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New release! The Invisibly Real - The first book explaining what psychic ability is, what it can do, won't do and who can ... explained directly from a spirit guide. Hundreds of questions are answered from the unique perspective of: the client, the psychic, the ability, the heavens, alternate realities and the wise & the a.s.s This is an entirely new way of of thinking and interacting with the invisibly forces.

Guidance and Consultation: Psychic, Medium, Master Channel, Past Life Intuitive, Intuitive Coach, Beginner and Advance Psi Trainer, Published Author. Michele's reputation for accuracy and ethics, has reached a global audience, from word of mouth and being vetted on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory. She is listed, as one of, the Most Trusted Psychics in the World. Michele appeared on Blog Talk Radio several times, as an audience favorite.

Credentials and Training: Certified Psychic Medium (LWPMC) Initiate-Adept Master Training of the St. Germain's Hermetical Arts, Mentorship with Guru of Eastern Philosophy, 1st Degree Usui Reiki Healer and Certified NGH, Certified CDW, Anthony Robbins Leadership Academy (sponsored by the Learning Annex)

Published Author: Planting Seeds on Concrete, Max Noble, Andromeda's Muse and The Invisibly Real.

Scheduling is straightforward offering:- Direct calendar access -10 reading options Confirmation. Secured payment options available

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"After a few minutes, you forget you are in a reading with Michele, even though she's saying things, even your friends don't know!".

Richmond Arquette, (Fight Club, Se7en, Maid of Honor) - American film and Television Actor

..."the information she revealed was specific and astounding, turning me into a believer. Two years and several readings later I still find her accuracy uncanny. She has the ability to describe places, events and people, both living and deceased. I highly recommend her." (see full review below)

Style Magazine "This woman, whom I’ve never met before, says things that are chill-inducing in their accuracy —"

Charlottesville Newspaper "Richmond-based psychic "gives the best readings I've ever experienced .."

Matt Sison, Author "Whenever I get a psychic reading from you, I don't think if it's going to happen anymore, I just plan on it."

Blog Talk Radio Guest Appearances: Project Angel Eyes, Michael Cardone and Bee Herz

