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My name is Jessica Rauen, and I'm grateful that you've taken the time to explore my profile. I specialize in assisting you with insights into your past lives, uncovering your life's purpose, and providing intuitive readings. While I occasionally use tools, my natural ability to connect with you transcends the need for oracle cards. Even with minimal information, I can tap into your energy and offer guidance. Simply share your name, birthday, and the specific area or question you'd like assistance with.

I possess the skill to perceive auras through colors, even without a photo. Additionally, I offer services like mediumship, remote healing, and energy work. My understanding of spirits, angels, and fairies comes from sensing vibrations and grasping the law of attraction and energy. I can interpret what you emit.

Throughout my life, I've been refining my skills. I've been involved in readings since I was young, evolving from lip reading to offering advice on relationships and finances. My approach is adaptable; I offer lessons with or without cards based on your preference. My experience on social media during my teenage years has further enhanced my ability to assist people, which has always been my calling. I'm primarily focused on spiritual cases, relying on my spirit guide to provide direct answers, especially during challenging times.

Please feel free to reach out for guidance. Your journey holds significance to me, and I'm here to support you.

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When requesting an email reading, kindly provide essential details such as your name and a clear outline of your specific requirements. While I aim to offer comprehensive assistance, honesty remains paramount in my approach. Your openness will enable me to provide guidance across various aspects. Thank you for your understanding.

Listed since: Mar 4, 2020

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