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❤️ Without any information from you, I begin by speaking about you and your life. If you wish, this can be in trance.

❤️ Next, openly discuss your concerns. Describe what is happening and talk honestly.

❤️ Receive insights, self-awareness, and understanding to grow, heal, and move forward.



❤️ 25+ YEARS


Additional Information: 

Welcome! My name is GAYLE KIRK.

I am an international professional Trance Channel, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

❤️ I am one of the MOST POSITIVELY REVIEWED people on the Best Psychic Directory for OVER 15 YEARS!

❤️ For OVER 25 YEARS, Divine Spirit and I have helped thousands of people around the world in Private Sessions for guidance, clarity, and healing.

❤️ I am grateful to have received over 444 beautiful, positive, and honest testimonials from my clients since I began my business in 1998.

I respect all relationships, races, genders, ages, nationalities, religions, orientations, and backgrounds.

Divine Spirit and I support you and we look forward to speaking with you!

Please allow Spirit and me to lead the session. We will address as many of your sincere questions and heartfelt concerns as time allows.

Have a loving heart, open mind, and let go of your expectations. Trust and know you are assisted by your Soul, the High Realms of Spirit, and by me.



Private Sessions are for 1 person only.

I AM ON EASTERN TIME (ET) NEAR RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, USA. (I am on the same Eastern Time Zone as New York, New York.)

I PREFER WE HAVE OUR SESSION ON ZOOM USING MY ZOOM LINK (Audio & Video), but it is not required.


If you prefer, I can call you for a Telephone Session (Audio Only) if you are in the USA or Canada only.

Your reading time length is approximate and may vary slightly. Please be respectful of my time and energy by ending the session on time.

❤️ MARK YOUR CALENDAR. I am unable to remind you of your appointment.


❤️ PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR EMAIL NOTIFICATION SOUND and other notification devices so we are not disturbed. We need to hear each other clearly.


Please read the full description below since everyone works differently.


❤️ Without any information from you to start, I begin the session by speaking about you and your life.

Please let me know if you would like me to do this part of the reading in trance so you and the Guides may speak directly.

❤️ Next, openly discuss your concerns and desires. Describe what is happening and talk honestly about the issues you wish to receive guidance on.

Spirit and I provide you with wise insights, self-awareness, understanding, encouragement, and inspiration to help you grow, heal, and move forward.

We help you to live with greater love, joy, peace, power, prosperity, wisdom, and healing by learning to live as your Soul in partnership with Spirit.

We support you to create personal shifts, loving relationships, and life-changing transformations while loved, guided, and supported by Divine Spirit.

You are a Divine Being! You are more than your life story. Move beyond life challenges. Life can be loving, peaceful, joyful, wonderous, and amazing!

Feel loved, heard, understood, supported, and encouraged on your Soul's Journey in this time of humanity's Spiritual Awakening as our Souls evolve. Love, accept, respect, and celebrate who you are and who you are becoming. Dream and believe in your positive possibilities and amazing potentials!

❤️ Loved ones and pets in Heaven may very briefly connect with you in the reading. Please be open to hearing from them for a short, brief mini-greeting.

❤️ NOTE: Please see an experienced, respected Evidential Medium if you want to focus on more time, details, facts, and evidence for those in Heaven.

❤️ NOTE: Spirit and I do not say who your Guides are.

We assist you to develop a loving, beautiful partnership with your Soul and Spirit within you.

❤️ Learn about my TRANCE CHANNELING SESSIONS below.

❤️ Trance channeling allows you to speak with Divine Spirit and my Soul directly while I am in a deeper state of meditation known as trance. Trance channeling often provides profound wisdom, deep healing, greater understanding, empowerment, inspiration, and a loving feeling Presence of Spirit.

Spirit provides guidance and support to assist your spiritual awakening, transformation, and self-healing to help you grow, heal, and move forward.

❤️ Be willing to openly and honestly discuss your personal concerns and sincere desires with Spirit. We have your highest and best interests in mind. Spirit may speak about past lives regarding a significant person or a challenge to help you understand it from a higher, loving perspective and to heal.

