Planting Seeds on Concrete, Max Noble, Andromeda's Muse and The Invisibly Real.

Scheduling is straightforward offering:- Direct calendar access -10 reading options Confirmation. Secured payment options available

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"After a few minutes, you forget you are in a reading with Michele, even though she's saying things, even your friends don't know!".

Richmond Arquette, (Fight Club, Se7en, Maid of Honor) - American film and Television Actor

..."the information she revealed was specific and astounding, turning me into a believer. Two years and several readings later I still find her accuracy uncanny. She has the ability to describe places, events and people, both living and deceased. I highly recommend her." (see full review below)

Style Magazine "This woman, whom I’ve never met before, says things that are chill-inducing in their accuracy —"

Charlottesville Newspaper "Richmond-based psychic "gives the best readings I've ever experienced .."

Matt Sison, Author "Whenever I get a psychic reading from you, I don't think if it's going to happen anymore, I just plan on it."

Blog Talk Radio Guest Appearances: Project Angel Eyes, Michael Cardone and Bee Herz

Listed since: Nov 23, 2009


I had a 4 readings concerning my health. Michelle confirmed information I already knew and linked it in with information I didn't know. The information she gave me that I didn't know I did get confirmed by doctors. I loved the relaxed feeling she gives. I didn't really know before if psychics were real but now I know they are. i would refer her to anyone, and would def. go back. Brieanna Nivens
My experience with Michele was beyond words. I wanted to get some peace in my life with the path of my career, relationship, and also with my grandmother. My reading was so amazing and would recommend anyone who needs guidance in their life to meet her. It is real and it will give you peace of mind.
I scheduled a reading with Michele as a skeptic. I had experienced a sudden loss in my life and was seekiing something to help me through. Michele new nothing of my backround or my family situation and the things she told me were so on point there is no doubt in my mind she was actually speaking to my loved ones. She was truley amazing. I left our session knowing we do live on and those we have lost remain with us and involved in our lives. I have recomended Michele to all of my friends.
Michelle's reading was the most different and intense reading I have received to date from anyone.  She is very unique at what she does.  She was able to go straight to the heart of the matter, and gave me validation on a few things that I found profoundly helpful and very much needed. There is no bullshit with Michelle, which is like gold to me. I deeply appreciate everything that she shared with me and I look forward to calling her again in the future. Thank you Michelle!!
I was blessed to have Michele provide an authentic reading for me that addressed some of the major internal obstacles that have hindered my progress - and more importantly, a way to rid of them with practical advice. Michele validated her spiritual sources by describing my late parents with no prompting on their backgrounds. She made me feel valued and important and re-energized my self respect, which at the end of the day, is the basis for all achievement. I highly recommend Michele.
Wow!!! Michelle is a phenomenally compassionate and accurate psychic. She truly captures the heart of people and situations to provide clarity and affirmation for her clients. Amazing experience!!
I've had probably 7 or 8 readings in my lifetime. Michele is as real as it gets. I was very resistant in my first reading with her, which made her job tough. I was at such a crossroads and so desperately wanted direction. It wasn't a typically, generalized reading. She could answer very specific questions and even give me a timeline of when changes would occur. She has been spot on. It was truly life-changing. She's a genuinely great person. Very honest. Truly cares. Highly recommend!
All my life I felt certain things. Michelle not only felt and found those same things but she spelled them out before me in such clarity that even my wife went to see her. And she too was blown away. The best part was that she required little to nothing from us and when the revelations began all we could do was listen. Eclectic insights that revealed were we need to go on our journeys. I couldn't ask for more.
Me and my husband try to find answers about our daughter that passed oway almost 2years ago.We had many questions about our self as well.Michael open new door for both of us and bring light on things we uwould never know. Her readings are Amazing. She told us details that just blow our mind. I had separate appointment with her and experience I had have changed my life.She told me details that. only my daughter. could know.Michael accuracy tmost of her reading are astounding. Thank you
Michelle was referred to me by a very dear friend, also a psychic medium, who had given her a spot-on reading. So I contacted Michelle and it was the most different of readings that I've ever had; it was my therapy covering many things and has been extremely helpful. I wrote all sorts of notes from the several times we talked and review them a lot. Michelle is a doll, with an infectious laugh and a joy to work and talk with.
I called Michelle on the basis of this website. She detected my skepticism right away, but almost immediately started communicating with my husband. With only knowing my name, she related things to me only I knew and some things I didn't know. Her accuracy astounded me. Even when a validation didn't register with me she insisted it was important and oh so right she was. I am profoundly grateful that I have found peace through Michele's extraordinary ability. There is so much more to learn.
I am by nature extremely skeptical but at the suggestion of a friend I contacted Michele regarding a complex historical case I was researching. I told her nothing; the information she revealed was specific and astounding, turning me into a believer. Two years and several readings later I still find her accuracy uncanny. She has the ability to describe places, events and people, both living and deceased. Michele is easy going, conversational and friendly but quite direct. I highly recommend her.
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the reading. The enormity of what you told me has really set in and there is nothing I could ever do to thank you enough!!! I am so lucky to have you in my life. After several readings, you have become a valuable mentor in my life.
