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Cheryl Anne McGill

Cheryl Anne McGill
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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON -- Listed on International, Professional, Full time Psychic Medium, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Life Coach & Inter-faith Ordained Minister. I offer telephone readings. I also work with law enforcement to find closure on cases. I am a RN, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Specialist/Forensic Nurse, & MBA Graduate with 25+ years experience working in the Psychic and Spiritual Realms. Detailed, accurate readings prove continuity of life.

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Telephone Readings only. I ask the client not to tell me anything to keep the reading "clear" and untainted. Please visit my web site at for more information. I will be honored to read for you. Love ALLways (always and in all ways), Cheryl Anne
Please note, for a quicker reply to schedule a reading, please email us versus leaving a telephone message, as my Executive Assistant has flexible hours to meet the needs of our clients world-wide who are in every time zone. As such, she may communicate with you via email at any hour versus phoning a client at a time that would be disrespectful because of the difference in time zones.

Listed since: Jan 30, 2008


I recently had a reading with Cheryl Anne and it was the best reading I have ever had in my life. It was so accurate and spot on. I had some concerns on my life matters and she answered all of my questions honestly and so professional. I highly recommend her to everyone who are interested in psychic reading and am looking forward to having another reading with Cheryl Anne in the future.
Cheryl Anne is my Angel on Earth!! I don't know what I would do without her. She is highly accurate, super sweet, compassionate, non judgemental and just exudes love and light. I have been reading with her for 7 years and always look forward to talking to her. She is the BEST around.
My reading with Cheryl Anne leaves me with a deep sense of appreciation. Cheryl was highly accurate: she shared with me information that was new but also things that I had known and just needed to hear from someone unrelated. Also she nailed who I am and my purpose here, work that I haven't started doing but is my true calling. Most of all, her kindness and caring attitude will stay with me. May God bless you Cheryl, you are an angel on earth!
I think Cheryll Anne is a really gifted person and she touches your soul. I had my last reading with her recently, just to confirm that what she told me last time, occured: my husband was transferred with his job in my town,my father passed. Also this time, she pinpointed exactly what is going on now, without telling her a word before(so she coudl not know ).She is really amazing. And she cares.That's what I really appreciate.
I had my first reading with Cheryl Anne and I was completely impressed. Her accuracy is exceptional and the flow of information was exact. Cheryl Anne predicted a lot of happy upcoming events which I know will materialize. I have read with other psychics in the past who cannot compare to Cheryl Anne's psychic abilities. She us truly gifted! I am already looking forward to my next reading!!
I had a fantastic reading with Cheryl Anne. I found her to be warm, kind, caring, and a genuinely talented medium. The messages that she delivered were amazingly spot on, and highly relevant to my life. The messages were specific to me and could not be broadly applied to others - this adds to her credibility as a gifted medium. I'm looking forward to many future reading with Cheryl Anne. I highly recommend her to others!
I just had my first reading with Cheryl Anne. I say first because I hope to have another reading with her some time. Several of the points that she identified and channeled were amazing. She mentioned a name-I am going to visit this person in the next two weeks....She was kind and thoughtful and thought provoking...which is lovely in this world of sometimes too much information, or just not enough.
what can I say about Cheryl that has not been said? her gift is astounding. she never ceases to amaze me. "real deal" does not cover it. I have been reading with her since 2007. last week I consulted with her again. her heart is ALWAYS the biggest part of her readings, and they mean so much to her. to top off last week's reading, she mentioned to me one of my patients was pregnant and it would be a shock - two days later I got the news. like clockwork. thank you Cheryl, for all that you do.
I had a very nice reading yesterday with Cheryl Anne. It was my first and she made me feel very comfortable. I heard from two relatives on the other side specifically that I was hoping to. My questions were pretty much answered before I had to ask and I never revealed the purpose for my call. A few things did not resonate with me but the majority of the information was very plausible and some details exactly correct. Overall for 45 minutes I feel it was worth my money and time.
Cheryl Ann is gifted, kind, and humble, and gives a higher perspective than other readings I've received. She has the capacity change lives. Excellent, helpful, and healing reading. I'm honored to have been able to meet her this way, and recommend her highly.
Amazing! I told her nothing but she knew everything. The best, loving, brilliantly humble yet powerful. She knew names, locations, deceased loved ones, my best future plans for me to choose from. I will certainly call her again. Simply the best!
I recently had my first reading with Cheryl Anne and she was amazing. Without me giving her any information, she picked up on the situation I was calling about and knew specific details. I did not have to ask any of the specific questions I had written down before the session because she already answered them without me having to ask. Cheryl Anne is very kind and professional. I look forward to future readings with her.
Absolutely incredible. Without saying a word, Cheryl tapped into the issue I had called about immediately. The advice she gave was priceless, gave me a lot of comfort, and made me believe in the psychic vision. I was skeptical, but immediately made a believer. Thank you so much Cheryl, and I will be following your advice.