Spirit has said that who they are is not important. The Guides want to focus on you and your concerns, growth, and healing, not on themselves. The loving wisdom channeled from Divine Spirit through me is based on universal truth. The teachings are for everyone, spiritual, and not religious.

In trance, I may hear some of what is said as you speak with Spirit, but I soon forget most or all of the conversation. Your reading is safe and private.

If you prefer me not to be in trance, please tell me before we start the reading. If you are not familiar with Trance Channeling: WATCH MY VIDEOS


❤️ Connect with the love, joy, peace, healing, power, prosperity, wisdom, freedom, trust, intuition, and creativity of your Soul, God, Angels, Ascended Masters, and Spirit Guides for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

❤️ Receive support for self-healing illness, pain, anxiety, anger, depression, grief, guilt, fear, loneliness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, and suffering.

❤️ As you openly and honestly discuss your personal concerns, Spirit and I help you to understand things from a higher, loving perspective and to heal.

I may share intuitive insights on some potential thoughts and feelings which may have contributed to the concern. Spirit and I assist you to access your Soul's inner wisdom, healing, love, joy, power, and peace. Receive Divine guidance and support to be your most and to create your very best life.

Have faith and trust in the love and support of your Soul and the High Realms of Spirit. There are no obstacles for your Soul and the Creator!

❤️ You may experience Divine love, light, peace, joy, energy, sleepiness, a release of stored emotions, warmth, coolness, a slight breeze, a tingling vibration, beautiful inner colors, greater awareness, broader understanding, pleasant dreams, profound inner wisdom, deeper insights, spiritual awakening, visions of Spirit Guides and Angels, joyous visits from Loved Ones and Pets in Heaven, and other amazing inner healing sensations.

❤️ If you are making your transition from this world, you may benefit in finding peace and comfort by releasing fears, karma, and painful emotions. You may not notice significant physical improvement, but self-healing may help you make a more peaceful passing and your Soul to evolve in the next life.

You may experience positive changes during or after the first session. Several sessions may be beneficial for greater improvements, but are up to you. No promises are made. Each session is unique and an experiment with Spirit. Your Soul, God, Angels, and Spirit are the healers. I am the channel. Self-healing may be miraculous, life-changing, or subtle. Whether or not you feel or notice anything, the love and power of the Divine is assisting you.

❤️ Your self-healing can be done at a distance. You do not need to be with me. I also do not need a photo of the person or pet in need of self-healing.

Simply relax, let go, and ask your Soul and Spirit for help. Open your heart to receive. Have faith and trust in the ability for Love to help you. Still your mind, calm your emotions, and relax your body. You are loved and safe in this sacred experience as you connect deeply with your Soul and the Divine.

❤️ Turn off your telephone and devices. Wear comfortable clothing. Sit or lie down. You may rest or sleep. Be in a quiet, peaceful, private place with your eyes preferably closed or you may keep them open. Light a candle if you wish and relax in silence or with your own soft music gently playing.

Trust and know things are always working for your highest and best. You are helped according to God's Divine Will and your own Soul's Life Plan. Spirit lovingly said to me, "Suffering is not a requirement on 'The Path to Joy'...To find God, you need look no further than within your own heart."



All recordings are your responsibility and complimentary. I cannot promise the quality of a Zoom recording or telephone recording. I am unable to help you with Zoom login, recording, or saving the session. If necessary, audio record the reading to another device such as your cell phone.

If you do not record the session, I highly encourage you to take notes as Spirit and I speak. Most get even more out of the experience hearing it again. The guidance and wisdom provided has many layers and depths of understanding. You will often get even more out of the words by listening later.

❤️ NOTE: All written, video and/or voice recording of any session, event, class, presentation, work, tutoring, advice, or opinion with/of Gayle Kirk is the sole property of Gayle Kirk. It may not be used or distributed for any public format or commercial purposes without my written permission.

