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Psychic Medium Kelly Palmatier gives people inspiration and inner peace through both her psychic readings, which are great for gaining insight into the path you're on at the moment and what may be coming up for you in the future, and through mediumship readings, which are great for reconnecting with loved ones who've crossed over.

For psychic readings, she uses a combination of Tarot cards and tuning in directly to the energy. These readings typically leave her clients feeling a sense of hope and inspiration.

As an evidential medium, she connects with loved ones who've crossed over and picks up on things such as the spirit's appearance, personality, how they passed, and sometimes even exact names. These readings typically leave her clients with a sense of inner peace.

She has all the clairs: She is an empath, so she the emotions of others; clairvoyant, so she psychically see images; clairaudient, so she hears messages; clairsentient, so she physically feels the energy; clairalient, so she gets psychic smells; clairgustant, so she may get a psychic taste; and claircognizant, so she sometimes just know things.

When Kelly Palmatier was eight years old, she told her parents she’d received a message from the spirit of her great-grandfather, indicating her mom was going to get the job she’d applied for 300 miles away in Atlanta and that they should start looking for a house. It turned out to be an accurate message, and it was also one of the earliest signs that Kelly would eventually go on to become a professional psychic medium.

While in college, Kelly studied parapsychology with Professor Chris Cherry at the University of Kent at Canterbury in England, and she mentored under professional psychic Jo Wynn in Sussex, England. She also has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Georgia.

She and her husband live in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, and she often travels throughout the United States on her journey of learning, growing, and channeling white light towards a better world.

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Please book your appointments on her website at or call/text her at 828-435-3700 her with any comments or questions.

Listed since: Apr 1, 2020


This was my second visit with Kelly for her medium work and my first psychic visit. I was yet again amazed with how accurate she is! She once again far surpassed my expectations. Kelly is the real deal! She proved to me beyond a doubt who came through to her for me and I was overwhelmed with emotion knowing I was connecting with the people I love. She was also spot on for the psychic portion of my visit. I felt such peace and contentment after I met with Kelly both times.
Met with Kelly today and she was a blessing. Made contact with my dad , and I am so pleased with service she provided
Phenomenal first time ever experience with a medium! Kelly was able to assist in so many forms of validation. It was amazing! She is such a lovely person from the get go, and I felt instantly comfortable in her presence. She instantly was describing my loved one to me. I will definitely return with family for another channeling appointment. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
I had my first reading today with Kelly Palmatier. Immediately, at 1st hello I felt a soul recognition. Kelly is tuned in, an incredible listener and operates from the heart. The reading gave me the hope that I needed while I'm working through a very challenging time. If you seek insight with integrity and compassion look no further.
I had my first mediumship reading with Kelly today! It was one of the very best evidential based readings that I’ve had. I feel closer than ever with my loved ones that have passed and more at peace with my grief. I will remember this reading for a very long time. Now I want to contact Kelly again for a psychic reading for myself and some issues that possibly she will help be able to resolve.

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