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Hello! My name is Laura. I was born in New York, and raised as a Roman Catholic. I am a wife, and a mother. I enjoy the simple pleasures that everyday life has to offer, and I honestly believe that everyone is born with the gift of intuition, but that some are more sensitive and open to it than others.

I am an Intuitive Consultant-Psychic Reader who has been reading for many years, professionally since 1996. While I have been working with the Tarot well over 20 years, I have studied many other areas in the metaphysical realm.

My readings are "Enlightening and Informative", and I help my clients to feel a sense of "Clarity and Understanding", but what the client chooses to do with this information is entirely their decision; as we all have "Free Will and the Freedom of Choice".

My readings are provided over the telephone for several reasons: Location is not an issue, the atmosphere is non-invasive and non-judgmental, and I have found that my clients are more comfortable and relaxed in their own home or ideal environment. During my consultations, while working with my Spirit Guides and Angels, I also incorporate the use of a regular deck of cards or tarot cards and even sometimes crystals. I then transmit any and all information that is given to me intuitively, to my client.

All of my readings are completely private and confidential.
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Listed since: Feb 12, 2008


I am pleased to know Laura on a personal and buisness level. She truly is a wonderful woman. She's honest, compassionate and VERY insightful. I will tell you that I have recommended many buisness associates, friends and family to Laura and all were more than satisfied with there readings and Lauras intuitive ability.
I have had many reading in my life, but none compare to Laura. Ther were times when I was listening that my mouth would drop in amazement because there would be no way possible she would know certain things. SHe is compassionate, caring and I believe truly has been put here to do this. I highly recoomend her to anyone. She asks no information, it is truly her intuitive gift that guides her. She describles things in detail...I was moved..
I have been calling Laura for many years. I find her to be very compassionate and intuitive. Laura has a special energy about her. She has brought to the surface many things about myself and many things about my past that no one could have possibly known.I would highly recommend her as truly gifted. I am a professional, I travel all over, I am in my 50s & more than satisfied with my association with Laura.
Take this from someone who has had many readings in her life - Laura is the real deal. Be prepared for goose bumps. She has proven to me and my family members that she has the gift. This is not someone trying to exploit their talent but to enlighten others. Nor do you have to worry about small town talk; everything is confidential. PS – I give her readings as gift.
During my first phone reading, there was confirmation immediately that Laura is the real deal. She pinpointed some things that were currently happening that nobody else knew about. She provided me with detailed notes after the session that I could refer back to at any time and I do so quite often taking note of her ability and accuracy. I highly recommend Laura to those who are looking for some insight and clarity.
Laura has given me "several" phone readings and i have to honestly say they are just as accurate and informative as a person to person reading...there was quite a bit of information that came true almost immediatly. Her passion for what she does is evident when she speaks to you. She is a truely "gifted" psychic and i highly recommend her services!
I felt myself relax immediately. Her style is quick, but detailed, I liked that. A few predictions came true right away she was correct. She asked about a person nobody could have known and a place that was dear to me. She is straightforward but doesn't dwell. Her compassion was evident in her presentation, her guidance very valuable I highly recommend this very sweet and talented intuit.


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