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Glenn Klausner is a nationally and internationally renowned Psychic Medium residing in New York City, who for nearly 30 years has been reuniting thousands of people from all over the world with their loved ones who have transitioned.

He exhibited intuitive abilities with communicating to Non-Physical Spirits at the age of four by making predictions and relaying messages for family, and friends. As a teenager, he further explored these abilities through his communications with The Spirit World, and by the early 1990's he began conducting readings for a growing and steady clientele worldwide.

Glenn has been featured since 2002 as a Tested Legitimate Medium on Bob Olson's website,

In addition to communicating with departed loved ones (humans & pets), he also gives psychic readings and intuitive coaching for every day life guidance. He is available for seminars, teaching classes, media appearances and consultations to assist families with intuitive children.

Since 1999, Glenn has appeared on over 1,000 top radio programs heard worldwide including the following:


After Death Communication: Fact Or Fiction? (2007 Documentary)
ABC News, CBS News, NBC News


Hosted "The Glenn Klausner Hour" & "The Spirit Side Of Life" from 2006-2011 on

The Suzane Northrop Show

Spirit Connections with John Holland

"McGee & Company Show", WCKT-Cat Country,
Ft. Myers, Florida

The Dave Barry Show, WOLZ Oldies 95
Ft. Myers, Florida

Focus On Southwest Florida with Chuck Morgan, WOLZ Oldies 95
Ft. Myers, Florida

B.J. & Bill Show, WOLZ Oldies 95
Ft. Myers, Florida

"Stan & Haney Show", 96. K-Rock
Ft. Myers, Florida

"The Beat", 105.5
Ft. Myers, Florida

The Jay Horowitz Show, 1660AM
Naples, Florida

"Lukas & Betsy Show", KRQ 93.7
Tucson, Arizona

"The Morning Rave on The End", 107.9
Sacramento, California

Bakersfield, California

Providence, Rhode Island

Horne Radio Network
Knoxville, Tennessee


Achieve Radio

Bershire Community Radio

Blog Talk Radio



Contact Talk Radio

Hey Z Radio

Lady Bug Live


Red Velvet

XM Sirius Radio


Visits From Heaven by Josie Varga
A New Pair Of Socks by Marianne Weaver
An Engineer's Guide to the Spirit World by John Roncz
Paranormally SPEAKING: My Search for Evidence of Life After Death
by Dawn Dickenson

Jane Magazine, Ft. Myers News Press, Ft. Myers Florida Weekly, Ft. Myers Life,
The Washington Post, The Colorado Daily, The Colorado Dog, Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine, Holistica Magazine, The Kula Magazine, Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" Blog,, &


Additional Information: 

Gentleman Psychic Medium Delivers Mind-Blowing Readings With Passion And Sensitivity by Bob Olson

If you want hard evidence that your deceased loved-ones are alive and well in spirit, I’ve discovered a psychic medium who delivers exactly this type of reading! Glenn Klausner is a top psychic medium whose readings are jam-packed with evidential information that keeps coming at you until you absolutely KNOW that your deceased friends and relatives are communicating with Glenn from the spirit world.

My reading with Glenn Klausner was filled with accurate and detailed messages about my life, family and friends that Glenn could never have known. He gave me messages that have never come through before in any other reading (a difficult achievement). What I loved about my reading with Glenn was how he got right to the point, never wasting a moment of my time with vague messages or guessing games. He has an incredible rapport with the spirits who seem to know that he wants his messages clear and to the point. It was a great reading that filled me with a wonderful sense of peace afterward!

After three-and-a-half years researching some of the best psychic mediums in the world, and after getting over a hundred readings from all levels of mediums, I’ve had enough experience to know which psychic mediums shine above the rest. Glenn’s brilliance stems from both his exceptional gift of spirit communication and his warmhearted personality. To me, the personality of a psychic medium is just as important as the gift. I need to feel comfortable with the medium, and I need to feel like I can trust him or her with the sacred, private, details of my reading.

So in addition to the targeted accuracy of my reading with Glenn, I was equally moved by his gentleness, compassion and thoughtfulness. It was refreshing to get a reading from a guy for a change, as this vocation tends to be dominated by women. As a man, I enjoyed Glenn’s “get to the point” reading style, much like the famous John Edward—strong evidence without the fluff. Of course, I wouldn’t want some macho-type who was abrasive and gruff giving me a reading. This is a spiritual experience that requires a nurturing soul in the driver’s seat. And this is why I felt comfortable with Glenn at the wheel.

I enjoyed how Glenn was willing to get involved in the emotions brought forth in my reading. I felt joy to be reunited with my lost loved-ones again. I felt sorrow that I could no longer hold them. And I felt peace to know that they were watching over me in spirit and would be waiting for me when it was my turn to cross-over. I could tell that Glenn was feeling many of the same emotions as myself during the reading. These are sacred moments and private emotions that require a special kind of person with whom to share them. Glenn handles this role delicately, confidently and with tremendous sensitivity.