❤️ NOTE: I do not give my legal written permission to post, edit, share, publish, or use the recording of any session, class, workshop, tutoring, or event, in part or in full, in any format, no matter what channeled Spirits may say, for anything other than your personal, private use only, no exceptions. I own the licensing rights to use intellectual property owned by Gayle Kirk.

❤️ PLEASE DO NOT USE A SPEAKER PHONE unless you need to do so to record the session. It is too difficult to hear you on speaker phone.

Please do not be multi-tasking, driving, in a restaurant, or outdoors during the session or your session may be terminated without refund. Please have clear, unbroken reception and sufficient battery life. Disruptions, loud backgrounds, or poor reception may result in early termination. Do not be using alcohol or drugs before or during the session.

❤️ TO RESCHEDULE, CALL ME 48 HOURS PRIOR to your session date. There is no rescheduling less than 48 hours for any reason, no exceptions.

❤️ MISSED AND LATE APPOINTMENTS will be forfeited without refund, no exceptions. Please be ready 5 minutes before your appointment time.

❤️ PLEASE WAIT TO HAVE A SESSION IF you have had a recent disappointing session with a reputable medium who has lots of positive reviews.

❤️ IMPORTANT - Do not send payments to anyone other than me via my personal website links on this page to keep things safe and secure. I do not send requests asking for payment, money, or to request a session. Please disregard these if you receive them. I am unable to reimburse you for any fraud.

Information should not replace legal, financial, medical, psychological, or other professional advice. We do not give legal, financial, or health advice. Spirit and I will not tell you what to do. We provide guidance and support to make wise choices. We may share potentials for the future based on how things look as of now. We do not foretell death, divorce, dis-ease, or disaster.

Everyone has Free Will. Life unfolds based on the choices and actions you and others make. You help co-create your life. Things happen in Divine Order and Divine Timing according to your choices, actions, allowing, and what your Soul chose for you prior to birth. We cannot take away lessons and learning your Soul chose to live. We may not answer a question if it seems appropriate. Timeframes are approximate. The Guides and I are not all-knowing. We share our points of view based on our Soul's evolution. Always do what is right for you.

By paying for any services offered by Gayle Kirk, you willingly agree to, understand, and accept this disclaimer, you agree to the No Refund Policy, and the Terms of Use on

Spirit and I look forward to speaking with you.




❤️ 919-694-5599

CALL this landline number anytime! Text is not available.

Near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA



There is no way Gayle could explain or describe the things she does unless she was truly connecting with Spirit.

The information she conveyed was specific, accurate, enlightening, and comforting. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

As I described my concern, Gayle immediately tuned into the issue that was going on and relayed information that was accurate and detailed.

Gayle provided guidance from Spirit Guides with details that she could not have intuited on her own. It was at once chilling and healing and answered many questions that I have carried in my heart for years.

She provided great insight into why I was experiencing challenges in my life and helpful suggestions in working with these.

Healed my aching Soul. Truly impacted me in a profound way. Much needed support and answers to important life and spiritual questions.

Gayle helped me understand and accept true love for myself and to be very honest, I was struggling with that within myself.

Gayle Kirk is the best!! She really sees through to the heart of matters that mean the most to you personally and is spot on in basically all that she sees.

I felt stuck, but she opened my perspective to view my current situation differently and whamo there was the answer staring me in the face. She is a wonderful, gentle and kind soul who will guide you to your answer.

Her gifts are genuine, in fact, truly extraordinary, not only in communicating with Spirit and departed ones, but also in giving clear, on-target information and advice.

She hit the nail on the head with loved ones, helped me to understand things, move on, and not let the past keep me down. It was like a miracle.

Gayle gave hope, guidance, kindness, and compassion in my grief. I woke up the next morning feeling whole again and purposeful.

Thank you for being such a clear and true Channel of Light and Wisdom. The Guides with whom Gayle Kirk works are insightful, intuitive, wise, and endlessly loving. I felt a true sense of how beloved each person in our group really is and how eager the Guides are to help us on our journey to awareness and grace.

