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Jock Brocas is a gifted professional Evidential Medium and deep trance medium, natural from birth and known for his accuracy and direct approach often given full names, places, dates and much more. He has a great passion for mediumship and believes in the divinity of mediumship. Jock is the author of several books, editor of the otherside press and is also the president of the ASSMPI (American Society For Standards In Mediumship and Psychical Investigation)

He has read for many individuals world-wide in; UK, USA, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, INDIA & SOUTH AFRICA, LATVIA, ROMANIA and ESTONIA.

Jock's readings last normally for 1-3 hours and a waiting list of a few months should be expected.

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I am the author of 4 spiritual books that have been published internationally. I regularly conduct workshops and research into the science of mediumship. I am one of the founding members of the assmpi, editor of TOSP Magazine.

Listed since: Aug 4, 2007


This was my first time having a reading with a medium, it was truly amazing. The evidence I received was accurate. I was given names, dates, places, events, and signs that my loved ones are still with me and live on in the after-life. I was also given messages for my dad & husband who also were both amazed at the evidence. Jock was able to tell me things that no one else knows about me. I highly recommend everyone to have a reading with him as it truly changes your life and perspective for good.
i just came back from my readin with Jock. What a amazing experience! He was really nice and jenuin and spot on! I'm from foreign country and he was able to tell me names of relatives, friends, cities, streets. He told me facts that even I didn't know and just confirmed with my relatives. When I left I felt so calm and peaceful like I taled to a friend. I'm so thankful I've found a real medium and highly recommend him.
During my professional sitting with Jock, the information that was relayed from my grandparents on both sides was remarkable, and what would seem insignificant to some, was some of the best validating evidence of the afterlife. Incidents, names, dates and evidence of my loved ones around me in my daily life has been enough for me to accept the afterlife is real. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from grief to come and have a professional sitting with Jock Brocas.
I really didn’t know what to expect from my first reading and have always been very skeptical but our Skype chat has changed my mind. He was very accurate naming people and places which really blew my mind. I was after some guidance to gain some direction in my life and I am very grateful for everything that he said to me. I would recommend Jock to anybody and I’m looking forward to chatting to him again soon
I have been praying for validation that my mom is still with me.I had a prior reading with a different medium leaving feeling so much more depressed having not received any validations.I contacted Jock&could feel the warmth of his heart through his email.Right off the bat,Jock said "its mom".He described details of her passing&before.He gave exact placement of pictures,names,& even mentioned the broken handle on her glasses we still have. Jock has a great deal of integrity&a true gift.
I personally have a hard time believing any testimonials, until I experience the situation myself. Please take my word when I say my sitting with Mr. Brocas was nothing short of lifechanging. If there was any doubt in my mind that he was "real" before I went, that hesitation is gone. There were no general statements, just pure facts that only my family knows. Jock gets my highest recommendation and he is well worth the wait to see him. We can't wait to go back!
Meeting Mr. Brocas was unexpectedly comforting. In the first minutes, he shared information with me that he could not have known. information that only my mother could have known. The entire reading was incredibly specific. Leaving, I left feeling as though I had just spent the entire time chatting with my mother. Mr. Brocas’ compassion and talent are unmatched. He has received a gift and uses it to serve those who are truly in need. Thank you.
I went to see Jock shortly after my mother died .The moment i sat down jock told me the item that i forgot to pick up before i left to go to my reading and the funny incident i saw enroute , i was blown away from that moment .I came away with a feeling of great comfort that continues to this day. Many things that he said would happen have happened ,Thank you jock for making a difficult time that much easier .
my name is david and i wanted to share my expierience with jock i met jock by chance as i interviewed for a job and out of the blue jock started to talk to me as if he had my mom inside him he started to tell me about things only my mom would know he mentioned very close things to my heart before i knew it i was crying like a child and got very overwelmed with emotion as many say i was a skeptik but since jock opened up to me you can say hes totally changed my opinion on mediums
been feeling depressed and down in the last year so found out about jock on the internet and went for a reading today and its the best thing i ever did. i was really amazed by what he said and the messages i received and also what the future holds for me. im feeling so much better for the future and would recommend jock to anyone, thank you so much jock. posted on feb 11,2011 by kenny murray
Recently my life took a really bad turn for me and I was at a complete low. A friend suggested having a reading but being in the Army made me sceptical of this sort of thing. I eventually contacted Jock and was blown away by his accuracy and ability to tell me things only I could've known. Messages from loved ones have been a great comfort. I would not hesitate in recommended Jock to anyone.
I've now had two Readings with Jock, both times I've been shocked & amazed with the things he has told me & also how accurate he is with names & dates and personal information. At the time of both readings I've been going through changes, which he has been made aware of through loved ones, and has helped to guide me. Thank you for all your hard work Jock, it's greatly appreciated.
