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$475.00 for 30 minute Psychic or Mediumship / $800.00 for 60 minute Psychic, Mediumship or Combo

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Thomas John is a global psychic sensation who has wowed audiences across the world with his impressively accurate messages from ‘the other side’. Hosting sold-out events such as A Night with Spirit and Dinner with the Dead, Thomas John is one of the nation’s most coveted psychic mediums. Bi-Coastally based, his gifts continue to be in high demand with influencers, A-list celebrities, and those at crossroads in life from coast to coast and around the globe.

Thomas John, gifted since birth, connected with the spirit of his late paternal grandfather at the tender age of four and correctly described to his parents the location of a missing wrist watch that had haunted the family for years (Grandpa’s best friend Jack had it!). From that point forward, Thomas and his family knew he had prodigious abilities, unlike any they had experienced before. Though born with the spiritual skills to communicate with the dead, he didn’t always embrace them. At the age of 18, Thomas began his studies at the University of Chicago.  

Graduating with a degree in Psychology and Human Development, with departmental honors, Thomas pursued research internships at Yale University and The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he was a lead research assistant on studies related to psychopathology and personality. During these internships, Thomas John was the author of three peer-reviewed publications. He was accepted into graduate school programs in medical research, but through the guidance of several of his own deceased loved ones, decided at the last minute to further develop his abilities as an intuitive, and began his metaphysical studies in New York City.

In recent years, Thomas’ infallible track record, ethics and down-to-Earth approach as a psychic medium has lead him to being known as one of the world’s top psychics and has earned him an honorable reputation in the industry.  He has made innumerable accurate psychic predictions about celebrities that have come to pass often months after he has reported them to the media, including the death of Whitney Houston, the splitting of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, the death of Michael Jackson, and the circumstances surrounding the birth of the royal babies. Thomas John has also had countless visions surrounding medical breakthroughs, political events, and natural disasters, which have come to pass in record time.

Thomas John has been prominently featured in top tier print media, including New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, GQ, Maxim, OK! Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, and Life and Style Weekly, along with broadcast appearances on Dr. Phil, Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and The Real Housewives of New York City, and Entertainment Tonight.
Thomas John, born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, now resides bi-coastally in both New York City and Los Angeles, CA. His first novel, Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side is available on Amazon.

