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New York

Janice Pietzak

A third generation intuitive,Psychic Janny Di came into her gifts at age six upon the unexpected death of her mother “Marisa”. She works with four guides “Marisa or Marie “being the main one”. Janny’s gifts come very naturally. “It is just another “facet” of me. I have been using my abilities for over 40 years. I listen and connect just by hearing the sound of my clients voice. I can also incorporate tarot,oracle and other...
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Kay Reynolds

Kay Reynolds is a medium, public speaker, and #1 bestselling author of The Evidential Medium: A Practical Guide for Developing Mediumship. She trained as a medium at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, under the mentorship of Mavis Pittilla, one of the College’s longest-standing tutors. OMTimes Magazine has featured Kay’s articles “Dying with Grace,” “Becoming a Professional Medium,” and forthcoming article...
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Sophia Marotta

A Message From Sophia I'd like to welcome and thank you for checking out my profile page. My calling, my passion, my gift is to help people. I am a master psychic and evidential medium. There are many good psychics out there today, more so now then ever before. My guides tell me that there is a reason for that. Life nowadays can be more challenging then ever before. Be it the grieving of a loved one, or dealing with one of this worlds...
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Susan J. Squittieri

Susan is gifted with clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient abilities that allow her to “tune in” quickly and accurately to the energy of a person, animal, and the given situation – past, present, and future. Her reading style is honest, caring, inspirational, and non-judgmental. She has been providing enlightened guidance for over 15 years and has helped many who are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenging issues...
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Karen Frances McCarthy

Using the immense power of mediumship to heal the heart, progressive Irish medium, published author, and public speaker, Karen Frances McCarthy CSNU, strives to provide comfort in your time of need. She blends the Celtic mysticism of her upbringing with the loving kindness of her Buddhist practice to bring messages of joy, healing, and support from your loved ones in spirit form. She also offers healing mediumship and soul readings to restore...
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Tricia Reed

I love to hear from you and help you. I'm here to see you, to hear you, and to give you the guidance that you're looking for. I know you want to be happy, and I'm committed to helping you to achieve clarity and happiness. Your time is important to you, and I'm honored that you share your time with me. I give accurate readings, and I'm very quick to pick up on the energies and tell you what messages are coming through for you. A little more...
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Martha Blessing

Martha is a 3rd generation, multi-intuitive, psychic medium and healer. She has been providing life guidance as a Psychic Empowerment Coach, Energy Intuitive/ Healer for over 25 years. She is clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, and medical clairvoyant. Whether you have questions about a relationship, are looking for closure, or simply need a little guidance, you'll receive answers and find the peace of mind you seek. I can feel...
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Stacey Decea

Stacey Decea is a Certified Social Worker. While not providing psychological or social work services, Stacey feels strongly that the skills she learned through her education and professional experiences enhance her work as a reader and a mentor. Stacey works internationally reading for clients via Zoom and over the phone, as well as from her office at Turning Point Healing Arts & Education Center in Ridgefield Connecticut. She is available for...
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Lorraine Marie

Lorraine Marie has had psychic abilities since her childhood. She began studying music at the age of eight. And shortly thereafter, she began hearing beautiful music from the other side and an angelic choir. Her gift changed and intensified after a visit to heaven during a life-threatening illness. For a period of three years, she had the ability to see Jesus, and as a result, did healing work at a church in Connecticut with some amazing...
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Michael Diamond

Hi I’m Michael… I’m an international medium, intuitive, channel and spiritual teacher. I’m also a Registered Nurse with experience in oncology, care management and hospice & palliative care. I’ve developed a unique style, by merging my clinical knowledge and experience as a nurse with my spiritual abilities as a medium. I don't like labels or titles but the words intuitive, medium and channel describe what I do in general...
(Nearest City: New York; Reviews 5; Listed since: Feb 25, 2020) :: READ MORE

Nikenya Hall

Achieving Balance Counseling and Holistic Center, LLC brings the mind and body back to a state of balance by existing right at the intersectionality of Spirituality and Mental Health. CEO Nikenya Hall is a Certified Psychic Medium, Energy Healer, Intuitive Consultant and Mental Health Counselor whom pulls from a combined twenty years of professional mental health and intuitive work experience, also possessing a Masters in Human Relations. Along...
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