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Emilie Muñiz

Emilie Muñiz
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Nearest City: 

New York City


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$65 & Up

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Text or Call 347-770-3669


Hi, I'm Emilie. Are you stressing over the now and the future of your romantic interest or your future in general? Allow me to help YOU on your love battlefield & life's battlefields Period. Stop Wondering & Start Knowing. Recieve REAL answers from a gifted EXPERT tarot reader with over 20 years of experience who does not beat around the bush from NYC. I'm here to help YOU not mislead you with fairy tales. You crossed my page for a reason. <3

*My Experience*

Over 20 years of Tarot Reading Experience. I have done plenty of Tarot reading shows in NYC, in person readings, Tarot reading radio shows, video tarot blogger. I became a full-time tarot reader in 2009. Usgames ( Publisher of the Rider-Waite and Thoth tarot decks) one of the largest Tarot publishers in the world's tarot reader for their NYC NYNOW trade show in Summer 2016, Winter 2016 and Summer 2017. I have read for thousands of people with a full track of clients and written feedback on line confirming my clientele track record and history of accuracy. Currently also in the process of completing my own self-published tarot deck as well.

Additional Information: 

Phone - Skype - Live Video Readings Available.

*Tarot Deck Creator*
*Certified Psychic*
*Member of American Tarot Association*
*Member of Tarot Professionals Association*
*SpotLight Interview on Divination Radio*
*SpotLight Interview on Papa Lou Radio Show*
*Featured Guest On Candelo's Corner Radio Show*
*SpotLight Interview on Across the Realms Psychic Radio*
*SpotLight Interview on Sue Ellis Radio Show*
*Featured Guest On Real SOULutions Spirit*
*Previously Host Of Her Blog Talk Radio Divination show*
*Reading Tarot For Over 15 Years*
*Spiritual Blogger*
*Channels angels - Guides*