Listed since: Nov 23, 2009


I have had several readings with Michele and each one brings peace, truth, wisdom, healing and so much more. Michele is amazing and shares a loved one’s message in an honest yet fun way! The healing tears fall, but they are so welcomed. She’s like a dear friend sharing her powerful gift! I will continue to request reading for myself and as gifts for those who will be blessed by her gift!
I have been seeing Michele for several months now. I came in very skeptical and I mean VERY skeptical, but Michele has helped me in my business and relationship to an incredible degree. My life is on a new trajectory thanks in large part to her!
I have had several readings with Michelle because she is that good! She described my parents to a 'T' and when it came to my mom, you would have thought Michelle knew her when she was alive. Michelle knew things that no one knows and things that I had forgotten. My mom also had a message for my brother and he knew exactly what she was talking about. It was very emotional for me being able to hear from my dad, and my mom after 30 years. I cried a lot of good tears with laughing in between.
Michele is an amazing psychic/medium who took the time to help me sort out my spiritual path. After the death of my fiancé I felt confused and lost. Michele helped me understand the "why" and helped me understand I had to change my path and with that change my life would follow. I felt blessed to have found her.
My psychic coaching session with Michele was amazing! She gave me such specific guidance based on all my questions. When I didn’t understand one reference her guides were telling her was important, she was able to get more clarification and didn’t stop until she was sure I understood the path I needed to pursue. I feel such joy and excitement after talking with her now that I know the direction I need to take. She was extremely helpful on the variety of topics I had to discuss.
Michele is a beautiful soul. She is one of those psychics who genuinely practices her craft for greater good of others. I felt very connected and comfortable with her. She immediately picked up on my moms spirit, and described her personality perfectly. She is honest, and straight forward which I respect. I was skeptical, but the amount of detail she gave was so specific and accurate. I will continue to go back to Michele for future readings, and would proudly recommend her to anyone.
I love talking to Michele when I need guidance in many areas of my life. Michele prefers to ask questions for clarification and then do the reading. She prefers to give the facts herself, rather than you giving out all the details. I’ve known Michele for a few years now and I’ve never felt the need to reach out to someone else. She explains anything that you’re unsure about, she makes sure you understand the message. If you need guidance/clarification, I recommend Michele 100%. You’ll be amazed!
Michele is the real deal! I am a psychic connoisseur and have spoken to countless psychics and mediums. Michele is eerily accurate every time. She is a straight shooter and will deliver messages that you need to hear. Talking to her is like talking to an old friend who gives the best advice- except it’s not advice, it’s real deal information that will happen! I always feel so much relief after speaking with her. I highly recommend Michele!
I reached out to Michelle for a reading and she was on point without me giving her information and she even gave me guidance on an issue that had been bothering me at work..again without giving her information. The reading I had today gave me clarity, insight and guidance. She was on point and she was very excited to help me with some of my issues. I highly recommend her! She told me about my job, my upcoming issue that’s private and about my transition from 1 place to another and more
I had a reading on May 8, 2019 with Michelle. Michelle was very easy to talk with and I was able to relax very quickly with her. My wife had passed away a little less than two years ago and my goal was to try to find out something about her. I had communicated with two other mediums following her passing but no one for the last year. Michelle started telling me things that no one else would have known. Not only did she update me on my wife but she also gave me information about my mom.
While going through a difficult time in my life I felt the need to turn to a medium for help and guidance and through my search found Michele. It has truly been a blessing. Her amazing gift and ability to see precisely what has been long buried was life changing. Through intuitive coaching with her I have become aware of things that held me back while rediscovering my true self. Her ability to uncover unspoken thoughts has been pivotal in my journey to healing and growth. I highly recommend her!
While going through a difficult time in my life I felt the need to turn to a medium for help and guidance and through my search found Michele. It has truly been a blessing. Her amazing gift and ability to see precisely what has been long buried was life changing. Through intuitive coaching with her I have become aware of things that held me back while rediscovering my true self. Her ability to uncover unspoken thoughts has been pivotal in my journey to healing and growth. I highly recommend her!
I just had my first reading with Michele and was left speechless. I've had many readings over the years. Her guidance and specifics were breathtakingly accurate and no comparison. What she told me, NO ONE knows but me. Michele's style is easy going, to the point, detailed and answered all of my questions. She is more than the real deal. I will definitely call her again and highly recommend her.
If you are skeptical, please know that Michelle Bigness is the real deal. I have used her twice and was always very happy with my readings. She was kind with her delivery and helped me work through two breakups. She gave me the answers I needed to move on and to give me hope. A one hour session helped me get through something that would have probably taken me months to get through on my own. She improved my mental and spiritual health. I am forever grateful!
In a reading Michele mentioned a shift that I experienced when "inside a metal container, and I couldn't get out". I didn't recall it--we moved on. That night, when calling my mother to ask about reading topics, she mentioned that I was a different person ever since I was "7 YOA and was trapped in an abandoned dishwasher and I was able to finally kick open the door and avoid suffocating TO DEATH". I DID NOT remember it until that very second. Michele is the real deal folks, no doubt about it!
