Margaret Saxon


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Corning, NY


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$50.00 half hour/$85.00 hour

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I have been reading professionally for 10 years and I love to make meaningful connections with people and their Akasha ( their life record), their passed loved-ones, and their Guides and Angels.
Clients are frequently awed by my clairvoyance and my ability to read their life record( past, present, and future).I also do Past-life Readings, Pet Readings, and other packages for spiritual development( see website listing below).
I connect through your voice and your energy and proceed to the Akasha where all information about each of us is stored like an archive. I can share with you insights from any part of your life-including past lives.
In my readings, I strive for accuracy and honesty and I am always focused and compassionate.
I also have healing abilities so I will be reading your health signature from the time we first connect and throughout the reading and convey information back to you which will help you know and care more deeply to approach your optimum health.
I am known by my clients for my credibility, honesty, compassion, and accuracy.
I am best at mediumship-connecting to passed loved ones, and psychic readings about relationship issues, employment issues, health , pet readings and akashic record readings. As a mediator between your guides and spirits I would like everyone to be able to afford a reading. I try to make this possible whenever I can.
Please browse to my website- where additional information about me and more detail on the readings I offer is available.
Love and Light -Margaret Saxon

Additional Information: 

I live in the beautiful Finger Lakes of New York State where I enjoy nature, spirits, and meditation every day. I have three degrees, one a master's in Information Studies and Library Science from Syracuse University, another an English degree from Suny Geneseo. I also write and have a class at entitled:" Navigating the Psychic Field" - a class that can help anyone be more psychic and have a greater understanding of how "psychic" information travels. This class is available now ( 2015) at

Listed since: Mar 17, 2012


Margaret has helped so much through this difficult time of losing a very dear Siamese mix cat that passed away too young at only 5 and 1/2 years old. Margaret was able to see key elements of his spirit and personality including his earlier time as a kitten. She was also able to confirm events before and after his passing into the spirit realm. I thank her for her help and abilities and recommend her to anyone out there.
I just had a reading with Margaret and it was wonderful! I just found a small home that I would like to buy. Margaret described the house before I said anything about it. She connected with my Mom and Dad who came through to give me advice and support. Margaret is a very gifted psychic medium. She is very kind and understanding. I will be speaking with her again.
Meg is an enormously talented psychic. She picks up the energies of people with great accuracy and more importantly she is honest! She won't tell you what you want to hear, she'll tell you the truth in a kind way. And, for me, that is the most important ingredient in a psychic. I don't want to waste my time & money hearing just what I want to hear. I can save a tremendous amount of time and money if I know the truth in advance, esp in business. Love is also a great talent of hers seeing true.
I have throughly enjoyed all my readings with Margaret. She connected quickly to my father who had recently passed. I knew by the things she was describing, that it was my father. Margarets voice is clear and easy to understand over the phone. She is kind and considerate and is always happy to explain things in greater detail. I will be calling again.
I recently had a couple of readings with MARGARET SAXON- Margaret was POINT on- she saw things and gave me messages from my beloved relatives(passed away) that came to fruition.. She knew my relatives and have a good description of them..Margaret's reading brought a calm to me, unlike no other, I suffer from anxiety and through margarets special gift, it eased my mind. bringing me to a special peace. I know Margaret has a gift . a seer She is the real deal.. I know, I am also a seer..

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