Glenn Klausner is quickly becoming a well-known name in this line of work. I think it’s because of his sincerity that the media invites him to return over and over again. I have no doubt that he will follow in the footsteps of psychic mediums James Van Praagh, George Anderson, John Edward & Robert Brown. If you are interested in getting a reading from Glenn, I wouldn’t procrastinate too long. Call him today at 212-496-3151 to book a reading in person or by telephone (from anywhere around the world).

Warmest regards,
~ Bob Olson
Founder of & Editor of Magazine

Listed since: Mar 28, 2007


Had such a great reading with Glenn. He was amazing and was able to help guide me with information that could of been impossible for anyone else to know. He saw a couple of my family members that have passed and it was with such accuracy that it made me a believer. He is such a wonderful psychic and medium and has such a kind and giving heart! I truly recommend him! He is the real thing!
Wow! What an experience! I was leary and nervous about talking with such an amazing spiritual guide until the very moment he said hello & introduced himself. All fear or nervousness disappeared immediately. It was like talking to an old friend. I recommend anyone who is hesitant or nervous to overcome your fear or hesitation & just go for it! Glenn is wonderful. His spiritual talent, gift, was remarkable. He kindly & easily shares his gift! I am still in awe from this experience!
I have had a couple sessions with Glenn following the passing of my husbands. There was absolutely no question about it, Glenn connected with each of them. He passed along information that there is no way he would have known about, not even my closest friends knew. Being able to connect with such a dear loved one who passes suddenly is a true gift and very healing. Glenn is so empathetic, kind and sincere. I tell everyone about him and can't recommend him highly enough! Thank you Glenn!
It was right after 9/11 that I had an appointment To have a reading with Glenn Klausner.During the reading Glenn mentioned that he had somebody that just crossed over from this side he continued to describe one of my nephews Exactly he described his teeth his hobby everything about my nephew and I told him that my nephew Ronald we’re still on this side. The reading was wonderful with Glenn. Ronalds sister, said Ronald passed at the exact time that Glenn said my nephew crossed over.
All I can say is Wow! Glenn was so accurate at knowing and describing each spirit as they came through and relaying their message. He described each of their personalities and they related to him what they were doing in the after life. It has given my husband and I peace knowing thar our daughter is happy and still with us. He is a gift to the world and If you have any doubts about life after death, give him a call.
If you are a skeptic, do not doubt Glenn! Glenn brought me details, names, and descriptions from people on the other side that blew me away. One example is my father came through, and referenced a conversation we had at his deathbed that nobody else knows of. The messages that came through were timely and important, and even life-changing. This reading was crazy accurate! I’m so grateful to Glenn! He is the real deal.
From the first moment I listen to Glenns' calm and beautiful voice, I felt very kindly taken care of. No time wasting, but a great conversation among humans plus some one special who deeply care. So much interesting information. I loved every minute of it. I would always come back to Glenn in search of information/ answers. And I strongly recommend to give him a call if you are looking for the same. Rufe ihn an ! Llamalo! <3
I had a reading 6 months ago and let me tell you this man right away picked up on a deceased person by his name which is unbelievable and everything he said has came to pass he truly has helped me in my career as well because of him I am now switching careers. At the time when he said it it was hard to believe but just as he said it’s all happening the way he said it would. I can’t wait to book with this man he truly is gifted.
I am so glad I contacted Glen. I have been trying to sell my fathers house for quite some time now. Glen not only connected me to my Dad, he relayed to me my Dads instructions on what to do to sell it. I followed the instructions and 7 days later it sold! Glen also connected with my other loved ones. He is the real deal and very caring and gifted!
Glenn is a very nice, very compassionate medium, I was so hoping to connect with my loved ones, especially my mother. Glenn was able to tell me not only the health issues my mother had but also expressed her personality as well. Look no further to reach your loved ones than Glenn Klausner, it was a lovely and reassuring experience!
Glenn is truly the real deal. If you want the best of the best look no further than Glenn Klausner. He has brought me peace with his gift and I have no words how thankful I am for this. Thank you Glenn!
Glenn is the real deal! Gifted, kind, compassionate, very easy to talk to. This was my second reading with him and he was 99% accurate. Only thing month I have not yet figured out but I’m sure it’s significant. He’s not just about money. He takes his time to pass on the messages in a way that you can understand. My loved ones came through immediately. I give him five stars out of five. Definitely the best psychic in NYC.
My reading w/Glenn was a gift.He hit on so many things which were accurate.My mother(deceased 19 years) and my boyfriend(deceased 3 months) both came through and Glenn surprised me with his accuracy.The key thing is recording the session so you can listen afterwards.So much comes thru you can miss.I listened 2the recording after and gleened so much more than at first hearing.Glenn is a good soul who is genuine &caring.Worth the price and worth your time. Thx Glenn! Ribbit!
Glen was great. Lots of specific things I could validate. He really cares has great energy and the reading was really helpful.
Had my first reading with glen & my dad came through, being in spirit world for some time now. He came through lighting a cigarette which he doing before heart attack took him my sister confirmed many other valadations relayed were correct and accurate.Than this message from dad about my sister -in -law saying something new to be announced (not bad) in her life. Had in mind But was not expecting valadation right away but she texted Friday Announcing they adopted a dog. Glen you rock thank you
