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Kim Russo is an accomplished Spirit Medium, Author and TV Host. Kim has been able to see the world of spirit since age 9. Sometimes referring to herself as a translator for the spirit world, Kim thinks of herself as a psychic journalist, as she prides herself on the accuracy in understanding the language of spirit. Kim is the TV host of the popular show "The Haunting Of", "Celebrity Ghost Stories" and "Psychic Intervention". She has also appeared on A & E's hit TV shows "Paranormal State" and "Psychic Kids, Children of the Paranormal".

Kim is the author of two books - "The Happy Medium" and "Your Soul Purpose". Kim is also a teacher to many people of all ages, religions and beliefs. She believes anyone can harness and implement their own innate spiritual gifts and she travels around the world teaching, lecturing and addressing eager audiences.

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Kim is a Board Certified Medium with The Forever Family Foundation and The Windbridge Institute for Applied Human Research. These Foundations' purposes are to help others understand the science of the afterlife through research & education while supporting & helping people with grief.

Listed since: Feb 5, 2011


Simply Love you!!
Kim Russo the one and only Classy lady very down to earth I just love her Thank you for all that you do for the world . Want to said more but my English not great Wish and dream to meet you one day May almighty god continue is blessing on you and your family
I have watched Ms. Russo and I believe that she has a wonderful gift. I also believe that she is real instead of what others try to portray as being a real medium. Kim you can see does what she does because she knows that people are really trying to get in touch with their loved ones and the best part is she helps spirit's go on their way to the next world happily
She’s a real person with a real talent for seeing into people’s lives snd deceased loved ones. I recommend her she’s a 10 !
She's the best.
As a skeptic first and foremost I must admit that Kim is a totally outstanding psychic-medium. Possibly the most gifted of her kind. Historical facts validate the names, events, circumstances and time lines of her readings. She helps establish what it is in the persons life that needs to heal or change. Such a kind and gentle soul aiming for the highest and best good for all. A treasure for this world and the next.
Have seen her live multiple times and had a private reading also. She is profound. Simply the best. Accurate and honest, but amazingly warm and funny too. Makes you feel like her next door neighbor instead of a stranger.
Kim Russo, you are an Angel to me. I started to read your book when my mother was in hospice. I was at a very low point in my life my father had passed away 5 months before. I needed to understand why this was happening to me.I was grieving the loss of my father and I couldn't come to grip the fact that now I was losing my mother . I bought the book the Happy Medium. I feel that your book has helped me get through a very hard time in my life.I read the book in 2 days. I can't thank you enough.
I am a true believer in Kim's work. I wish her continued success and hope she gets back on television for more exposure :) Thank you for sharing your abilities:)
I think Kim is awesome, wonderful show, so caring, helpful. I am a believer and admire her so much. I have never had a reading, but if i did she would be my go to person. Thanks for listening
I watch Kims shows on TV and Ive never in my life seen anyone with such an amazing capability. She is warm, kind, thorough, and a beautiful person through and through. Thank you Kim for all that you share with the world.
I'm almost speechless at the abilities of Kim Russo. I attended her show in Tampa, FL last week & she was phenomenal!!!! She is down to earth & approachable. The audience & I were spellbound for 2 hours. The people she read for during the show were blown away by her accuracy & got much needed closure. She may not be doing private reading at the moment but when she does I'm so right there. God Bless you Kim. Thanks for all you do!!!

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