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Psychic Medium
Reconnective Healer

Featured on TLC’s Unpolished (airdate 1/12/21)

Nominated five years in a row for Best of Long Island - Best Psychic 2014-2019

Psychic Readings provide details, dates, descriptions, timelines, names and much more.

Medium Readings connect with passed loved ones, including pets, angels, and spirit guides for insight and guidance. With almost twenty years of healing experience get the spiritual guidance you need.

Check out my Facebook page where I often do free readings and question and answer sessions and fun games.

With a focus on healing and positivity, readings can provide affirmations specific for your needs, details on your best opportunities and feel confident in your future.

Listed since: Mar 8, 2012


Best psychic/medium I have ever seen hands down. She told me things that I never could have imagined at that time and then less then 6 months later; Jen was spot on. I have moved since I last saw her in 2016 so I am really looking forward to her guidance & need it more then ever right now. Thank you so much Jen!! P.S. I never write reviews!! So you know she has to be the real deal.
Jen has done a few readings for me and she has been spot on every time. What I really appreciate about her readings is she uses her guides for current and future events, but she channels my Mother & Father and it makes me feel so happy to have them communicate through her. She is also so warm and friendly it makes the reading such a joy!
I’ve had quite a few readings with Jennifer & she was always spot on but the one that really really got me was when she told me that my Brother, who had passed, was very happy that I had his necklace because he’s still attached to it. This woman had no idea that that necklace was with me in my pocketbook for the reading & always. If ever I had any doubts about Jennifer, and believe me I never did, this would’ve sealed my faith. I still get happy chills thinking about it. Thank you Jennifer ❤️
Not only is Jennifer accurate with her readings she is caring and compassionate too. She guided me through my situation almost holding my hand virtually. She was patient with me when I couldn’t be. She was so personal with me that it felt like I was talking to a friend. Leaving me looking forward to my next appointment. You won’t be disappointed!!
Jen is just all around an amazing person. Her readings are not only accurate but honest. You feel a sense of calm when speaking to her. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear she tells you what you need to hear. She also doesn’t try and sell you spells and rituals which is something that I personally find uncomfortable when speaking to a psychic. I highly recommend Jen if you’re searching for clarity on something or looking to communicate with a loved one who has passed.
One of my very first readings I had with Jen was at a party. My grandson was a baby in the other room, she said what's wrong with that babies ears? I didn't know at the time, we found out a few days later that he needed surgery to have tubes in his ears. I was instantly a huge fan. That was 8.5 years ago. Since then Jen has validated so much to myself, family and friends. She is truly amazing. I have since moved to SC and still see her through Google meet. Simply amazing highly recommend.
I’m updating my review because it’s 2022 and Jennifer is just as genuine as my las review years back. She is specific in her predictions and no generalizations. Time periods are accurate and I have been going to psychic spiriualists since a young age so I know what to look for. I continue to use her. Jennifer is even fabulous by phone. Thankfully I found her years back.
I have known Jennifer now for over 10 years. In this time she has become a trusted friend and my go to spiritual advisor. I have enough stories to share with you validating her gifts to write a book. One of my favorite things is to watch/listen to her do first time readings for friends and family. She never ceases to amaze me. I have watched her make believers out of none believers. She is truly gifted and not to mention just a great human with a huge heart.
Jennifer is not only an amazing psychic, she an amazing human being. I’ve been readings from Jennifer since 2012. She has helped me find comfort in coping, and a clear perspective on what I can do to resolve a problem, or accomplish my goals. The details she gets from the other side, always amazes me. I’m always excited when introduce a new client to her, and they were just as blown away as I was. She is worth every penny, plus more.
I have had a few amazing Readings with Jen, as well as a Reconnective Healing session with her. She is spot on! She predicted many things that came true. I am always blown away and have recommended her to friends and family. and have always heard great feedback. Her Reconnective healing was so powerful. It lasted for days. I am an energy worker myself and it was the strongest and most powerful healing session I have ever recieved remotely. Jen is amazing! She is so gifted.
Did a phone reading with Jen this past March. She was very descriptive with specific dates and things that would happen but so far none of them have materialized so needless to say very disappointed so far. I do know that timelines can be off during a reading so I will post an update for sure if the things she said would happen do come to pass. She is very nice and did seem on target with a number of things related to family members though.