Glenn was outstanding. This was my first reading and i would do it every month if I could. When he does the reading its like your seeing it though his eyes, and its beautiful. Best experience , and I am happy to see everyone I love on my birthday.
My wife and I scheduled a medium reading with Glenn Klausner on March 14th 2017. We were both very skeptical, but had questions we needed answers for. After the first 9 words out of Glenn's mouth, we were 150% believers. Neither my wire or I have ever contacted a medium in the past, but we were both floored within the first seconds of the reading. If you are looking for the truth and have questions, Glenn is beyond a shadow of doubt a gifted and real medium. Glenn has the answers you need.
I had a reading with Glenn last week and I can't even begin to put into words how amazing it was. Glenn has a true gift and was able to connect with all of my loved ones who have passed and was spot on with almost everything. I have been very traumatized over my son's death and have been desperately looking for answers and Glenn was able to communicate with my him and give me some of those answer's. I am beyond great full for what Glenn was able to do!!
Our reading with Glenn was accurate and brought us great peace. After the suicide of my daughters' dad, it brought us out of very dark time. Glenn connected with him only one week after his death and he gave accurate messages with care and thoughtful consideration. Glenn allowed us to record the session, so afterward we shared this with this closest friends and family. Ultimately Glenn's reading gave peace to over 10 individuals. Beautiful thing. I can't recommend Glenn enough.
If your reading the reviews on this site or any other, you already read how remarkable Glenn truely is, so this review may not tell you anything different other than my own personal experience. Glenn greeted us with a welcoming smile, we sat down (there were three of us) and he started communicating. Of all the people that could have come thru there were two people (deceased) whom we were hoping to communicate with.
Words just can't express nor define the gratitude I have for Glenn being my bridge to my love ones on the other side. My reading truly brought me so much peace and comfort. How amazing is it to cry, smile & laugh all in one call. Saying thank you would be an understatement for all the accurate information & messages I received. Thanks for being so compassionate I look forward to my next session. Love, Light & Blessings to you Glenn!
I had a very satisfying reading with Glenn yesterday. My father (who died 11 years ago) and my sister (who died 10 months ago) both immediately showed up. It was wonderful because I scheduled the session hoping to make contact with the two of them. Glenn described their personalities accurately and was able to tell me specific messages from them. I found out how they're feeling, what's important to them now, and how they are helping me. It was so uplifting and reassuring!Glenn was very tuned in!
After my dad passed suddenly I had a reading with Glenn. He told me exactly how my dad passed and what the situation was. He used key words that we used to describe my dad . There was know way he could of known that. He completely captured my dads essence. It was freaky. He made me laugh again. Thanks so much for making my dads passing a bit easier. I highly recommend him.
I had a reading with Glenn last year and it was an amazing experience . He is very caring and compassionate , and the messages he gave me really helped me resolve some issues that I had been dealing with. I also asked his help recently with a situation I have been helping a friend with who is fighting cancer and undergoing chemo therapy , he did not hesitant to help me . I highly recommend him for a reading.
Glenn was the first medium of many I used after my son passed. I tried many mediums to see if my son would connect with me maybe in a different way. Glenn was the first and by far the best. I felt as though my son had returned to me. The information I received from my son through Glenn was so accurate and moving. Glenn put me at ease and at peace knowing all is possible.
My mother and I had a reading in person with Glenn. He immediately told us the name of my father, and the relationships. He hit the nail on the head when he told me my occupation, and business relationships. My father told me something that I didn't understand at the time. A couple of weeks later I had the proof of what Glenn said. I was blown away. I highly recommend him.
I have had two readings with Glenn and I can honestly say that each time the reading was highly accurate. Glenn's relaxing, conversational manner makes the whole experience feel like you are talking to your loved ones in the same room. His gift is exceptional and and I highly recommend him anytime one requires a reading.
I had a few readings with Glenn and while I'm a private person and like to keep low key, in this instance I will make an exception because Glenn deserves all the recognition he can get for his gift. In my readings Glenn was accurate with names and personalities. He described my Grandfather's face exactly the way he looked. After my reading with Glenn there is no doubt in my mind that my loved ones are watching over me.
Glenn was recommended to me by a friend after I lost my husband. She had used him and was very satisfied. I needed to know how my husband wanted me to handle everything. I had an amazing experience. I believe I communicated with my husband and his wishes. I would recommend Glenn Klausner as a truly gifted person.
I called Glenn after my son passed away "hoping" it was real. My reading was over the phone. The only thing Glenn knew was my name. It was the most incredible experience. My son was "waiting" for me. Glenn relayed messages that could only have come from him. I was amazed. I recommended him to several others, all of whom have said they can't believe how real it was. He is, by far, the best. I will, not only, have another reading but will recommend him to anyone who wants the real thing.


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