Mary Beth Wrenn

Mary Beth Wrenn
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Charlotte, NC


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45 Minutes $175.00

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(704) 566-8300


Mary Beth Wrenn is a natural psychic medium who sees auras of the living as well as those who have crossed over. Your aura projects your thoughts, holds your soul's past lives memories and carries your internal and external images into the future. Your soul knows the future. Your soul still projects energy once it leaves our vessel of life (the body). It's the ego that decides as to which direction to take. We all have free will, and we each have the capacity of making impactful decisions based on intuitive knowledge that we receive.

"Your life is a direct reflection of your heart's projection!" It's the manta that she lives by, and strives to educate and inform each person that she comes in contact with. Our loved ones who have transitioned to a higher level of consciousness strive to make us aware that "Love Doesn't die, and that we are not alone." Messages conveyed to the living are often filled with loving re-assurances that we are still very connected within the life-line of love.

Mary Beth predicts your future by accessing the energy field of your aura, in combination with the esoteric knowledge of the Tarot, empowering you through important experiences in your life. She's going into her 33th year as a professional psychic medium.

Additional Information: 

Her formative years began in New Jersey, where she read for friends & family for fun. She began reading professionally in 1987, teaching Auric Sight & Psychic development in 1990 and began investigative work with UFO Researchers, such as Bob Oechsler in 1991. She began lecutring on the national circuit about UFO's and other Psi-phenomenon since 1991.

In February of 1995, the local North Carolina chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON-NC) elected me as Public Relations Director to replace the retiring noted UFO Researcher, Mr. George D. Fawcett.

In 1996 she began her career as a regularly featured guest on many radio & internet shows through out the country. The shows became so popular that I became one of the weekly featured guests on morning radio programs at such stations as:

WNKS-FM "Kiss 95.1" (Charlotte, NC)
WPEG-FM "The Breakfast Bros." (Charlotte, NC)
95.1 "The Zone" (Fargo, ND)
WDCG-FM "The Bob & Madison Showgram" (Raleigh, NC)
WTRG-FM "Oldies 100" (Raleigh, NC)
WEND-FM 106.5 THE END (Charlotte, NC)
Candy & Potter Radio Show on WLNK-FM 107.9FM The Link (Charlotte, NC)
Main-FM.Org w/Stardancer on "Seeds of Light - Radio Show" (Asheville, NC)
WEGX-FM 92.9 "The Eagle" with Ed & Tessa (Dillion, SC)
KSNY-FM 106.9 "Suny" with Tessa Rodriguez (Reno, NV)
CIRR-FM 103.9 "The Proud" (Toronto, Canada)
WGIV-FM 104.7 "Accelerate For Life" (Charlotte, NC)
and now she hosts her own Radio Show called Wrenn & Friends Psychic Talk Radio Wednesday Nights 9:00pm Eastern Time

She's been interviewed by:
Fox News Channel 18 - Charlotte, NC with Morgan Fogarty
WNCN - News Channel 6 - NBC Affiliate, Charlotte, NC
GMA - Good Morning America - ABC New York, (Interview Not Aired)

In her free time she volunteer for families & law enforcement on solving their unsolved crime cases.

She is the founder of the Body, Mind & Spirit Adventure Group which consists of like-minded individuals that gather in social settings to network & meet top experts in their fields! We are over 500 members strong! She owns an operate The Online Psychic Fair & Wrenn Events a Psychic Party Service.

She's co-authored Good Mourning - helpful stories from beyond the grave and Soul's Goals: Your Life is a Direct Projection of your Heart's Projection. Both books available on Amazon.

In her personal time she is an avid gamer (XBox Live), Streams on Mixer and enjoys meeting all kinds of young minded folks (The Golden Age - Gamers ... you know when ....'your 1st gaming console was an 'Etcha-Sketch!) ...all over the world. She lives in Kannapolis, NC and tends to her elderly mother while her sister and brother in law live abroad.

Listed since: Oct 25, 2013


I have had readings from a number of psychics and none compare to Marybeth. I have had 4 readings from her in 20 years. Each reading has subsequently proven to be true regarding almost everything she said. Years ago, she predicted my son would have a daughter who would do something to change the world. I said to myself, whatever. She was seeing the name of the chid as Mary...then May but said neither seemed exactly right. Well fast forward to 2017, my son had a daughter he named her MAEVE!

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