Jennifer was so accurate with some amazing details. She predicted the day when my house would sell. She told me specific details about my next job, where, logo of company and how I would get the job. I have had three readings with her and have been so impressed. She is kind with how she relays information. I have referred her to my friends who are as well impressed. I highly recommend. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your talents.
She is the best psychic medium I have ever been too. She told me things that I never thought would happen in a million years and within the time frame she gave me it all unfolded just like she said. The only thing that stinks is that alot had changed in my life forcing me to move so I think that stopped some of the things she told me about my love life from happening. I just booked an appointment I can't wait to hear what she has to say!
Jennifer is truly a gifted woman. She has been spot on when discussing loved ones who have passed, and told me things I didnt Even know were true until I checked with relatives. She is amazing, and has been so blessed with this gift which brings peace.
Firstly, Jennifer has an awesome laugh. Ok I went to her in 2014 and I taped our conversation. Fast forward I checked off everything she told me since. I didn’t believe what she said would happen and it all materialized. She is genuine and honest. She is worth every penny, I always suggest at least an hr. She is awesome!!
I had been to other psychic reading and left feeling disappointed, so I went to Jennifer being sceptical to say the least.She was able to turn that around and really amazed me. She told me things that were not just blanket statements, things that had names, dates, and even very descriptive. I went there feeling a bit down but left feeling lots of hope and happiness! I always said that when I found a real psychic they would bring up my brother and he would speak of my kids, well that happened!
Jen is definitely amazing at what she does. I have been going to her for a few years now and I refer everyone that would like a psychic to use her! I write down things she tells me during my reading and it all has come true. I plan on doing a reconnective healing session as well. I cant imagine having spirits constantly coming to her to send messages to their loved ones. However she does it, she does it very well!!! Jen you are the best.
Jennifer is an amazing woman with amazing gifts and I feel that I will always be indebted to her. I can’t begin to imagine how heavy her gifts may weigh on her at times. Yet she pushes through with grace, poise, and empathy. ALWAYS telling me what I need to hear. Even if it isn’t what I want to hear. I love this woman because when I was in the darkest of places, it was her insights that pulled me up and out. I will never be able to thank you enough. If you seek tools for change- book her.
I went to a house party and was very skeptical. Within minutes my jaw dropped to the floor. She said a few things that I could not connect to, but within a few weeks it all made sense. I referred several friends to her, and she helped them as well. During a time in my life when I was scared, she gave me so much peace and reassurance. She helped me see signs from loved ones, as well as believe more in my ability to heal from stage four cancer. She has been given a gift, and is a blessing.
She was absolutely amazing. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in a medium or psychic reading. Looking forward to a Reikei session now.
Hits the nail on the head every single time. I've been seeing Jen for a few years now; and every reading has been nothing short of inspiring and thorough. Jen has a knack for getting her messages through efficiently through her natural gift and ability to interpret information through the connections she makes with people. Truly gifted, unique, and special.
She knew me like a book she seen my ex coming back to me and things getting better she also seen things that happening for me about work and love that I only knew wow thank u Jesus for gifts like this
I have had two readings from Jen, and within one week the things she said started to happen. I could not believe it. On my first reading I was a complete mess, but she helped me through the storm. Thank you so much. You are an awesome person and I want to send you a Big Hug from across the seas (Bahrain). Thank you so much.
I agree that Jen is amazing. She said things that at the time I had no idea what she was talking about and one week later, what she said came true. She is very gifted, and correct and will be having another reading as soon as possible. I highly recommend her.
I have had 2 readings by Jennifer and both were amazing. The first reading was over the phone, we had never met and she connected right away with my loved ones on the other side. My second reading was in person and just as wonderful. She gave me a message from a friends mother and I replayed the message? Jen was right on. My friend knew the message was for her because of a situation she was going through that I did not know about? I feel so blessed to know Jennifer.
In one word Jen is AMAZING! Her abilities in both pyschic and medium readings were far beyond my expectations! It was the best experience! I cried and laughed, I left with complete peace in my heart and soul. Everything I needed to hear for closure came through. I heard from relatives I didn't expect to hear from too. I've been to those high profile mediums and left disappointed. I left Jen feeling wonderful. Simply said Jen is great at what she does, She's patient, calm, & accurate!

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