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New release! The Invisibly Real - The first book explaining what psychic ability is, what it can do, won't do and who can ... explained directly from a spirit guide. Hundreds of questions are answered from the unique perspective of: the client, the psychic, the ability, the heavens, alternate realities and the wise & the a.s.s This is an entirely new way of of thinking and interacting with the invisibly forces.

Guidance and Consultation: Psychic, Medium, Master Channel, Past Life Intuitive, Intuitive Coach, Beginner and Advance Psi Trainer, Published Author. Michele's reputation for accuracy and ethics, has reached a global audience, from word of mouth and being vetted on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. She is listed, as one of, the Most Trusted Psychics in the World. Michele appeared on Blog Talk Radio several times, as an audience favorite.

Credentials and Training: Certified Psychic Medium (LWPMC) Initiate-Adept Master Training of the St. Germain's Hermetical Arts, Mentorship with Guru of Eastern Philosophy, 1st Degree Usui Reiki Healer and Certified NGH, Certified CDW, Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy (sponsored by the Learning Annex)

Published Author: Planting Seeds on Concrete, Max Noble, Andromeda's Muse and The Invisibly Real.

Scheduling is straightforward offering:- Direct calendar access -10 reading options Confirmation. Secured payment options available

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"After a few minutes, you forget you are in a reading with Michele, even though she's saying things, even your friends don't know!".

Richmond Arquette, (Fight Club, Se7en, Maid of Honor) - American film and Television Actor

..."the information she revealed was specific and astounding, turning me into a believer. Two years and several readings later I still find her accuracy uncanny. She has the ability to describe places, events and people, both living and deceased. I highly recommend her." (see full review below)

Style Magazine "This woman, whom I’ve never met before, says things that are chill-inducing in their accuracy —"

Charlottesville Newspaper "Richmond-based psychic "gives the best readings I've ever experienced .."

Matt Sison, Author "Whenever I get a psychic reading from you, I don't think if it's going to happen anymore, I just plan on it."

Blog Talk Radio Guest Appearances: Project Angel Eyes, Michael Cardone and Bee Herz