Gayle channels voices from Guides who want to pave a pathway for our future guided by light and love. She is grounded, wise, kind, and wants nothing more than to heal our aching souls.

One of the best sessions I've had since I started over 20 years ago. Excellent insights and guidance. I strongly recommend you try her.


❤️ 919-694-5599

CALL this landline number anytime! Text is not available.

Near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA


Listed since: May 15, 2007


I have had many readings with Gayle over the years. She has helped me with my personal issues as well as my professional ones and has always provided me with guidance and insight to address certain problems known and unknown. I value her time with me and I appreciate her empathy, warmth, and compassion. I highly recommend Gayle to anyone.
Thank you so much Gayle Kirk it was so wonderful to have my 2nd section after 18year, since i had my first reading with you. You are truly a blessing. I was so happy this mean so much to me i'll be happy to let my friends and anyone that need closure in there life, thank you so much and have a bless day.
WOW what an amazing experience it was to have a reading with Gayle. She’s so calm, caring, and clear about her intentions on helping out with the gifts she been given. The atmosphere in the room she’s in gave me peace before the reading. It gave me a safe space to be ready for what was coming. The reading was calm and clear. I got a message from a loved one, and my guides. I could feel a peace from within at the end of the reading that has stayed with me. I would recommend Gayle to everyone
Talking to Gayle is always calming and insightful, a huge reminder of the peace that is available if only we let it happen. Thank you Gayle K
Gayle was spot on and helped me bring closure to a couple of relationships by passing on some acknowledgements from my now deceased mother as well as a dog i had helped a few years ago. it was so nice to hear! remember, even if U feel alone here on earth, there are many spirit guides/souls who are supporting and facilitating blessings, abundance and prosperity from the spirit realm.. so never lose hope! Gayle brought clarity/peace to me about my future in light of current events. Real Deal !!
I was extremely wowed by GAYLE accuracy and conciseness. What a beautiful reading I was blessed to have connected with those I wanted to hear from. I look forward to another reading with her in the near future .
Gayle Kirk was a very pleasant person to speak with. She was very informative and quite intuitive with her psychic abilities. She gave me all the answers to the questions I was seeking help with figuring out. I'm sure you will enjoy a reading with her.
I just had a reading, a talk with Gayle Kirk. I was reminded of what I’ve been thinking about in many areas of my life. I found it moving, educational and I’m inspired. Until next time. Thank you Susan
I recently left an abusive relationship, changed jobs and moved into my own place. Was I crazy to do all of this at once? It felt right, but was it? I needed direction, reassurance and some validation, all of which I received from my reading with Gayle. Mom came through and it was wonderful! I knew it was her!! I feel so relieved and happy that I am on the right path and also appreciate the advice from spirit. What an enriching experience! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND seeing Gayle!! Thank you Gayle!!
Gayle is insightful and astounding. Her reading brought comfort and direction to me. She has a powerful gentleness about her. I’m looking forward to our next session!
Gayle‘s reading was insightful and intuitive. I would recommend her.
Gayle Kirk is a kind, compassionate, gifted psychic. It was my first ever medium/psychic reading and I was lucky enough to be connected with my departed daughter through Gayle. I feel touched by Gayle's wise words and reminders about soul's paths. I feel comforted to know my daughter is well and with me now and forever.
My reading with Gayle was both loving and life affirming. I was especially pleased to hear of some past lives that are relevant to this lifetime now. I now feel more equipped to deal with the circumstances surrounding my son which until now weighed heavily on my heart. Thank you Gayle and your guides.
I was very impressed with my reading from Gayle. It was accurate and quite beneficial. Plus she was also able to answer all of my questions
Gayle was warm and kind during my reading. I was speachless at how on point she was. There was not one thing she said that did not make sense.
I had the pleasure of having a remote healing session from Gayle. I felt the energy as a flow of loving peace and harmony, all around me. It was subtle and yet, I knew something was happening for sure. I am very sensitive and feel such things right away. You may or may not feel the energy or process during or afterwards, depending upon how you are wired. Gayle is a lovely person who allows healing energy to come through her from higher sources. She has her own healing gifts, as well.
