Samantha Paitakis

Samantha Paitakis
Samantha Paitakis


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Blue Point, NY


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$65 for 30 Minute Reading, $120 full hour Reading (Reading includes Psychic & Mediumship)

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Samantha Paitakis is a seasoned Psychic and Medium who has been known for her warm Soulful nature and generosity of Spirit in sharing her gifts. Samantha cares very deeply about people and her psychic work is her passion. Coming into this world, Samantha always had a deep yearning to know and be connected to "God"... in doing the spiritual work that connection is always present and she has explained it to be the purest space in which all is touched by God. Samantha is also an InterFaith Minister, Grief Counselor, Psychic Healer & Teacher who often lectures on metaphysics. She is a well known Long Island, NY Instructor for Psychic Development, Mediumship Unfoldment Circles, and Meditation Classes etc. Her certifications include (but not limited to) Certified Hypnotist, offering Past Life Regression services, Master Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT specialist, and Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.

Rev. Samantha Paitakis holds an ongoing Spiritual Sunday Gathering each week at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point NY where she channels an inspired topic, leads a guided meditation and gives messages from the "other side" of life. She offers various Ministerial Services, and Spiritual Family Healing Circles. If you are located on Long Island and would like to take in a workshop, psychic development class, or sit in a mediumship unfoldment circle, sign up for Samantha's newsletter to be informed of these events as well as her promotional discounted Readings and services throughout the year.

Look for Samantha on FB at Psychic Medium Samantha Paitakis, and on twitter at Samantha Patakis. She runs specials and promos throughout the year as well. One of the best ways to reach Samantha is to text her at 6313581774.

Additional Information: 

Samantha used to host a show called The Light From Within, where she would answer live callers who wanted psychic answers to their questions. Samantha is available for private and corporate parties and hosts private psychic mediumship parties out of her beautiful office center at 206 Blue Point Avenue, Blue Point, NY 11715

Listed since: Apr 6, 2009


I have had the pleasure of meeting with Samantha for readings and EFT.Samantha's gift come straight from her heart and She has this ability to get to the core of the issue. An absolutely amazing human and blesses those around her with her gift. You will feel like you've known her forever.
Hard to give a review in 500 characters, when I need more than 500 words to praise this woman. Samatha actually saved me from the deep depression I feel into after my mother's death. she brought me messages that could only have been from my mother. I have spoken to Samatha 3xs and all of these times the messages were precise not vague. i know my mother is with me and there is actually a line of communication w/ Samatha being the messenger. and as far as her psychic powers, i'm out of characters
A reading with Samantha is truly a powerful and remarkable experience! If you are ready to open your heart and free your mind, you will receive life-changing insight. Samantha’s deep connection with spirit delivers messages that are validating, precise, and deeply compassionate. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to attend her workshops, as her genuine gifts bring wisdom, clarity and healing to all. Samantha is a one of a kind gifted angel!
I am very honored to have met Samantha. I do not believe in coincidences anymore. Our meeting was a true blessing as Samantha has helped and changed my life by enlightening me through her precise messages from spirit. I started out with a healthy skepticism but beliefs are one thing, evidence is quite another. Also Samantha is an extremely honest and genuine person. I truly feel that Samantha is a beautiful, credible person and psychic medium.
Samantha is an amazing psychic! Her readings are thorough and she is willing to explore further so you can really grasp and understand all of the intricacies of the reading. Her energy is soothing, responsive and she offers her Heart with every conversation. I trust Samantha to integrate into my energy to bring forth detailed information in answer to my questions and help process messages. I return to her time and again and each time it's like visiting with a good friend!
Samantha has always been right on with what is happening in my world and with my spirits that have passed. She especially offers solace and prayers which are comforting and wise. Her guidance has pointed me to a happier and healthier direction with my life and ongoing grief and anxiety. I am grateful to my sister, Sue, for finding her for me.
Samantha gave me a Skype reading in March, 2015. I highly recommend her. Samantha gave me all the time I needed and her connection with my loved ones in spirit was profound. All the things she said were true or have come to pass. She is a sensitive, loving and caring lady who gives an amazing reading and also teaches you how to live better. If I lived in New York, I would attend her classes and circle. She is authentic, and a real voice for the Spirit.
In the short time that I know Samantha, I have experienced the most authentic and enlightening readings and healing from her. A truly powerful and beautiful person, compassionate and loving as well. God Bless You Always...
Samantha is a talented Psychic, Medium, Healer and Teacher. Importantly, she comes from the Heart. It is not just a business for her but a calling from God. This is what separates her from so many others.
I attend Samantha’s gatherings and find them interesting & informative. My readings from Samantha have given me perspective and direction in many difficult situations in my life. Samantha has helped me immensely to overcome problems of my past. She is friendly & personable, I highly recommend Samantha’s services.
I first met Samantha at her Psyhics/Medium circle through a friend. As soon as I met Samantha I knew we had a deeper connection. I was amazed and pleasantly surprise at her gifts. I was also amazed at how accurate her readings were for all. Since then I have attended her psychics development class and have had her in my home for a physics medium circle for my family and friends and they were blown away! Samantha is genuinely gifted, a blessing to be around, and a beautiful person. AAA+
Samantha's abilities never cease to provide the greatest gauge of energy and insight for the best possible path to take for any given situation. A constant source of positivity, she allows her gifts to shine in private or public settings without hesitation. One of, if not the best, mediums and practitioners that I've had the pleasure to meet.
I've known Samantha for many years and attended many of her meditation classes and psychic development classes. Samantha is genuinely caring, generous, and honest with her gifts and as a person. She's a great teacher and a strong psychic medium.
Samantha is a wonderful psychic and medium. She was able to connect with my mother who passed away 6 months ago, and bring through messages that let me know she is with me today. Also, Samantha was able to channel my Spirit Guide and help me to understand why my spiritual path has been so daunting. I will call on her again. I highly recommend anyone who is looking to connect with a good psychic to call Samantha!
Samantha was quite insightful and accurate about the things that mattered most. I not only was surprised with the reading of my life, but she also picked up on the ghost in my house and walked me through a process of sending it into the light. I haven't had any problems in the home since I spoken with Samantha! Thank you Samantha, for being more than I expected :-)
Samantha is a gifted medium but also a wonderful teacher and powerful healer. I have had several readings and she is concise and accurate. She has a wonderful resevoir of knowledge about the world beyond what is seen and is able to convey what she knows with ease. No doubt all of her talents combine to make the reading one of a kind. She works from a space of authentic service and that creates a powerful medium who heals as she serves. I highly recommend Samantha!
Samantha Paitakis is one of those people who come into your life and become part of it. She is warm, loving, sincere and truly cares about people. I have learned so much through her classes and workshops. She taught me how to trust and listen to my own inner guidance. Samantha has an amazing gift and lovingly shares it with everyone.
I met Samantha 3 years ago at a local spiritualist church. I have had several readings with her and attended many of her classes and workshops. Her readings are clear and accurate and she brings through very accurate information with details such as names and locations. Samantha’s readings do not just deliver information, they provide a healing space for the recipient because they are delivered with warmth, compassion and sometimes humor. I highly recommend Samantha Paitakis.

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