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Emilie Muñiz
Emilie Muñiz


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Your search is over. A true Love Psychic is here. Emilie is a renowned Love Psychic Featured in NYTIMES , and a published tarot author. Learn his true feelings, intentions, and your best course of action. Keep the romance alive with accurate insight.

Hi, I'm Emilie. I am a Professional Psychic Tarot Reader - Published Tarot Deck Creator titled Simplicity Tarot with over 20 years of experience. I have helped thousands in their journey in life. Allow me to help you with yours.

I pride myself as a reader who never gives false hopes but rather the truth that I see in a non-brutal way compassionate way.

✨My Specialties✨

❥- Love/Relationships
❥- Commitment-phobia
❥- Breakups/Divorce
❥- Tapping into thoughts, feelings & intentions.
❥- Career/Work

✨Skills & Methods✨

✓ Clairvoyant
✓ Clairaudient
✓ Dream Interpretation
✓ Empath
✓ Tarot
✓ Reiki Healing for broken hearts

Additional Information: 

✨Featured in ✨

Religion News

Listed since: Jun 24, 2015


I booked a reading with Emilie off her site at the end of June. She told me a court date for my divorce would be rescheduled to the end of July, and I found out later that it was. She also warned me that I might not get any money at that court date and sadly I didn’t. This does give me hope that her other (much more positive) predictions come true. I will be calling soon to check in. Thank you Emilie
I have been coming to her for years. She is beyond accurate and extremely detailed. Her predictions have come true for me on more than one occasion. I also like that she gives me the entire truth and not just what I want to hear. She is very professional and well worth every penny. It’s a privilege to have a reading by her.
Emilie has accurately predicted numerous things for me like the timing of buying my new home, new job, relationship issues, etc. She is quick with her reads and is the most accurate. Very humble and caring person and never judges me with any silly questions I may have. She genuinely wants to help me move towards the best direction for my life. I trust that she will always give me the truth, good or bad.
I have used Emilie for years now. She is spot on, I have used other psychic mediums and their predictions are mostly off, but now Em, I always get my beginning and mid year readings with her every year. And when I am stuck she guides me through, reliable, dependable and straight talker!!
Emilie is one of the best I literally talk to her almost everyday. she told me one thing about my best friend I found out he was in love with me which was true. She doesn’t judge and she make you feel like family!! When god mold her he made an angel.. she not always right because energy does change but 80 percent of hundred she’s right!! She is the real deal, we cried together,we laugh, even been angry together,but I would never trade her for another psychic hands down she’s the best.
I had my first reading with Emilie today and I was beyond pleased! Emilie is very friendly and compassionate but, more importantly, she is SPOT ON! Within 5 minutes she was relating my situation back to me, and I was getting goosebumps down my arm. Her reading was thoughtful, insightful and complete. I will definitely be calling her back!
I want to say she is a very beautiful person. One thing she remember who I was most readers don’t remember you she did. Her voice is very calm and soothing she is easy to talk to and she does not hold back. What I mean is she will tell you the good and bad. But she tells you in a why you can understand what she is saying. I will be back for another reading
Patient, very sweet and helpful are only few of the words that describe Emilie. She described exact people I asked about with details only I know. Can’t wait to call you again Emilie to tell you you were right!
Had a reading with Emmy last week, definitely impressed and she is adorable! She made a prediction on the romantic front for me for this Summer, so we'll see what happens with that. Out of all the readings I've had, she is the only one who talked about a side project I've been working on for several years and I'm very excited about what she said. I'll absolutely be reading with her again.
I have been getting readings from Emmie since '15 & she's been on point on career, money & especially relationship readings. My first reading when I asked her about my relationship with my mom, and her response made me cry, with how accurate she was on only things I knew. Her connection to spirit is strong, she does not sugarcoat, but is compassionate as well. I referred her to others & their response has been, "OMG Lily, how much did you tell her!?" Me: "Nothing. She's legit. "
Emilie is the only reader I go to! I have been reading with her for several years and she is always accurate. She is kind, understanding, and genuine! I highly recommend Emilie for your psychic readings!
I had a tarot reading with Emile and she was spot on. Not only that, but she is warm, down to earth and fun. I enjoyed my reading and have followed her ever since. she has a heart to help and teach others and is a bright light in the tarot world.
I've been getting readings from Emilie for years and she's been accurate everytime which is why I keep calling her. She predicted many events for me and I trust her when I need clarification. Shes the one I call to confirm events. She can pick up on the personalities of people and what's going on. I dont know how she does it but she KNOWS. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers and also looking for someone who will be an friend. She is a no BS type of reader with no sugarcoa