Listed since: Nov 23, 2009


I had my first conversation with Michele yesterday, and was blown away. She connected me with my brother, who passed away unexpectedly a little over a month ago. She provided details about his passing that could only have come from a first-hand point of view. I felt like I was actually speaking to my brother. Michele is a truly gifted woman, and I am so so grateful that she chooses to share her gift with others. She's the real deal, folks. I'm looking forward to working with her again very soon.
Michele is amazing she tells you what you need hear which is the truth and she keeps you laughing i felt like she really cared and was blown away she was right about everything!
THANK you Michele for your reading today!! This is my 4th reading with you and you continue to blow me away with your incredible insight & laser accuracy. You have an amazing way of helping me let go of the fear of the unknown and keep me grounded. I ABSOLUTELY love watching everything you say play out, & smile to myself as I see it happen. You are a true delight to work with; your sense of humor makes me smile constantly. I look forward to continue working with you! You are THE BEST!!!!
Michele has changed my life in more ways then I can count. She is truly amazing! Her psychic abilities are astounding combined her ability to guide you through life challenges with warmth, knowledge and support. She is irreplaceable! I look forward to every conversation I have with her and turn to her when I need clarity. Michele is genuine and gifted. She has given me advice and knowledge through her psychic gifts that are always exact! Michele is truly a blessing!
Michele helped me believe in myself and understand who I am as a person. She doesn't use her gifts for financial gain, but to genuinely help others and make sure they have the tools to continue on their life journey towards happiness. Personally, Michele has become an important figure in my life and has helped me in numerous ways unimaginable. I am blessed to have met such a wonderful person and she became more than a friend to me, but an inspiration.
I just had my first reading w/Michele and I am still sitting here amazed. She helped me cleanse my house of negative energy so that I am no longer afraid to be home. My psychic reading left me with my jaw on the table. She knew details about me that I have never shared w/even those closest to me. She helped me achieve in one call, what I have been working to accomplish my entire life. I called for help with spirits but what I got was so much more. I will call again- she is an angel. Thank you!!!
Michele is on point! She helped me connect with my son who died unexpectedly. She knew things only me and God knew. I can stop grieving now because I know my son is alright. Thanks, Michele. I'll be back in two months.
I had a reading with Michele on weds march 27th...I can not express in words how awesome the reading was...speaking to her was like speaking to a friend that I've had for years...she put my mind at ease about so many things....I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a true, genuine reading. I can not wait for my next reading and see what comes of what the guides have told me....this chick is legit!!!! Loved her!!! Coffer rocks!!
I felt such a connection with Michele. My dad had passed away 18 months ago. My grief at times was overwhelming. Since my reading with her, I have a greater peace within. Michele is an amazing person who I greatly enjoyed meeting, and I thank her for helping me with such personal issues. I will definitely contact her for other readings.
I have had 2 readings so far and both of them were with Michele. I had so many questions about a past relationship that I couldn't resolve on my own. She completely understood me and what I wanted to know. She gave me understanding, peace of mind and allowed me to move forward. I highly recommend her and I will be using her again in the near future.
When I called, I was a little sceptical but, once I recieved my reading I knew she was real. She lead me in the right direction when it came to my divorce and what was about to occur! Thanks Michelle for all of your help and support. I will certainly come back in the future!!
After speaking with Michelle for an hour, I felt more at peace with life. My primary concern was my work and she lead me down a few paths that could be without telling me I should or shouldn't take them. She also shed light on other aspects of my life that worried me. I had a reading with her about 1-1/2 years ago and she was able to give me detailed information re: my father, who crossed over, including his name and his personality. She made me feel comfortable. I highly recommend her!
Michelle is awesome. Last year I did a reading with her and she was able to channel with my mother. She said things that noone possibly could have known. She could even tell that I was sketchy about the whole situation from the get go. She told me she could feel the energy I was putting off and she was dead on! This year, I did a psychic reading with her and once again nailed it! I cannot refer her enough! She is the real deal! Thank you so much Michelle!
I went into the session with an open mind, but didn't want to get my hopes too high. Michele made me feel very comfortable and right away gave me information that convinced me that she is the real thing. She gave me peace of mind and insight on things that I was not expecting, but she was spot-on.
I have had two sessions so far with Michele and she is amazing. In my first reading Michele talked about such specific details that only someone who was so close to me in my world would know. Even people who are close to me don't know half of what Michele knew just in the first session. She has such an amazing gift. After each reading a sense of calm and peace comes over you. I am so glad I found her!!
At the beginning of my call Michele made me feel so comfortable, she asked me no questions and knew all about me. It was so shocking on how accurate she was about the details of my life- past, present, and future. She knew about my current situations that I only discussed with close friends and was able to give me directions in areas I was on the fence about. I will definitely be contacting her again, and can honestly say she will be a regular part of my life.
My reading was very insightful..It gave me a lot of information that I needed. After the reading from Michelle I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in a long time, without waking up for no apparent reason.
I have had two readings with Michele since my husband passed away less than a year ago. She was able to connect us and convey things to me that I was struggling with after his death. She has been a huge help to me in my healing process and I would highly recommend her. She is the real deal and I am grateful that I found her.
That was the most beautifully different experience I have ever encountered. It was enlightening, reaffirming and most of all vindicating. I needed it all!! I am still digesting it, but I think each day to follow will be viewed differently because of it. I will be returning, and recommending it to all who will listen.
Michele is the BEST!! I've seen psychics in the past but none of them have even come close to measuring up to Michele. I want to tell the world about how amazing she is!! I'm pretty new to her, but the sessions that I have had with her have been remarkable! She makes you feel comfy and she keeps it real and that's what I need! I strongly reccomend Michele and I'll always be a customer to her. She's also an amazing medium, she was able to bring peace to my heart when connecting with my father :)
My daughter and I had a reading with Michele in which she was able to put us in touch with my son who we lost earlier in the year. The information that was passed on to us was private, and there is no way she could have known beforehand. We are very thankful for Michele's gift as a psychic medium! She has helped both of us in the healing process, and for that we will be eternally grateful!
I can not begin to express, how impressed I am with Michele gift she very kind and giving with her time. I feld lightness and good heartedness coming thru the phone.She is such "real deal" she giving examples for clarity.Michale is a wise soul, and her guidance has been invaluable to me. I trust her complety,I highly recomend her.
We had a group reading with Michele and most of us had a great experience. She did medium, past life, medical, energy cleansing/healing and psychic readings. I was very impressed and plan to see her again!
My experience with Michele exceeded my expectations. She was accurate in her reading and compassionate at the same time while delivering sensitive information. Thank you so much for connecting me to my husband!
My reading far exceeded any expectations I had. Michelle was unbelievably accurate with her information and delivered it with empathy and humor. It did not take me long to come to the conclusion that this is someone who is the real deal and excels at her profession. I feel really fortunate to have found her and have already recommended her services to other people.
All I can say is that any doubt that I had before this reading is now gone. It confirmed all the feelings that I was having about my relationship and let me know that the path that I had chosen was indeed the correct one. Sometimes we don't listen to our intuition because we fear what it is telling us. I encourage anyone who visits this site and has doubts about anything regarding their current situation, to give Michele a call. She is the real deal!!! All doubts will be removed! Guaranteed!
The reading was phenomenal. Great intuitive counseling and help when I was at a crossroads. Also, not only did my deceased uncle came through during the reading, he had been contacting her for a while and she had written everything down and shared that. Everything was so accurate and astounding! She is the real deal and I HIGHLY recommend her!!!
I wasn't quite a skeptic, but I wasn't sure what to expect when I followed the strangely strong pull to seek out a reading with Michele. The sense of peace I felt after my session left me wide-eyed for days. And since then, I've noticed a shift---an openness---in my perspective of all that is known and unknown. I'm truly grateful that Michele is using her gift... and using it for good.
My experience went beyond anything I expected much less hoped for. I went for guidance to get me back on my path and hoped that possibly some connection to my dad could be made. Within 30 minutes of talking to me and how to move forward she realized that my dad had been sending her messages for almost six months. I only found her three weeks ago. A 90 minute session helped me see that everything I had interpreted all these years was wrong. I left feeling lighter and happier than I have in years.
My sister and I wanted to thank you so much for the reading we received on 2/10. My mom came in from the other side and validated that she is still here. My older sister's husband,who is a total non-believing skeptic, listened to the reading. He was blown away! He never, and I mean never, backs down from his beliefs, so to see him that intrigued confirmed Michele's gift even more for me. I look forward to meeting with Michele again very soon!


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