Listed since: Sep 4, 2011


I have seen over 20 mediums and no one compares to Thomas john. He has told me things that are no where online or face book period. I have never given him my name, address, email or phone number. I have done the same with other mediums and they were horrible. I am getting haunted by spirits so I had to seek some one who could possible tell me what the hell was going on. Not only did he tell me my sisters name. He also told me exactly what she was doing and why. He hit every thing spot on.
Where do I begin other than WOW Thomas is amazing what a gift he has I've had a couple of readings by him and his ability to pass on messages from loved ones is just remarkable He is 100 accurate giving names an describing what people look like There is really not enough words to describe how amazing he is you really have to experience it yourself to understand his abilities. I trust everything he tells me. I am now in the process of booking another reading with him rbFTE
I have been to many many mediums over the past 10 years since my husbands passing. I must say Thomas is by far the most accurate and detailed medium I have ever experienced. He was able to state my husbands name and nickname that we had for one another that only a few people knew about. He also was able to state details around his passing such as my last words with husband which only my husband and I know. I will always be grateful that I spent the extra money to have such a beautiful reading.
Thomas is awsome,,,, helped me with the death of my husband and my brother,,,they came threw Thomas and said things only me and my sister in law Stephanie only new,,,,He sent a healing friend to help me Belinda Phillips and I am healing and trying to be kind ,,,, THANK YOU,,,,Thomas call me sometime xxoo,
Thomas John is a TRUE Medium and Psychic Clairvoyant, Having been to 3 group readings with 4 friends he was able to connect and clarify the mystery of 3 accidental deaths and validated it was them knowing their non English nickname. He is also an excellent Psychic and has saved my family over $25,000 when selling our house as he knew what price and when my house would sell and even what the buyers looked like, saving me time, money+ major stress. He is our family life coach & Extremely Accurate!
Since attending a Thomas John live group reading in Philadelphia in 2016. I have had several life changing questions correctly answered by Thomas. He is the most detailed and accurate psychic and AlWAYS right. If you are in need of answers about your life, health, career, finances, family or making big changes, I highly recommend you contact Thomas John first. He helped my family make the correct decisions in medical jssues, personal relationships and business decisions. HE IS AMAZING GIFTED!
Thomas John is the most accurate and detail oriented intuitive and medium I have ever seen. The details he provides are truly remarkable. The amount of specific information he conveys is consistently correct and insightful. Plus, his style is incredibly caring, kind and respectful. He has a lot of wisdom and is also a great teacher. Anyone lucky enough to get a reading will have an amazing experience.
Since Feb. 2016 I saw Thomas John read over 100 people in person and live during his classes.He is amazingly accurate, specific in names and gave great advice. He is very sincere in his work in helping people in difficult times. He helped me make better major life decisions for my family and my health that I was very hesitant to do, He gave me the correct advice and everything he said so far has come true for my family a + 4 friends I saw him with. He is a TRUE Psychic + Medium. He is amazing!
Thomas is all about the details down to the actual name. There is no doubt that he is anything other than amazingly accurate. I have seen him in group settings 4 times and each time he is better than the next. Thomas revealed a big family secret to me, through one of my deceased loved ones, that I was able to validate later. Knowing this information was healing for me and did not cause any undue stress. He was sensitive about delivering the information and only validated it private later.
Thomas is an excellent psychic. During my first reading, he connected with my mother, father, and two sisters. He also brought through a dog I had as a child. He is the best medium I've ever spoken to!
Thomas has an uncanny ability to connect to the Other Side. He has also made many predictions to me that have come true months and weeks after I had my reading with him. Thomas has connected me with my loved ones in Spirit, including my grandmother, my father, and my fur babies! He's an exceptional medium
Thomas John is the real McCoy! Thomas has provided me with intimate and accurate details only the dead and I would know. He is incredibly accurate, detailed, generous, accessible and compassionate. TJ is irrefutable and undebunkable. Currently Thomas does a weekly Sunday night radio program from NYC. Look it up and check him out. You will not be disappointed.
Thomas John is an accurate, credible psychic. I consulted him about a year ago---I used a fake name, and a friends' phone, so it was completely anonymous. There was no way anything could be researched or known in advance. Thomas blew me away. He named people I knew that had died, described the personalities, illness, and special memories I had with them. He made two predictions which seemed crazy at the time, and flat out came true within weeks
I attended the 9/10 in NYC. Thomas told me things that no one could know. He knew my deceased husbands name, how protective he was of me, call me at my office and wait for me at the window to make sure I got into the house safely, the most amazing statement was when he asked me who Sheba was, Sheba was our dog, who died the month before don. Thomas said Don is with the dogs. After don died my daughters' dogs Rusty and Midnight died and we had several others over the years that Don lovedthem
