Georgia Jean

Georgia Jean
Georgia Jean


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New York


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$30 - $125 dependent on services

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I LOVE TO READ OVER CHAT as it really opens up my clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairauditory channels so I can see, feel and hear your guides messages and read your energy field for you. Don't be shy to try it. I am a very fast typist. My special RELATIONSHIP INSIGHT readings will give you in depth understanding of the hidden dynamics with your lover and specific advice for how to make it work with them. My INTUITIVE TAROT readings are excellent for important decisions. Over 25 years experience. National television appearances and celebrity clientele. I am very honest and I am committed to the giving you the truth as I see it, even if it is not what you want to hear. Please bear this in mind for your feedback.

I work with a group of ANGELS, ASCENDED MASTERS, HEALING ENERGIES and GUIDES and will connect with your spirit guides and higher self to bring you the answers you need to know. .

FOR CHEAPER RATES, MEDIUMSHIP or CHANNELING SESSIONS PLEASE CALL (323) 243 6323 to make a direct booking. I DO NOT do these kinds of sessions by the minute. If I am available for INSTANT READINGS I AM AVAILABLE NOW.

I also receive spiritual information, past life material and am very good at pinpointing and healing the mental, emotional and spiritual reasons for blockages.

I am also the author of THE CIRCLE OF LIGHT AND THE PHILOSOPHER - ANOTHER MAGNIFICENT DAY - Keys for Unlocking the Soul's Potential.

Please note, if you are calling through the instant call system please have your SPECIFIC question ready so I can tune into that question immediately and not spend your time honing into general questions. If you want something more general then please book a set time session with me which allows me more time to tune in to your general energy field without the urgency of the the pay-per-minute system.

Additional Information: 

I have over 25 years of study in tarot, metaphysical and healing practices. I do advanced energetic work and have specialty sessions for calling in your SOULMATE and ATTRACTING PROSPERITY. I frequently connect with the energy of crossed over relatives and friends as part of my sessions.

For more about my MEDIUMSHIP sessions please visit here

My INTUITIVE TAROT READINGS are fantastic for practical advice on how to proceed with life's many decisions. I get fantastic insight on relationship dynamics whether it be with a LOVER, FAMILY MEMBER, BOSS or FRIEND. My readings are truthful and transformative. I also work with powerful energetic tools and techniques to bring clarity, heal blockages, awaken insight and reach your full potential. If your relationship is meant to be these tools will rapidly heal whatever is causing problems.

I am a frequent guest on MYTH OR LOGIC RADIO SHOW and ILLUMINATIONS RADIO SHOW and had a regular weekly show on SOURCE ENERGY RADIO. Featured on ABC NIGHTLINE - BEYOND BELIEF series

If you are interested in spirituality and consciousness please also visit my youtube page - Deep Things Made Simple

Listed since: Nov 21, 2007


Georgia is so very kind and gives you hope. Her messages are delivered with clarity and insight that I have not had before. I'll definitely be back for more sessions with her.
Reading was great. Very friendly and caring about the situation. Would definitely recommend to anyone!
Had my first chat reading with Georgia and she was great. Quick to hone in on the other person's energy and had some great advice to boot! Bummed the chat ended so quickly, she was just finishing her last sentence.
I had a reading with Geogia today and she was very great and VERY comforting. She puts you at ease and is very down to earth. I contacted her reagrding some questions on my relationship and will provide an update in the next coming weeks. Thank you Georgia!!
I had a reading with Geogia today and she was very great and VERY comforting. She puts you at ease and is very down to earth. I contacted her reagrding some questions on my relationship and will provide an update in the next coming weeks. Thank you Georgia!!
My reading with Georgia last night was great. Her demenor immediately puts you at ease, and once the process begins it is truly amazing. I would highly recommend Georgia to anyone.
Had a reading with Georgia and would highly recommend her to anyone that needs her assistance. I was reluctant at first, as I didn't want to give much information...she hit my issues right on the button. She is friendly and makes you feel like she's known you forever....sets you at total comfort. I will contact her again when I need another reading. Highly recommend....5 Stars*****
I've had about 7 readings from Georgia in the last year for a fluctuating possible romance situation. In each instance, she has been accurate in describing the status of the situation and how the emotional state of each person. I've recommended Georgia to my friends.

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