jock did my first reading, i felt so comfortable he put me at ease straight away.he is a very gentle person and that reflects totally when he talks to you. jock told me acurately about my family who have passed over and helped eliminate worries i have for the future. if you need a reading to help need go no further than jock .he is one hundred percent accurate and has given me a totally different outlook for the future and great comfort to know my relatives are watching over me
this was my first reading by jock and i was totally blown away! he made me feel so welcome and i was amazed with his be in contact with some friends and family and know they are around me,makes me feel brilliant. i loved passing on some messages to my close friends as i hope it makes them feel better. i feel like a weight has lifted of my shoulders after my reading and would reccomend jock to anyone that takes the spirit world seriously.thank-you so much.
This was my 2nd reading with Jock. It’s been a month and he’s proved to be spot on again. He told me things I had to get verified with my family. He puts me back in touch with loved ones and gives valuable information about my future. He’s saved me money by letting me know my interest free period was about to end. He said my sister’s partner had to get his blood pressure checked urgently, when he did it was dangerously high and is now being managed. Again I can't recommend him highly enough.
I am a medical doctor and despite my scientific background I am very open and truly believe in "Spirit". I practice holistic medicine and would highly recommend any lost souls out there to have a reading with this wonderfully gifted medium as it will transform and heal you. He is truly talented and I know that he communicates directly with spirit as he verified this with several examples and facts. He is kind considerate and generous with his time.
The road that led me to Jock had been difficult and painful. I had not read his books, nor heard of him up to that time. I believe my reading with him was inevitable and without doubt brought me to new level of consciousness. This is his work: lifting the veil of limitations, taking us gently to a dimension of knowing and hope for greater life both here and beyond. Do not hesitate to open your heart to him. He will surely do the same, and you will find comfort in his spirit.
Jock picked up on my career situation straight away as well as making contact with both my grandmothers - revealing information about my maternal granny that I didnt know about but my Mum confirmed was true. He gave a comforting message to pass to my brother and has changed my husband's sceptical opinion on mediums...definitely recommended
I have no hesitation in recommending Jock. He knew my past and present and gave specific and relevant predictions and advice about the future. He contacted my grandma which is something I was too scared to even hope for, as it would have been too painful if I couldn't be sure it was true. Without a doubt it was grandma; and one of the most moving experiences of my life.
had my first reading with jock recently and was overwhelmed with what he told me i had great comfort from the reading and what i heard about past totally amazed me his accuracy was unbelivable i would highly recommend anyone to have a reading with jock.
Having been a martial art student of Jock's for almost a year, I knew that he was a medium and a psychic. I did not know what to expect but Jock made me feel relaxed. Jock talked about my family, dates, events, just a huge amount of information that he could never have found out about me or my family. The information was very accurate; I was really amazed and shocked at times. I am very grateful to Jock for everything he has helped me with and would be happy to recommend
I approached Jock for a reading to help me to gain some clarity and direction, and he was spot on with the advice and insight he offered. His accuracy, his ability to place names and people, and the things he knew about my life and experiences left me with no doubt that Jock is an incredibly talented, genuine medium, one I would happily recommend.
After having some spiritual experiences a few years ago it had played on my mind and kind of brought me to a crossroads in my life. Jock, a friendly and welcoming guy gave me an amazing reading. He was able to connect with spirit almost instantly and answered alot of questions to issues id needed for along time. I'm very greatful to Jock and now feel more at ease.
It was my first reading and I had no idea what to expect, but Jock opened up a whole new world to me. He was very conscientious and took his time to explain me how the reading would proceed. He created a very calming but also cheerful atmosphere and I felt in very good hands. Without me asking him any questions he could give me answers to issues that had been bothering me for a very long time. I can highly recommend him and I am happy that I did book the reading with Jock.
Jock is quite simply an amazing medium and a kind and lovely soul. I have had many readings of different types throughout my life, without much accuracy, and was looking for someone who I felt would really be able to connect with the spirits that surround me and my energy, and give me truly accurate predictions. Jock did so immediately and I was amazed by how he was able to communicate so fluidly with spirit.
I have now had two readings with Jock both of which were both accurate and spot on. I felt very welcome and comfortable in his presence and would recommend anyone to make an appointment with him if they are feeling lost. I am now feeling much better within myself and I am so grateful for his help.
I have to thank you for the reading you gave me. You made me very welcome and comfortable. You shine with warmth and hope. I took so much comfort away with me and feel I am at peace with myself, the first for a very long time. The reading was not just very emotional but full of good, funny memories filled with laughter and the hope that one day soon this pain will go away. Thank you for giving me this hope and bringing some light back into my life.
I had a recent reading with Jock and was struck by the evidential content in terms of both my past & current influences, people & events in my life. I grew up in a family familiar with the psychic world & I can honestly say that Jock is one of the most gifted & accurate mediums I have encountered.
I had an amazing reading with Jock yesterday, it was very helpful to me as i was feeling spiritually lost and didnt know which direction to go in. Jock is a very gifted medium who has a very generous heart. I would recommend any one who wanted to have a reading to have one from him because he is a very caring and genuine person.

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