Ada May Brown

Ada May Brown
Ada May Brown


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Chapel Hill


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$125.00 USD per hour

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Hello and Thank You for reading my listing here on the Best Psychic Directory!

I'm a Spirit Taught Psychic-Medium and Chakra Energy Healer. For over a decade now I've been professionally helping individuals to communicate with their loved ones on the other side. Being a born antenna for those in Spirit is both interesting and unique in so many beautiful ways. Sessions we can do through phone, Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, from anywhere on our Beautiful world, or in person if you live in my area of Beautiful Mother Earth. How can I read for anyone anywhere in the world? It's because LOVE knows no boundaries nor does the energy that is that love which is why those in Spirit can come through no matter how far apart you and I are in distance. Love is what makes all this possible, our love for them and their love for us.

Now "What is a Chakra Energy Healer?" you may be asking. This technique was given to me by my Guides and Angels several years ago and I can only describe what I do in my sessions. Simply put, my abilities as a very strong empath allow me to connect with your energy to pinpoint and feel dense or troubled areas in your personal energy. With Creator's Loving Energy I help guide that energy with and through your system to flush out old thoughts, feelings and patterns that are keeping you from moving forward in your life. Here again, I'm just the pencil or antenna for tuning into your energy but with my guidance as we work your energy centers AKA Chakras, we release unnecessary emotional tethers to many things. Often there is a wonderful mixture of happy tears and laughter as I work with individuals. Again because Love knows no boundaries, we can work together through phone, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp anywhere you may be.

Thank you again for again for reading my listing and wishing you a Beautiful and Blessed day!

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Please feel free to send me any questions you may have about sessions or future classes. It usually takes me 24 to 48 hours to respond however, I'll answer as soon as I possibly can.

Remember, Listening to YOUR intuition is just Natural!


Listed since: Aug 25, 2007


Ada is wonderful and gave me a very accurate reading. She's the real deal! She doesn't want you to give her any info ahead of time, so everything she picks up on is genuine and legitimate. She has a very compassionate and loving spirit that comes through, and we went way over our session time just chatting about various things. I will definitely call her again in the future.
Ada may Brown is the real deal. She helped me in more ways then she will ever know. If your looking for answers this is where you will get them. She is gifted and truly amazing!!!!
I recently had the pleasure of having a reading done for me by AdaMay. Her reading was honest and gave me exactly what guidance I needed for my own spiritual advancement. Thanks to AdaMay I could feel my loved ones love surround me and I now know that I'm not alone and that my loved ones are with me. I also know now that my loved ones are no longer in pain. I will definitely be contacting AdaMay in the future.
Ada surprised me w/ the depth of the reading and what those spirits who had crossed had to say to me. She was patient as I took notes and repeated words (skype was not working well at my end). I found Ada as real as can be and talented beyond measure. I have since passed her name around to other interested parties. Word of mouth is the highest form of praise in my book. I will be talking to Ada again!
AdaMay was 100% correct with everything she had to say to me and from my loved one. I am contacting her again, she is truly a gift from God.
I will definitely contact Ms. Brown in the future. The reading I got verified several things for me. I got guidance in handling an upcoming event, and was comforted by receiving verifications from loved ones as well as close friends. Ms. Brown was extremely conscientious in making sure I received an audio CD of the reading. Her method of delivery of identifying my Spiritual contacts was smooth, soothing, and gentle. I am glad to have contacted her and thankful for her abilities.
Adamay was completely on point with everything she said. I was amazed and blown away by her accuracy. I will use her again.
AdaMay was very loving, accurate, and sincere. My mother enjoyed her reading and we will definately contact her in the future.

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