Michele is amazing. I hadn't talked to this guy I had previously dated for months. He called me on the same day that she said he would call me. She knew my situation without having to tell her anything. All of her predictions have come true.
I have had many readings over the years none of them comparing to the one I had with Michelle. Within a few minutes I was laughing and crying with my dad who past a few years ago. Talked to him about my sick mom and how he is waiting for her and will take care of her over the next month. Recieved some clarity on my relationship. Probably the fastest hour of my life. What a blessing her reading was. Can't wait until next time. Thanks Michelle!!
I went to Michelle to talk about one thing. She said "No. We need to do xx first." I thought "No way that has nothing to do with my situation." Believe it or not, she was 100% right. She got down to the root of my problem, which connects to the others. What she did was amazing and I felt the release. We got to my situation and she already had it written down 3 weeks ago (she showed me) because she felt it coming through. She had the details & everything. Even on the 1st day I contacted her EVER!
Michelle is a warm, caring, genuine person with a big and generous heart and soul. She puts you at ease and you easily feel comfortable with her. She is patient and explains things to make sure you understand. I live in Asia but the miles that separate us didn't matter-her gifts and ability to connect transcend distance. She was accurate about the messages she passed on and on point about what was going on. She packs so much into 1 hour-I have to say it's important to take notes! Thank you!
Within the first 5 minutes of my reading with Michelle, I knew she was the real deal. Without asking probing questions she was able to tell me things about my life that no one else could have ever known. Her intuition not only provides understanding, but she also invokes healing, self revelation, and spiritual growth. I am so grateful to have met Michele!
Before I spoke to Michele, I was plagued with unpleasant thoughts and emotions and it felt like there was no escape. But when I talked to her, my problems revealed themselves to be manifestations of suffering that I simply had not understood. She and her guides knew me so well, and helped me confront myself so that I could be freed from shame. I am finally able to return to my passions, and with purpose! I have learned to love myself with Michele's guidance and couldn't be more thankful.
Today was my second reading with Michele. She is authentic, kind, and very clearly knows her stuff! She really gets me in a way that most people don't. She has a gift and truly loves what she does. If you want to have a real reading from a person who is compassionate, warm, funny, and extremely intuitive and psychic, Michele is your girl!
What an awesome reading I had with Michele. She is very coverstational and patient in letting the information flow naturally. The conformation I got today from one of my closest soul connections who has passed on, saying "I am not gone, I did not leave you" has resonated with me all day. My outlook feels completely rejuvenated thanks to Michele through her caring, knowledgable, expert guidance. My reading was well beyond what I was anticipated. Will be recommending her to friends!
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! All I can say is WOW! Michele has totally changed my outlook on life and I can now see the big picture so clearly. She gave me the answers I needed so badly; but more importantly, she provided me with the tools I needed for serious spiritual growth, self empowerment and most of all, healing. She’s taught me how to use her answers to make the changes I need to make so that my life outcome is what I desire and it is working like a charm. I’ll be forever grateful.
Michele uses her open mind and heart to connect with clients in a way which is unprecedented in my spiritual experiences with others of like minds and beliefs. A kind, loving spirit, Michele provides a safe space in which to explore all that is of interest to you. Through her, one can receive meaningful feedback to ease the steps in the journey.
AMAZING & LIFE CHANGING! This was my first experience with a medium and psychic and I promise it will not be my last! The connection you get with Michele is so comfortable that you are just able to open your mind and heart to her. Her ability to connect you with others is so incredible that there are no words to describe it. Since my reading I am at peace with myself, my beliefs and even my insecurities. I have not been able to stop talking about my experience... THANKS MICHELE!!
I am so glad I chose Michelle for my first reading. Her abilities are only superceded by her wonderful personality and down to earth attitude. She gave me many things to mull over, and absolutely amazed me with her descriptions of people and situations in my life. I can and will recommend her heartily, and I won't go anywhere else.
Had great experience with Michelle and have since consulted her a total of three times. You do NOT always like hearing what she has to say and at first a few things she said did not seem to make sense until later when they played out in my life. I found her funny, insightful and she really made me think about myself and how I approach life and how many times (duh) I create my own problems!! I highly recommend her.
Michele is a wonderful medium and psychic. Her reading was like having a conversation with your best friend accept so much more. I feel so healed in a lot of ways since our reading. She opened my eyes up and my heart to things I wasn't aware of. She also kept it real with me and didn't tell me what I wanted to hear..but instead what I needed to hear which was different, refreshing, and relieving. I would recommend Michele to anyone.
Michelle is so good to work with. She is very good at cutting straight to the heart of the issues you ask her about. Her advice is always helpful and even when you're not sure about a particular piece of advice, it turns out to be right. I can't recommend her enough. Michelle has been an invaluable resource.
I was a little skeptic, so I gave no information at all and she was 100% accurate! Her warm, bubbly personality relaxes you into feeling like you've known her your whole life. A very intriguing and inspiring hour that you won't want to end. I view my life better now than I ever realized. Her medium ability is the best and absolutely amazing! If your looking for an "AH HAA" moment...she's the one. I'm so glad I found you Michele!
My reading with Michele was amazing. She was on point with everything. She even knew my age! I felt like I was talking to good friend. I love her honesty. Thank you so much Michele!!


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