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I am an intuitive empath and channel, who uses my clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance to access information regarding your life, career, and higher purpose.

I have been a student of metaphysics and spirituality for thirty years, have worked as a healer in multiple modalities, as an intuitive, a Tarot reader, a spiritual counselor and a holistic psychotherapist.

More recently I’ve become certified as a life purpose and career coach, and as a facilitator of several belief change methods. I am known for my compassion, my insight, and my sense of humor.

I currently consult the masters and teachers of the Akashic Records for the profound, loving, and accurate wisdom and guidance they provide. Although my readings can deal with any topic, my preferred specialty is as an Intuitive Business Coach, combining my psychic and coaching gifts.

I am passionate about helping people discover their purpose and highest gifts, pinpointing the ways they are here to serve, and how they can best deliver their service. I love to help my clients blast through the blocks that hold them back, so they can make their greatest contribution to the world, and experience deep fulfillment and success.

In my Akashic Record readings I consult your personal guides and teachers (as well as my own) to receive precise and detailed information about your life, your soul, and the issues you need to be looking at now. I specifically look at your soul's purpose on many levels.

The information and guidance that come through are always just what you need to hear at the time, concerning your highest potential and spiritual essence, your life lessons and whatever may be blocking you. Light is shed on the cause of the blocks (including past lives), and what you can do now to clear, heal, and release them. You also are shown practical and often revelatory ideas for next steps to take in your life and business.

People have found these readings powerful and transformative as well as extremely affirming and empowering.

I do my work primarily on the phone or by Skype, and all sessions are recorded for your convenience.

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In addition to my spiritual healing and channeling gifts, I am a writer and an exhibiting artist. My art has been shown in ten solo exhibits in NYC, and in a number of museum exhibits. I also lectured on art in NYC for ten years and have taught on the college level. I have two masters degrees - one in fine art and one in art therapy.

Listed since: Jan 5, 2012


Connecting with Tomar was a truly profound and powerful experience for me. A true gift. I cannot thank her enough. It provided clarity and recognition of what that deep inner knowing that we all have actually FEELS like. Now I possess a clear path for recognizing my best next step, which was a bigger “aha” than I’ve had in a very long time. I would absolutely recommend this process to every single soul on the planet. It is truly invaluable.
It was a great divine gift to connect with Tomar. Her reading brought me clarity about my purpose and what I’m grappling with. I felt an energy shift, a change of frequency. I would absolutely recommend this, because it brings more clarity, so you can take confident steps forward.

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