Listed since: Jun 24, 2015


We spoke two years ago and was dealing with some legal issues . She was the only one that was accurate about the outcome and timing. Recently I ran to another problem and called her, She did not failed. she gave me reassurance everything was going to be fine when I didn’t see a way out. She’s very empathetic, honest and loves what she does. What I appreciate the most is that she did check in to make sure I was okay and I’m thankful for finding her. Don’t hesitate to call, she’s the real deal!
Emmy has been an angel and nothing but honest and accurate! I’m always excited to speak with her cause I know her advice is solid! I’ve been working with her for 2 years now and I have been blessed! I promise anyone that’s speaks to her will also be blessed! Emmy love you and you are a great service to this world! I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone if you are interested in getting a great spiritually guided read! :)))
Emmy has been accurate since she read for my back in 2016. She has been more than a psychic but has been more like a guide and a counselor to me. She’s an excelllent tarot reader who really executes her passion to help others to provide hope and objective analyses with love. She’s definitely the real deal. She has helped me through the passing of my brother, a (for the good) divorce, and even connected me back to having a relationship with my ancestors. Honestly , I am beyond grateful for her.
Emilie has been an honest sincere and accurate psychic that I have every spoken with. Whenever I have a session with Emilie about intimate relationships and goals she has always been 100% correct. I truly appreciate that fact that she is accurate about the best ways that you can get out of your own way in order to take better steps and actions in life, strengthen relationships between others and get the most out of life at your own pace. I would recommend Emmy as a psychic to others.
When ever I'm in doubt I have been able to go to Emilie to get some clarity on things. The reads have been mostly on point and give me piece of mind. And for that I thank Emilie..
Emilie is my go to psychic for all things I want and need to know. She has been accurate time and time again which is why I call her so often. She tells me the truth and not just what I want to hear. I recommend Ms. Emilie for all that you are seeking. I'm happy that I found her.
I have been reading with Emmy for a couple of years, and she is simply phenomenal! Talking to Emmy always put me at ease because everything she states resonates with my situation and feelings on the matter. Emmy does not give surface details, but very in-depth information that always leaves me amazed, informed, and confident. Emmy is accurate, honest, straightforward, and funny. I have recommended her to many of my friends and would recommend her to anyone.
Emmy has been my spiritual advisor and tarot reader for about a year now and she’s absolutely amazing. For me, her readings have always been accurate and many things she has said have come through for me. I love her down to earth personality she’s very straight forward and tells it like it is. Her readings are affordable and my favorite readings are her love tarot spreads which have helped me a lot with my marriage. I have had readings from many different psychics but she by far is the best!
The absolute Best.. most accurate, friendly , detailed reading you’ll ever get. She’s been reading me since 2009 and I only call her
I'm glad that I found Emillie, all of her reading are accurate. I only gave my name, my birthday, my husband name and his birthday over the phone. I am surprised on what she told me. I am happy on her readings. She is very nice, gentle and sweet. She gave me guidance on how to resolve the issue. I highly recommend her for her quick and precise reading and dig deep if necessary. I will definitely come back to her. Thank you Emillie.
Emilie is amazing... her detailed insight, her great advice and her personality is the perfect combination to have for an advisor to inspire confidence in what is to come to pass :)
I had a reading done by Emilie and it's was amazing . Usually, when I get readings they just tell you what's happening on the surfaces. They don't go much in to details like she did. Emilie told me what I had to do to get where I want to be. I will definitely be back to get another reading from her! Thanks Emilie!
Emilie has helped me tremendously more than she will ever know. Emilie is extremely gifted and 100% accurate. I am so grateful to be blessed with her gifts. Xxoo
Emmy is a fantastic individual full of life and has a wonderful personality. As a reader Emmy is to the point and very accurate. She is easy going and very friendly.
I recently started following Emilie and I am very impressed with her gift. She is such a sweetheart, very talented and confident. She granted me a reading and it was very on point. I'm glad I found her. <3
Emmy is truly a gifted light worker. Everything she told me resonated with me. It wasn't what I wanted to hear but she's going to give you truths. It was like she was there every step of the way, that's how spot on she was. More importantly she gave me advice and direction, so I have faith that things will work out for the best. Can't really place a value on this gift. Immeasurable and she has my highest recommendations.
I have been talking with Emmy for about 4 years now and she has been on point every time. Her accuracy, care and honesty are just priceless. I haven't been disappointed. She truly has your best interest at heart and you feel it with every session. Her guidance has seen me through some real tough times and have helped me make some important decisions in my life. I am very grateful to her. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a psychic. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Emmy!
Emilie is amazing. I have been a client for about two months. She has a wonderful personality so it's easy for you to connect with her. She is very accurate and give you advice as to how to handle each situation as it comes up. She is straight forward and I can appreciate that She remembers details about her clients which is comforting, she gets to know each person. She is passionate and energetic, someone I would recommend to anyone.
Emilie is one of the best psychics I have ever encountered. I have had several readings with her since December 2015 and her accuracy is amazing. She is sweet, compassionate, & extremely helpful. I have been able to cope with a difficult situation because of Emilie's spiritual guidance. I don't stress as much when I hit a roadblock with situation because I know when Emilie says it will pass I know I can trust her that it will. She is more than a psychic to me, I consider her a friend!
Emmy is honest, compassionate and sassy. Her timing is pretty accurate and her assessment of emotions, subconscious and conscious, gives insight to even the most complex individuals. She picks up unusual details that reveal itself later on and it gives you an unique advanTage professionally, romantically and clinically. Amazing, patient and honest reader!
I've been receiving advice from Emmy Moe over the past few weeks in regards to a personal relationship matter I've been dealing with and she has been nothing but helpful and reassuring to me. There was a point when I was extremely depressed and didn't know what to do or where to turn and she was there to pick me up and rebuild the strength in me I thought I had lost. She's sweet with a sense of humor and will give tough, but never harsh love when you need it. She's accurate and very honest.
I have been reading with Emmy for many years but felt compelled to write a review so maybe Emmy can help others as she has helped me in many important business and personal matters. There were readings where if I hadn't read with Emmy I would have been totally blindsided legally and personally. Emmy is unreal when reading any matters. If you need help, read with Emmy, many negative readings allowed me to make changes legally and personally that would lead me to changes in my favor. Excellent!
I had 2 amazing readings with Emilie and I was blown away at what was told me. She was right on it... and I mean on it! I never have readings so accurate. Any question I asked her she was all overit and was on point. She also gave some great advice especially on my relationship situation that brought peace. I was so anxious and she helped melt that away! Thank you Emilie! If you want a great reading Emilie is the one and she can help you with whatever you need.
I contacted Emilie a few weeks ago to have my first tarot reading. It was by far the best tarot reading that I have had EVER. She gets the information from the cards quick and without much information given to her. She goes above and beyond with her readings and is always pleasant. I've stopped using others. Now I only go to her and I've gotten several readings since first contacting her. Emilie is very warm and kind. She has been right about dates, people, and other things coming true for me.
Emmy is not just a psychic, she is far more than that! A mentor, adviser, counselor, someone who helps in guiding your life and simply and angel from heaven, that is Emmy to me!!! Every time I feel down in life and don't know what to do, I call up Emmy and she opens my eyes and heart to whatever problem I have at that time and makes me feel like a brand new person! She is truly unbelievable and extremely accurate. Thank you so much for being in my life Emmy!
Emilie is the best of the best! I consider this woman one of my close friends, she's amazing! She has helped me so much and always gave me the answers I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear! Her time frames are always spot on and she still amazes me when everything she says happens! Always 100% spot on with her readings. Much love x
Emilie is the BEST psychic I've came across. She nailed everything. All I asked was one simple question and she's given me hidden secrets & details. I've been to several psychics and she is by far the best psychic I've came across. She's smart, sweet, funny but also very honest and accurate. I love her! :) Emilie has a beautiful energy as well. I will continue getting readings from this gifted woman. Emilie is worth every penny and time! Thank you Emmy, blessings, Tiffany T.....
My name is Brenda i had my very first reading with Emilie and she is fantastic she is a wonderful person and very on point with the reading and the bracelet and book i recieved are beautiful i would certainly have her do more readings thank you so much Emilie
Emilie is a great psychic. She is honest, caring, and direct but with a sense of humor. Her sessions always cover exactly what is happening and relevant for my life, and her advice is sound and helpful. Most of all, Emily is friendly and truthful, a great combination! Talking with her feels like connecting with an old-soul, and an insightful friend. I am blessed to have her positive, warm, and uplifting presence in my life. She is a gift. Thank you, Emily!
she is absolutely wonderful! accurate, kind, & comforting! you will not be disappointed!


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