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$444/hour+bonus follow-up; $222/40 min

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Hey Beautiful Soul, I’m Starlight, the Clairvoyant Comic & Happy Healer. I'm your go-to Divination Expert, Comedian, Psychic, and Life Coach, here to guide you through life's ups, downs, and "WTF?" moments. Working with me, you get crystal clarity that leads to prosperity, a healed heart and a fresh start, plus greater confidence that inspires excellence in how YOU experience life. My clients are VIPs committed to living their best life by releasing ego and leaning into love.

A Starseed alchemist, former twin flame, certified life coach, gifted certified psychic/medium, tarot/oracle advisor, Akashic record reader, certified energy master, transformational leader, licensed wedding officiant, professional stand-up comic with TV credits, and a healer who's triumphed over more trauma and tragedy in one lifetime. Basically, I’m like a Swiss Army knife for your soul! And with 17+ years under my belt, I’m qualified to fast track you from being stuck to experiencing new luck. Let's lift your spirits in the most delightful way imaginable, transforming any gloom into vibrancy with a touch of humor, a bit of magic, and a whole lot of heart!

Oracle/Tarot Card readings, Akashic Records, Numerology, Psychic photo readings, Angel/Spirit Animal readings, Mediumship, Energy clearing, Clairvoyant life coaching, Soul contract cancellations + Facilitate live events: Soul-align psychic parties, Event Emcee, Wedding Officiant

General Sessions: life coaching + reading + bonuses listed below: $444/60-min, $222/40-min

- psychic reading
- laser-focused coaching
- energy clearing
- divine action plan (DAP)
- 1 channeled love note
- 1 Q&A empowerment follow-up call 30-min (2 weeks after session)
- your recorded session to have for lifetime
- discount on other services


❥- The Lazurus effect: getting you out of your metaphorical grave & bringing you back to life
❥- Romantic Relationships (soulmates, twin flames, boo-thangs, situationships)
❥- Mediumship
❥- Self-love
❥- Entrepreneurs/Solo-preneurs & Performing Artists
❥- Connection to Spirit
❥- Empowering Empaths
❥- Conflict resolution in the workplace
❥- Turn workplace woes into weekly wins

**Sessions take place on the phone or via Zoom

Additional Information: 

Sometimes, life just sucker punches you, and no amount of diplomas, meditation apps, or green juice can soften the blow. Whether you're the Dalai Lama or a millionaire monk, some of life's toughest curveballs, mind-bending questions, and reality-shattering leaps need an expert's touch. Enter Starlight, your divine Lazarus on speed dial. She'll yank you out of the metaphorical grave, hand you the keys to your own badass kingdom, and have you strutting through life like you own the damn place!

Beautiful Soul, love is my religion! Sharing this brings me immense joy and freedom because, not too long ago, religion was my religion. Even though my family struggled with mental illness, violence and alcoholism, I was raised in church. Prayer and humor became my superpowers. Instead of hurting people with judgement, I've learned to heal them with love, light, and laughter.

Transmuting trauma and darkness are more superpowers, I was a Twin Flame on an intense, often painful journey through several dark nights of the soul, which led to my spiritual awakening and an increase in my psychic gifts.

Since cancelling that soul contract, I’ve dedicated my life to helping others shine their light and become the best versions of themselves. I’ve dived into mysticism, entrepreneurship, performing arts, and healing arts. With over 10,000 hours of study and certifications in these areas, I now comfortably—and with a bit of flair—embrace myself as a bona fide expert.
I believe, with every fiber of my being, that we are here to shine as sparks of The Divine. Each of us has a purpose, a soul contract to fulfill, lessons to learn, and blessings we’ve earned (like a cosmic rewards program).

Even though we all have unique paths to ascension, by embracing love, light, laughter, clarity, confidence, and our kick-ass intuition (Higher-self, Spirit), we can savor the human fulfillment we were meant to enjoy.

Everyone has intuition, but badass intuition? That’s a wild journey we can choose to embark on to create our own little slice of Heaven on Earth.

Listed since: Jun 13, 2024

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