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You really want to live your life purpose - with health and happiness. I help you cut through the chaos and make it happen.

Martha Blessing is third-generation Energy Intuitive, Medical medium & Channel for Healing.

I'm a Lightworker with 30 years of knowledge & experience.

I am a Channel for Healing on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
I’ve helped many people find greater happiness & peace with:

• Health challenges
• Relationship issues
• Depression and anxiety
• Finding their direction in life
• Creating a plan of action
• Business decisions
• Family struggles
• Difficult situations and how to maneuver through them
• Releasing negative emotions
• Releasing addictions
• Releasing stuck emotions
• Releasing pain stuck in the tissues
• Reading your energy field and providing insights
• General energy field readings to discover what is blocking you in general in that moment and clearing it so you can feel lighter and more at peace
• Clearing the energetic blocks with love and light
• Finding the core problem of the issue that you are facing and healing it
• Teaching you how to take charge of your life

I communicate with a group of non-physical healing guides called Gracon and together we uncover the core cause of physical challenges and imbalances you are experiencing and during the reading they work to restore balance.

Gracon and I connect with you the moment you speak your requests. That is you exercising your free will and desires.

I work with your soul and higher-self and am able to read all aspect of your energy field and find the blockages that are impeding you from achieving happiness, health and success. At the same time Gracon delivers messages and healing to help clear those energetic blockages, allowing Light and healing to flow through

You come from and possesses an infinite, limitless, and divine frequency that when fully embodied results in health, vitality, and joy—and I’d be honored to help you tune into it.

~ "I would recommend working with Martha to anyone looking for powerful transformation in their health or in any area of life!" ~ Kelsey Johnson, Wisconsin

~ "Martha shares her knowledge and wisdom generously; she truly is an Earth Angel providing guidance so we realize our own gifts, healing, and light." ~ Anita, Alicante, Spain

~ Martha is truly a servant of God and I highly recommend spending time with her. With just one session you will receive the guidance you need to make amazing changes in your life!" ~Mary Anderson, Philadelphia, PA

Your reading is also a healing session and after your frequency will shift, and a deep, balanced healing can occur. You will be aligned.

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Listed since: Apr 19, 2018


Martha always has the best and highest wisdom to share to really get clear in what you need to see for yourself to make lasting changes. Her insights are always accurate and speak to the soul to truly get to the bottom of any issues I’ve faced, whether it’s with work, personal, relationships or family, Martha has helped me time and time again to get clear and take action to continue to align with my true self and resolve life long issues of all kinds. Thank you Martha!

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