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$150 half hour $225 full hour

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Melody Bard is a Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York. She generally works with photos of people who are close to you and are interested in knowing about, past or present. She does not use props like Tarot cards, Crystal Balls, etc. She will connect with you through your voice and image. Melody does not filter what comes through her and she will hit on all areas of your life and focus on whats most important. Melody's services include over the phone and in person consultations. Her phone Consultations are as effective as her in-person readings. Melody will only consult with you in person if you were a past client or were recommended by someone she read or knows.

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Melody Bard is a Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York. Her confidential client list includes individuals from the Who's Who in the global community including law enforcement officials, diplomats, executives, entertainment industry celebrities, and people from all walks of life. Clients not only achieve clarity after a consultation, but they are taught how to expand on their own psychic abilities.

Prior to establishing her own business, Melody apprenticed for nearly 20 years under her famous psychic/author mother, the late Yolana Bard, who began a career as a psychic to New York City socialites. She also received the coveted imprimatur from famed Parapsychologist, Hans Holzer, PhD. Dr. Holzer was the world-leading authority on psychic studies.

Melody offers a wide range of programs and services including connecting clients to their lost loved ones as well as her highly sought after intuitive consultations where she has used her abilities to help people financially, romantically, medically and spiritually. .

Melody specializes in giving her clients the confidence they need to trust in themselves, whether they are developing their own instincts to solve problems or achieving lifelong goals.

Listed since: Oct 27, 2007


Melody has a gift. She basically was “reading” my vision board. She gave me full descriptions of things and events. Also, she had a great attitude, a warm laughter. Very accurate and kind. I loved my reading and will return!
I spoke of Melody at a COPE event last night on signs, synchronicities & The Blue Island. I told the story of my reading with her mother almost 30 yrs ago after I lost my daughter. At that time, Yolana offered free readings to mothers in my group before there was even a COPE, an organization that supports parents & families living with the loss of a child. Like you, she had a caring and generous heart. I will never forget how you honored her after her passing by continuing to read for COPE.  
Both my Mom and I were clients of Melody's Mom, Yolana, and I'm thrilled to say I've been a client of Melody's ever since both our Mom's passed. Melody is a rare, beautiful human being. Her abilities bring clarity, peace and even humor with every reading. She has helped me to steer through many of my life's obstacles. She is a no-holes-bared lady with grace, honesty and a directness that eliminates any doubt. To know her is to admire her.
I know Melody since at least 1980. I was a client of her mother, Yolana. I’ve been a client of Melody’s since she began. Like her mother—- there is no ambiguity; she’s right on, and she has her mother’s sense of humor. She’s a wonderful person, and a great psychic.
I've had numerous readings with Melody over the years. Picks up on real life issues and with incredible accuracy. Down to earth and witty. If you want a real reading - she's the one to go to.
Melody is the only psychic reader that ever mentioned things about me that were specific and personal, not generalizing. Therefore I am hopeful that I can look forward to what she has predicted as being accurate too.
Hi Melody, Just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday. You can't even imagine how much you've helped me. The clarity you gave me really set me free and took away a huge weight. I feel SO good:) You're amazing and I truly appreciate you. Thank you for blessing my life with your gifts. Love, Angela *To anyone out there looking for a great psychic that they can trust, Melody is incredible! Her accuracy is unmatched and she is remarkably gifted. I highly recommend her!
Dear Melody: There are no words to say that would fully express to you the joy and peace I now have in my heart and soul after our meeting today. How joyous to hear your wonderful words about my beloved Son Jason who entered God’s Heaven on 7/19/11, at the age of 28. He passed so suddenly leaving me with so much quilt and so many unanswered questions, thank you for allowing me to hear from my Jason the words I needed to hear to go forward with my life. God Bless you Melody, Sincerely, Joan
I have known Melody for nearly 25 years. She has a gift that words just can not describe. Melody's accuracy is unbelievable as well as her spiritual connection. Anytime I try and describe Melody to others, I find myself saying "You just need to go to her and then you will understand." And every time I hear feedback it's "Wow, Melody is amazing!" She is one of the kindest, warmest and honest individuals I have ever met in my life. It is a true privilege every time I have a reading with her!
My experience with Melody was just fabulous. I came with my questions & photos, however Melody began speaking (reading) me. She really gave me answers & the photos...I got affirmation on some that haunted me, and some real insight on others. I found Melody to be very genuine & when I left I went to my car & texted my friend who went to Melody a few weeks before. I said she was so right about Melody's reading and thanked her for the referal. I would recommend her to anyone. She is awesome!!

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