I have had several readings from Cheryl Anne McGill that go far beyond a "reading". She has proven herself time and time again to be a credible "life coach". Cheryl Anne has helped me over some tough hurdles not by predictions alone but by providing understanding and comfort to situations. The guidance to rise above these situations is priceless. As a bonus her predictions have never let me down. I am a much better man for investing in Cheryl Anne's counsel. I share this with integrity.
I had my third reading with Cheryl Anne. I usually don't post reviews, but I have to make an exception in this case. Cheryl Anne is so far the most accurate psychic medium I have ever spoken to. My first reading with her was almost two years ago and even if the things she told me didn't make sense that time, everything she predicted happened and it makes sense now. She is compassionate, honest and straight to the point. Highly recommended!
Cheryl is professional, clear and direct with her messages and answers your looking for. She confirmed that i was on track with what she saw going on in my life and gave me insight to ideas i should be looking at for my current project. The advise and guidance was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much!
Hello everyone! What another wonderful reading I've just had with Cheryl Anne. She is soooo gifted. As a healer and professional in the health care field I am in tune with others' feelings and can usually read them pretty well. The feeling I get from Cheryl Anne is one of pure altruistic love, compassion, understanding and gratitude. She is so generous to share her gifts with us, for us. Please take advantage of this opportunity to have her read for you. Trust her ability. She's heaven sent..
I have read testimonials that others have written and it's hard to add something that hasn't already been acknowledged. Cheryl Anne has incredible insight into what is going on in your life. She gives you peace of mind, no matter if her message is what you want to hear or not. Her compassion matches her accuracy. I feel very lucky to have her in my life to share her gift and give me support and direction.
I just had my first reading with Cheryl Anne. She was so accurate and answered all of my questions. She also provided insight into things that happened in the past, things happening now, & things to watch for in the future. Her knowledge of nursing and other aspects of her career helped provide a more informative interpretation of the information she was giving. Thank you, Cheryl Anne, for taking the time to ensure I received the full picture of the situation. I highly recommend you to everyone.
Having a reading with Cheryl Anne just soothes my soul. Aside from her warmth that I aspire to attain, she is eerily accurate with details on what is or is to happen. Even when she delivers information that is not in your favor, spirit assures you that things will work out in the end or the correct path that must be taken for your happiness. Words cannot express my gratitude to have found her on this difficult journey we call life.
It was my first ever reading and I am very impressed. The purpose of the reading was to connect my mom with her adopting mom on the other side. We are very happy with the reading, even though my mom does not speak English. It is fairly accurate for what we can verify right now. Will schedule future reading with Cheryl again. It is very helpful to have the recording too. There were some important points that Cheryl provide but I misunderstood then. It was a truly amazing experience for me.
I recently had another great reading with Cheryl Anne. She is such a nice person to talk to. It always amazes me that she knows what I want to talk about before I even ask. She is very accurate in her readings. Thank you Cheryl Anne. I wish you well, allways
I was able to have my third reading with Cheryl Anne and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. This was the best reading yet. I was happy to hear the things that she told me and she was really helpful once again. always recommend!!
Cheryl- Anne was amazing. She has great energy and I was speechless with the things that she picked up on; they were exactly what were on my mind. She was very accurate in her descriptions of the situations of my life. This is my first reading with her but I am very confident in her ability to accurately read the future path. All the best to you Cheryl-Anne. I will definitely be back again.
Just an AMAZING reading. Truly the best!! Cheryl Anne is not only amazing but she cares and that makes for a very comfortable and enjoyable reading. She is always dead on accurate. The real deal! I always end my readings excited for the next time!
what else can I say about Cheryl Anne. when I have an emergency, or just a general strong curiosity about my path, I call upon her. I have been reading with her for almost 10 years. her readings never fail to prove accurate. of course free will can impact the future, but Cheryl somehow reads SO incredibly well, that her info doesn't affect free will. sometimes during a reading I have no idea what she is talking about, and literally the NEXT DAY it shows up. I love her. her spirit is very kind.
I have had many readings in the past, but I have to say, Cheryl Anne is the best reading I have ever had!! I was actually speechless and was in awed with some of the stuff that came through. She very intuitive, nurturing, and seems to know what my questions were before I even asked them! I can't say enough wonderful things about her. I highly recommend her and feel very blessed to have found such a gifted medium!!
I was astonished to say the least ! I've been fascinated with psychics for years. Always searching for, but rarely finding, one that uses "proper nouns" when describing persons, places or events rather than general statements. Cheryl certainly did use "proper nouns".
Cheryl is so spot on. A year ago she did a reading and my deceased young nephew came through. He took up 30 min and said many things that just did not resonate. His Mother was out of town but I let her listen and she was astounded as everything I didn't understand had been happening to her where she was. She had been really struggling and the sense of peace it gave her was phenomenal! So we laugh about how my nephew high jacked my reading. My current reading was just as good.
Thank-you Cherly Anne, I had a wonderful 30 min reading today. You left my SOUL with comfort and at Peace. My SISTER and MAMMA spiritual essence came in with things I only knew especially about the WHITE ROSES and the special vacation I had planned this OCT. May GOD continue to BLESS you and your special gifts. W/O a doubt, I will have another reading. GOD BLESS Ms Pugh Retired Veteran


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