Today I had a very emotional reading It’s amazing to hear from spirit tell you things so clearly and straight forward. Thank you Gail
I have had several sessions with Gayle and each session has been a confirmation of the authenticity of her psychic gifts. Recently I had a "trance channeled" reading with her which exceeded my greatest expectations. The wise, kindly Ascended Master who speaks through her zeroed in on my issues immediately and accurately with little input from me and supplied me with the most helpful insights, not only from the highest soul perspective but also in terms of concrete, practical advice. Wow!
Gayle is very skilled medium. The energy that came through was so loving; the words rang true for me deep within. There wasn't anything said that wasn't true. I recognized family who came in, right away. I've had many readings in my lifetime, not a spring chicken, and this was well worth it. I got exactly what I needed; issues were addressed before I asked. Wish the session were longer, so meaningful and delightful. The connection put my direction back on track; loving energy aligned me. Thanks!
I just had a trance channeled meeting with Gayle. She was very clear regarding the trance state she would go into during our time. She was able to reach my departed family while also giving accurate insight into my personal concerns surrounding them. This was a pleasant, calm and reassuring reading.
I had a reading with Gayle this morning and she was able to capture what some of my questions were without having to ask them. I thought she was able to clarify my confusion on some issues. She was very pleasant to talk with. I recommend her if you are seeking some answers in your life .
My reading with Gayle went exceptionally well. She channeled my reading through supportive, loving, and gentle guides. Several of my loved ones from heaven also arrived, which was incredibly meaningful to me. I appreciate Gayle's gift of channeling and the guide's wisdom, nudges, and direction, all in 50 minutes!
I’m so happy I found Gayle! The reading was incredible and brought comfort and great advice. What a wonderful gift to be given!
I came across Gayle's website and was impressed by her desire for continued spiritual growth and development. My reading with her was filled with a handful of evidence-based insights. She pointed to an area of life that I have kept under lock and key for a very long time. She even brought forth messages from my aunt who had crossed over a few years prior. Gayle has a way of probing but not prying and does so with a genuine desire to guide the truth seeker and to assist in the healing process.
Gayle is great! This was a life-changing reading and worth every penny. I had a list of questions that I wrote beforehand, but when spirit came through, they answered 95% of my questions without my even needing to look at what I had written. I was feeling so troubled about things going on in my life, and the reading gave me a lot of clarity and peace about what I need to do going forward.
Gayle Kirk is the real deal. I have never experienced a session as powerful and meaningful as the one that Gayle conducted. Her ability to access spirit guides to inform my future path was invaluable. I have worked with psychics/mediums in the past and found Gayle to be in a league of her own.
My reading with Gayle was amazing! Gayle tuned in immediately to the issues, brought through messages, and was spot on regarding my life circumstances. She provided me with the clarity and insight that I needed and gave me a different perspective/lens to see things through. Thank you Gayle for sharing your gifts and your wisdom!
I just completed a reading with Gayle Kirk and I was truly impressed. I think she did a great job and gave me guidance to improve my life and re-write some of my future if I will take and follow her advice which I hope to try and do. It's been a long, hard road with narcissists in my life and trying to conquer, not keeping them, and allowing them to tell me how to live. These narcissists have brought and will bring me more pain and I will truly learn how to deal with them & the situations.
I was feeling terrible because I had to put my sweet little dog down. I remembered Gayle Kirk from Facebook and her positive posts. I called her for a reading and found her to be very warm and friendly. Gayle made me feel much better knowing my pooch was safe with family and having a good time. She was very accurate and I highly recommend her for a reading.
Gayle was so wonderful! the time went by super fast. Everything that Gayle brought through for me was spot on and gave me amazing insight for the areas I was hoping to address. I highly recommend.


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