Thomas is by far the best medium i have ever been to. He will not just bring up initials, but full first names and personal information that nobody would know. I lost my father recently and went to a group reading for a healing of my own heart and to know my dad is ok. The information coming through was so accurate- even my father coming through with his grandmothers full first name and also the country they were from originally was amazing. His gift helps heal the hearts of the grieving.
Thomas has an uncanny ability to connect with the other side. I have been working with mediums for over 20 years and I have never witnessed someone with such a strong connection to spirit. Please able to receive information from the other side that nobody could possibly know or find out very specific and highly detailed. It's a life changing experience.
Thomas has healed my life in several ways. While I was reading his book I experienced the presence of a dear family member who had crossed over. The book is wonderful and opened up my latent ability. He gave me a reading a week ago and gave me advice as to how to heal a 14 year estrangement with a special loved one then gave me reassurance about my job. He is the best I have ever experienced or seen even on television.
In June of 2014 I heard of Thomas and felt compelled to have my daughters and I do a physic remolding. We walked away astonished with his accurancy, insight and predictions. My two daughters and I each had different expectations and topics to discuss. I am a documentary film maker/writer and I was interested in seeking answers from deceased loved ones. My daughters were interested in relationship/career. In retrospect his reading were 100% accurate. He can be yours lens into the afterlife!
As a doctor and medical intuit, I have been to many psychic mediums over the years. Thomas' readings are insightful, impactful, and tremendously validating. He stays true to his message of delivering messages that you *need* to hear, not necessarily what you *want* to hear -- and in this way his sessions are transformative and life-affirming. I was very fortunate to have experienced his amazing gift and unequivocally recommend him. Thank you.
One of our most popular radio shows with very positive feedback. Thomas John's faith in God and love for people really shines through! The Best People We Know Show
I set up a reading with Thomas John, and paid cash upon arrival. Thomas blew me away---details, names, personalities, things that nobody could ever know or find out. He even knew my mother's last words to me which nobody would know except my mother. Name, date, detail, favorite foods, places, memories---a true evidential medium!
I keep coming back to Thomas John for spiritual readings because it is comfort. The group readings are exciting, weather you receive a message or witness someone else's reading, you walk out feeling euphoric. The accuracy in the many, many details he provides amazes me over and over. The names, the places, the events...all spot on. The pen pal program is one-on-one attention, and brightens my day every time.
Since losing my son to a drunk driving accident,I have had MANY readings I cant explain the desperation a mother feels in wanting to know her child is ok, or needing validation after validation of the afterlife. He has been to date, by far the best reading I’ve had. While he was communicating with my son, I was jealous, I wish it could have been a 3-way.I am convinced that he was talking with my son as easily as you and i can talk. I wish I were a rich so I could just have him with me always
I have had three readings with Thomas John, all about future predictions, and everything he told me has come true. He predicted a divorce for me, the name of my new girlfriend, as well as that my child would be diagnosed with a serious health situation, and we just found out he has terminal cancer. If you want the TRUTH, and not sugar coated readings, call him!
Thomas John is the best of the best! I have been to many psychic mediums and none of them even compare to Thomas John! He is the most accurate medium and is very detailed while he contacts the spirit world! I highly recommend Thomas John as the medium you choose if you are looking to contact a loved one who has passed. Thomas John is the best!! Thank you Thomas John for all that you do! You are truly a gift to so many people!
I have been read by over 200 mediums in my life. Thomas is by far the most accurate. He gives you specific detailed information that ONLY the other person would know---not general stuff, not stuff from obituaries, not stuff that is public knowledge. My mother was a believer in spiritual mediums, and when she died, we have a code word that only my Mom would know. Thomas knew it---and many other things!
Thomas John is absolutely incredible. He is so good it's unbelievable. He can look at a person in front of him and come up with important information about someone in their life and what happened years ago. He will come up with a name "who is" and know everything that happened.
Thomas John is without a doubt the best psychic medium that I ever encountered.It's amazing how accurate he is. I had a question about my health involving a very difficult surgery and he predicted the facts precisely right. I honestly recomend everyone to have a spiritual reading with him.
I had a marvelous reading with Thomas. A friend and I went to see him in a large audience setting. He zoned me out right away and began describing details about my father and mother, both who are passed away. It completely shocked me. I had never had a reading so detailed and accurate. There were things he told me that nobody in my entire life would even be aware of. Truly mind blowing.
I must say that I am completely blown away by Thomas' gifts. I purchased a ticket, in cash, at the door at one of his Night with Spirits events. There is no way he knew anything about me, who I was, or anything. Within 10 minutes of my sitting in the audience, he point to me, and said "Bertha" is here for you--that was my grandmother. He told me about her personality, a dream I had of her, a home she had--very specific. No doubt it was her. I was in amazement.


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