I have been using Emmie for the last four years and she has never told me something that didn’t happen. I would never go to anyone else. Not only is she accurate but she is also caring. She takes time with her work and explains everything so you can understand. I have referred her to other ppl and they tell me omg she is great. I will continue to use and refer her.
Emmy is by far an amazing accurate Psychic that I consult with regularly! She is hands down the best and tells it as she sees it! I’ve been reading with Emmy for more than 2 years now and she seems to always get it right! She is dead on accurate and is always there when you need her!!
We spoke two years ago and was dealing with some legal issues . She was the only one that was accurate about the outcome and timing. Recently I ran to another problem and called her, She did not failed. she gave me reassurance everything was going to be fine when I didn’t see a way out. She’s very empathetic, honest and loves what she does. What I appreciate the most is that she did check in to make sure I was okay and I’m thankful for finding her. Don’t hesitate to call, she’s the real deal!
Emmy has been an angel and nothing but honest and accurate! I’m always excited to speak with her cause I know her advice is solid! I’ve been working with her for 2 years now and I have been blessed! I promise anyone that’s speaks to her will also be blessed! Emmy love you and you are a great service to this world! I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone if you are interested in getting a great spiritually guided read! :)))
Emmy has been accurate since she read for my back in 2016. She has been more than a psychic but has been more like a guide and a counselor to me. She’s an excelllent tarot reader who really executes her passion to help others to provide hope and objective analyses with love. She’s definitely the real deal. She has helped me through the passing of my brother, a (for the good) divorce, and even connected me back to having a relationship with my ancestors. Honestly , I am beyond grateful for her.
Emilie has been an honest sincere and accurate psychic that I have every spoken with. Whenever I have a session with Emilie about intimate relationships and goals she has always been 100% correct. I truly appreciate that fact that she is accurate about the best ways that you can get out of your own way in order to take better steps and actions in life, strengthen relationships between others and get the most out of life at your own pace. I would recommend Emmy as a psychic to others.
When ever I'm in doubt I have been able to go to Emilie to get some clarity on things. The reads have been mostly on point and give me piece of mind. And for that I thank Emilie..
Emilie is my go to psychic for all things I want and need to know. She has been accurate time and time again which is why I call her so often. She tells me the truth and not just what I want to hear. I recommend Ms. Emilie for all that you are seeking. I'm happy that I found her.
I have been reading with Emmy for a couple of years, and she is simply phenomenal! Talking to Emmy always put me at ease because everything she states resonates with my situation and feelings on the matter. Emmy does not give surface details, but very in-depth information that always leaves me amazed, informed, and confident. Emmy is accurate, honest, straightforward, and funny. I have recommended her to many of my friends and would recommend her to anyone.
Emmy has been my spiritual advisor and tarot reader for about a year now and she’s absolutely amazing. For me, her readings have always been accurate and many things she has said have come through for me. I love her down to earth personality she’s very straight forward and tells it like it is. Her readings are affordable and my favorite readings are her love tarot spreads which have helped me a lot with my marriage. I have had readings from many different psychics but she by far is the best!
The absolute Best.. most accurate, friendly , detailed reading you’ll ever get. She’s been reading me since 2009 and I only call her
I'm glad that I found Emillie, all of her reading are accurate. I only gave my name, my birthday, my husband name and his birthday over the phone. I am surprised on what she told me. I am happy on her readings. She is very nice, gentle and sweet. She gave me guidance on how to resolve the issue. I highly recommend her for her quick and precise reading and dig deep if necessary. I will definitely come back to her. Thank you Emillie.
Emilie is amazing... her detailed insight, her great advice and her personality is the perfect combination to have for an advisor to inspire confidence in what is to come to pass :)
I had a reading done by Emilie and it's was amazing . Usually, when I get readings they just tell you what's happening on the surfaces. They don't go much in to details like she did. Emilie told me what I had to do to get where I want to be. I will definitely be back to get another reading from her! Thanks Emilie!
Emilie has helped me tremendously more than she will ever know. Emilie is extremely gifted and 100% accurate. I am so grateful to be blessed with her gifts. Xxoo
Emmy is a fantastic individual full of life and has a wonderful personality. As a reader Emmy is to the point and very accurate. She is easy going and very friendly.
I recently started following Emilie and I am very impressed with her gift. She is such a sweetheart, very talented and confident. She granted me a reading and it was very on point. I'm glad I found her. <3


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