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Karen Frances McCarthy

Karen Frances McCarthy
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New York City & Westchester County


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(646) 926-4355


International accredited medium Karen Frances McCarthy is passionate about providing comfort and kindness in your time of need. Mediumistic since birth and a long-standing Buddhist practitioner, Karen blends compassion and loving kindness with ethical mediumship to bring you messages of joy and uplifment from your loved ones in spirit. She also listens to the voice of your soul to provide guidance in this life and channels spiritual healing to body, mind and spirit. Karen has spent many years honing her mediumistic abilities and holds three Certificates of Recognition from the Spiritualist National Union, governing body of London's world-renowned Arthur Findlay College where she studied.

Additional Information: 

An international, certified healing & evidential medium, published author, and public speaker, Karen grew up steeped in the Celtic mysticism and spiritual traditions of Ireland. As a child, she communicated with spirits. As an adult, her passion for social justice and the pursuit of truth led her to a career as a political journalist and an embedded Iraq war correspondent. A tragic loss became the catalyst that brought her back to spirituality, particularly Eastern philosophy, and working with the mediumistic faculty she's had since childhood.

Karen is passionate about giving voice to those spirit to bring messages of joy, upliftment and healing to their loved ones still here. She has found that this brings comfort and solace to those on both sides of the veil.

She is an advocate of the ethical practice and healing potential of mediumship, has undergone intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College and holds three awards, Certificates of Recognition, in mediumship, Spiritual healing and public speaking from its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union. To further understand the complexities of your bereavement, she obtained a Diploma in Grief Counseling from the Institute of Counselling in Scotland. She studied at the Edgar Cayce Center in Virginia and was a teacher and practitioner at its center in New York City for several years. She is also a Reiki master.

~ As a medium, she helps the bereaved to find solace, joy and upliftment by reconnecting with loved ones in spirit and sharing detailed and accurate evidence of their continued existence. In this way, you know you are never alone and love never dies.

~ Using mediumship and advanced empathy, she can listen to the voice of your soul and add insights from the tarot to access visceral information that can empower you to resolve issues, regain harmony and vitality on your life's path.

~ As a healing medium, she blends with spirit guides to allow transformative power flow from their spirit to yours to help mend body, mind and spirit.

~ As a writer and public speaker, she educates and inspires people with rational views of life, death and the afterlife and how relationships can continue beyond the veil.

She is an exponent of writing for mindfulness and spiritual transformation. She writes about spirituality and wellness for Salon, Huffington Post Religion, Beliefnet, among other publications. She has also written and produced documentaries, including producing Alchemy and The Crystal Cave with Deepak Chopra.

She teaches in the SNU international school online, runs an international absent healing circle and is a member of the Journey Within Church in New Jersey.

Listed since: Jun 25, 2016


Karen provided a wonderful session for me--she intuited my loved one's personality perfectly and told me three key things I needed to hear--I didn't even know I needed to hear them, but they were the exact things that have helped me to heal. She confirmed things I had intuited and she provided specific details about my loved ones so that I knew they were there. I have tried other mediums, but they were not even close to as accurate and thoughtful and wise.
I had a lovely session with karen yesterday. I was suffering from a lot of stress and anxiety and exhaustion since my mother passed. The session was very healing and restorative. She was able to connect with my mother and recount wonderful details and very special memories that she and I shared. She ended with a short intuitive reading which helped me to identify some things I was doing that were not helpful to my mind/body/spirit and offered some meditations and practices to help.
Karen Frances provided me with an opportunity to learn and grow through communication with people who are among my closest loved ones. Karen's professionalism also allowed me to gain new understanding of how a medium can provide opportunity to communicate in ways that are different from working through psychic gifts alone. I gained new information that is already helping me be present and move through the next years and stages of my life.
I am very grateful to Karen and her wonderful work. Her readings and healings have helped me through some tough times and gave me insight on things I could work on internally. After our sessions I am left with a feeling of peace and optimism for what lies ahead.
Karen is a compassionate Evidential and Healing Medium. I've had excellent experiences in receiving healing from Karen. Working with her has had a calming effect and her intuition, with areas that need healing, is spot on.
Karen has given me two fantastic, insightful, thoughtful, right-on-target intuitive readings. She has a gift for taking what she receives and using it to skillfully advise you. She's straightforward and honest, which I so appreciate, but also compassionate and caring. I'd highly, highly recommend her. In fact, I have, to several friends. I've also done several intuitive development workshops with Karen...which were terrific. She's just at the top of her field...and a lovely person to boot!
Karen is a wonderful medium and healer. She brought very clear messages from my loved ones and painted accurate pictures of the personalities who have passed. My experience was very uplifting as I enjoyed reconnecting in a very natural way. I feel this was down to Karen's unique gift and vast experience.
I want to thank Karen for the wonderful mediumship reading I received. She spoke with such clarity and gave me very true detailed information that no one else could have known. She delivered messages in a compassionate manner and afterwards I felt a great sense of healing.
Karen Francis is one of the best mediums and psychic coaches that I have met to date. She really knows her stuff and it is such a pleasure to be guided by her. She does not waste time getting to the heart of both her teaching as a coach and bringing clear evidence from beyond as a medium. She is a down to earth woman who will not waste your time. If you want the best, I strongly recommend her both as a teacher and an excellent medium.

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