Michele is amazing! She validated very specific things, she is absolutely the real deal. She was able to relay information to us from loved ones on the other side. She knew that I had questions that I needed answered, questions that I didn't even know I needed answered until I had the answers! The information I have received from her has changed my life in wonderful ways. She is honest, straightforward, and very positive. I can't suggest her highly enough!
My second reading with Michelle was a success. She contacted my son who I miss and to be able to communicate with him met a lot to me. It is very difficult to lose a child but Michelle changed that for me.
Thank you so much for the reading today. Its was so on point and not expected what I thought I would hear come thru. I wrote down points that were important once finished I typed them up; I have two pages of accurate information to share with family. Thanks again for sharing your gift and giving me your time.
I am so grateful for the opportunity to have had a reading with Michele. Not only is she extremely gifted but also very kind. Without me giving away information, it didn't take long for her to become in tune with me & my situation. Michele provided much needed guidance, shared wisdom, and brought to light something personal to me which I didn't believe was within my reach. I now feel different. The experience was amazing for me, and I recommend Michele highly. She is good! :)
I had my first reading with Michelle on 7/31/15 and I must say, I have been missing out for a while. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a manner without prying for information. I didn't have to talk much, my spirit guides told her everything. I was baffled by the accuracy. Michele worked with my spirit guides to offer me comfort and to have me understand, my guides were present to help assist me. Thanks GOD for angels! Michele is truly indeed a jewel. I look forward to our next reading!
This was my first reading....ever! And what an awesome experience!!! Michelle is absolutely incredible. She was very personable and made me feel so comfortable. I was a little nervous but she put me at ease right away. I am looking forward to another reading and the chance to reconnect again with my loved ones. It seems there were many who wanted to speak to me but my Dad was keeping them at bay....too funny!! Only my Dad!!! Thanks so much Michelle!!!
I awakened in 2009 and have avidly pursued spiritual knowledge since then. I have received many readings. Michele is top of the list. Her channel is so amazingly clear, and like the other reviews you read of her, I can confirm, her accuracy is breath taking. Her predictions materialized even sooner than I thought, but most importantly she understands and clearly conveys the spiritual energies involved to guide me to my highest and best good. Deepest gratitude.
This is the first time that I have used a Psychic / Medium, I began a with an open mind but offered nothing because of the nature of the profession. Michelle was "spot on" with me right off the bat. She said things that only I know, she even repeated phrases that I have said. I was at a Personal and Professional crossroads and she helped me to identify my direction with tenderness and caring. Im amazed and thankful for Michele, I will continue to work with her, She is the genuine article.
Michele is a Godsend. I contacted her and she was awesome. I called for resolution of one situation and she helped me gained closure. In addition, she helped facilitate a discussion with my mother who passed away a year ago. I was blown away that she knew my mother's date of passing and specific details. She helped me enjoy my mother's zany sense of humor once more. Many thanks to her. I'll be requesting services from her again.
I was definitely nervous at first only because of what I might find out, but all my apprehensions quickly evaporated as soon as Michele started to speak. She was very down to earth, has a great sense of humor and just puts you at ease. She told me things that were spot on, so now I am anxiously awaiting for some of the things that she predicted to happen. I highly recommend you call Michele, you'll be glad you did. If you're on the fence, don't give it a second thought.......just do it!!
This is the first time that I have used a medium, I began a skeptic and offering nothing. Right away she said things that only I would know, I am a skeptic no longer! I am so thankful for Michele, although I am grieving, the information shared with me from my loved one and my spiritual guide lifted a great wall of emotions. I will continue to work with Michele...REAL DEAL!
My experience with Michele has been a life-changing event. Through her, I was connected with my husband who had passed 6 months ago. The validations that were made left me with no doubt that I had heard from my husband. Not only that, Michele is a warm, empathic individual and I plan to take her course. She is authentic and it was a beautiful experience.
Michelle mentored me in psychic development. I had a great experience with her! She helped me remove blocks I had and gain the confidence I needed to succeed at this. She didn't try to go into basics with me because she knew I didn't need it. She tailored the course to my needs and she was like a personal trainer, giving lots of tough love :) I would recommend her for intuitive and medium development.
My reading with Michele was a such a blessing. She told me what I needed to hear, and answered troubling questions I've had for years without me even asking. I also connected with my deceased brother, and she gave me a picture of who he is today - what a gift! She had written notes prior to our meeting which she showed me after I told a story and it was dead on - an absolute match and validation that she was connected to my loved ones. I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.
Michele is amazing! When we spoke, I was excitedly skeptic. She knew things about my office environment, what would happen with my job-which it did end up happening!, specifics about my love life-even called my boyfriend out by name! She was so on point that it was freaky, but in a really great way. Not enough words to convey how much I recommend a reading from Michele!!!


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