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Dawn Joyce-Reno

Dawn Joyce-Reno
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Nearest City: 

Oak Island


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$175.00 readings are generally 75 Minutes

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DAWN JOYCE-RENO (Alea Dawn): Our loved ones in spirit always leave an energy connection in our hearts. A session with Alea Dawn can help you make that heart to heart connection with validation knowing that your loved ones are in beautiful form, still with you and still connecting with you. These are spirit empowered sessions as Alea also brings forward her special gift of Guided Communication to inspire and empower you in your daily waking life. In every reading she brings to you as well, viable action tools specialized to who you are to help you connect to your loved ones and bring you much needed heart and emotional healing. Get connected, feel empowered, contact Alea Dawn today.

Additional Information: 

Would you like to learn how to connect? I am running the certified mediumship course in May. REGISTRATION is OPEN NOW! We fill space quickly. For more information check out the website.

Listed since: Jul 20, 2011


I have had a number of readings with Alea Dawn over the years. She's my "go to" psychic medium. She see's things and spirits so clearly. You won't be disappointed.
Alea Dawn provides so many wonderful assets when she does a reading! She's is always focused on empowerment, full of integrity, and so much love! When you are interacting with Alea it is easy to understand that every word comes straight from the divine!
I have taken an on-line Spirit Guide class with Dawn, but had never had a reading with her. I had mediumship reading with her and was stunned with the information she was able to give me regarding my father who has been gone thirty-one years. She was able to tell me my father's name as well as my grandfather. Dawn is a compassionate person but does not tell you what you want to hear. She does a superior job and I am super impressed!
I have had several readings with Alea Dawn and she never ceases to amaze me with her accuracy. She brings through lots of evidence and I have no doubt that I was talking to my parents. She's amazing.
Truely a gift. Alea Dawn is the real deal. You will not be disappointed.
Let me start off with saying ☆WOW☆ I called into her radio show where she was giving free readings. The timing couldn't have been more perfect because 2 1/2 months ago I was deep in the middle of LOST. I was needing some guidance, answers...something. I was desperately searching for work and she told me I'd find work in 2-3 months. She gave me hope where I had none. And now, I'll be starting my NEW career next week. My self esteem has risen and I feel like me again, but better...THX Alea!
I recently had a Spirit Reading by Medium Alea. I would like to say she has such an amazing and loving soul. She gave me hope & insight on myself, without a doubt gave me the strength to move forward. She truly changed my life. She was right on with everything & the information I received from the other side, well nobody could have known or understood but me! I highly recommend her to connect with your loved ones or simply need a life coach, then contact Medium Alea Dawn ❤
I had my first reading with Dawn and she was terrific. She was able to pick up on my grandfather and a couple of other relatives. Everything she said was him to the T. I highly recommend her and hope to talk with her again. It is so nice knowing he is in no more pain.
What a beautiful reading I had with Dawn. She was spot on correct and allowed me to talk with my mother who has been on the other side for 3 yrs. Their is no doubt she connected with my mother. Unbelievable experience and gave me the piece of mind that she is well and happy and still with me...I will absolutely connect with Dawn again in the future. What a talented, warm, compassionate and truly gifted soul Dawn is. If you have any doubts get rid of them she is the real deal!!!!!
Dawn is truly gifted. I have a lot of things in my closet and she pulled out and found what I keep hidden. Extremely, extremely gifted. Highly recommend!
Absolutely Amazing! I came in a skeptic and left a believer. The details she gave me were mind shattering. She is the real deal. Thank you Dawn for bringing my aunt through to me.
a phenomenal psychic/medium. She was literally able to pick up on a birth injury i had and its exact location. She was aslo able to communicate with my grandfather who just passed and validated a sign he had given my family after his passing. A wonderful person to work with....A+++
I have known Dawn for a couple of years through an on line spiritual group. I have always been very impressed with her psychic and mediumship abilities. Being a psychic and medium myself, I am very selective in who I ask to provide me with a reading - I approached Dawn for this reading recently. I must say that her accuracy was so spot on that it actually took me by surprise as I am generally hard to read....My hats off to her - very highly recommended by this psychic!!!
I met Dawn on-line and asked her if a spirit could be attached to a person, because many strange things and feeling have been goin on in my house for over 5 years. Things would go missing, bad negative feelings and much more. Dawn helped my by zeroing in on who was doing it and gave advice on how to get it to stop, I can't thank her enough. Nowwe live in a harmonis hous and couldn't be happier. Dawn is a treasure for sure and I can't say enough good about her. Highly recommended.

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