Jeannie Whyte

Jeannie Whyte
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Internationally known professional psychic for 40 years. Your life is important and having someone to rely on who has a passion for helping you achieve your success and will be there with you every step of the way, is what Jeannie specializes in. She provides life-fulfilling information from your Archangels, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters regarding your life and messages from departed loved ones. Her guidance will help you succeed in gaining jobs, finding love, gaining better health and and enjoying their life to the fullest. She is able to read your energy and provide Medical Intuitive assistance also. Be sure to check out the many Testimonials on her website. E-mail her now for your personal and professional reading from someone who has your best interest at heart. Her clients say her reads are life-transforming.

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Listed since: Jun 7, 2011


Jeannie Whyte possesses the unique blend of accessing her insight and psychic powers in a very down home, nurturing, and available way. What Jeannie and her guides have shared with me may not ring true at the time, but it does make sense as time unfolds. There is so much that rings true.  I always feel positive and hopeful after my session with her.  
This was my first experience with a medium. I'm so glad I chose Jeannie, she is a wonderful person. My reading experience with her was phenomenal she was very accurate. She made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I highly recommend her for your personal experience. God Bless.
Jeannie is a psychic-medium who is caring about her clients.Also Ive taken her intuitive classes,and she is precise with the work she does,and as well as in her readings! She has been beneficial to me,and and to others as well. I would highly recommend her!
I've known Jeannie Whyte for several years, and in my opinion she's the best psychic medium I've ever personally known. Jeannie's ability to contact departed loved ones is astonishing, and her readings are exceedingly accurate. I remember that she was sharing a reading with a dear friend of mine a few years ago, and my friend was blown away by the information that came through from her beloved grandmother. Jeannie knew her grandmom's nickname, habits and how she transitioned. Rating: A+++++
Jeannie Whyte is particularly gifted and unusual. Of corse she is able to go to point zero and change energy, relieving layers of unwanted fears, years and lives. She is a medical intuitive and she can help you in any area of your life... but here is the difference....and I have worked with many wonderful powerful, shamans, psychics and clairvoyants on my journey of healing...... Jeannie really is LOVE. She is working from her HEART!
Jeannie is one of the most experienced psychics and mediums available. I have personally relied on her clear, heart centered and unbiased readings numerous times. The information provided has given me assistance in making decisions and finding the most beneficial course of action in addition to helping me understand the underlying dynamics of a situation. Her motivation for assisting others is pure and that comes through in her readings.
Jeannie is awesome. She is sincere, caring, and extremely helpful. Jeannie has a wonderful gift. I would definitely go back to see her and I plan on taking her classes. I highly recommend her.
I have experienced many psychics and mediums over the years--and Jeannie is definitely the best of the best! Not only is she extremely accurate, but she truly comes from the heart. I have been fortunate to also take her classes in intuitive development. She has been a major catalyst in the growth of my own intuition. Jeannie is the "go to" person for other psychics. That should tell you all you need to know!

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