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Drew McClain, one of New York City’s most sought after and highly rated psychic/mediums, often jokes that his career path was more of a ‘yelling than a calling.’ In fact, Drew’s family’s first inkling of his gift occurred when Drew correctly predicted that his grandfather’s cancer diagnosis, given by multiple physicians, was inaccurate. Instead, Drew explained, his declining health was due to his extraordinarily high level of potassium, a finding that was later proven true. To this day, Drew is still known for his astute medical predictions, and his extraordinary ability to diagnose illness.

Recognizing he had an incredibly special gift, and knowing he was destined to use this gift for the greater good, Drew began pursuing a career as a psychic/medium when he was at the very young age of only 19. With nothing but business cards and word of mouth. Over time, and with great thanks to the Internet, word has spread far and wide, and he has been working as a psychic/medium successfully for over a decade with clients in many different countries. In his private readings, done either in person or by phone, Drew utilizes his unique technique of automatic writing to aid in his incredibly accurate and specific insights.

In addition to his powerful psychic abilities, Drew is also able to connect with, and give clients messages from their deceased loved ones. This ability wasn’t always positive for Drew. In fact, years of internalizing the energies of spirit left him suffering with very severe and chronic anxiety. Out of desperation, Drew sought out the help of a psychotherapist, read every self-help book he could get his hands on, and in time, taught himself how to channel spirit without depleting his own energy. Drew is now able to see his ability as an absolute gift, and is so thankful that he was able to heal himself mentally so he can now help and heal others emotionally with powerful messages from spirit.

Drew feels incredibly blessed in so many aspects of his life! When he isn’t working, he can be found spending time with friends and loved ones, traveling, gardening, working out. Drew is eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to help so many throughout his life thus far, and looks forward to the next chapter of his extraordinary journey.

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Paige D.
San Juan Capistrano, CA

Guys! Drew is the REAL deal. I first saw Drew in 2015 after a really awful breakup. I went into our session slightly skeptical and not a huge believer, but had an open mind looking for answers that would give me hope and guidance. I left that first session feeling so much better about my situation as Drew specifically addressed and assured me of some amazing things to come in my life. Boy, was he right!

Let me just say that during my first and only meeting with Drew, he didn't ask me a single question about myself (which proved he wasn't cold reading). After we sat, he immediately started writing and communicating to me what he was seeing. He revisited my past, including the horrific breakup details that occurred, diving deeper into the character of my ex and his family (there was no way for him to know that). Then he spoke about my future saying I would have everything I wanted by my 30th birthday, which for me at the time was to marry the love of my life and start a family, while juggling an amazing career.

He proceeded to explain that over the course of the next few years I would meet and date three individual gentlemen: the Jack, the King, and the Ace. After explaining each guy's physical appearance as well as why it would or wouldn't work out with each of them, he told me I would land on the 'King' who I would and should marry. My 'King' supposedly lived in the Pacific Northwest (I'm from California), but I wasn't going to meet him there. He also went into further specifics about his exact appearance and personality traits.

Well, as Drew predicted, I met the Jack, the Ace and my King! It was actually really fun while dating to meet each guy and know immediately which card he fit (Ace/Jack/King) per Drew's description. The 'King' and I met two years ago and we are now engaged! My fiancé lives in Seattle, Washington (the Pacific Northwest, just as Drew said) and is exactly as he described him. We're getting married this December!

Not only was Drew correct on my love life, but he was 100% accurate regarding my professional life. He knew without me telling him what I did for a living and what I will continue to do for a living. He knew where my career path was going to take me in the upcoming years and said to stick with it as this was where my strength lie. All of these years later and I am still in the same field, but a different company. I would have never thought I would be working for a company like this - it truly is the dream job and Drew knew I would get here.

I am so beyond happy I went to Drew all those years ago. He knew exactly what was going to happen for me. He gave me hope when I had none, gave me a positive glimpse into my future and it all came true.

No matter your situation, I highly suggest meeting Drew. Go in with an open mind and let him do his thing.

And as Drew predicted, I got everything I wanted by the age of 30.

Sean C.
Manhattan, New York, NY

I wanted to add my own personal experience and join the others singing the praises of the very talented Drew McClain. I met with Drew to discuss my business, as well as ask some general questions about my life. He told me things about myself and my family that completely blew me away. There is no way he could have known these things unless he was a close friend. He told me about health issues and precise, specific things regarding members of my family, including things about myself too. It was as if Drew knew me for years based on the things he said.

The thing that was most incredible was his business advice. I was really struggling at the time and thought I needed to close my business. I asked Drew about it and wanted to know what he thought I should do.

"My business has been super slow for almost a year and sales just aren't coming in like they did in prior years. Should I just close it and shut it down?"

"No, don't close it down! You would be making a huge mistake if you do that. There will be a man who will come along and help you out. He will basically help you save your business by helping you market and obtain new customers. Do not close it down now. This is gonna happen."

Well, about 6 weeks later, it did. A guy came along, literally out of the blue who loved our product and services. Long story short, he took it upon himself to help recruit new customers and spread the word about my business and the services we offer. He didn't even ask for anything in return. He just wanted to help out and make sure we would still be around so he could enjoy our products.

If I didn't talk to Drew, I would have shut down my business weeks prior to this happening, and this guy wouldn't have had the opportunity to enter my life and make such a huge impact. Everything happens for a reason. I'm glad I made the appointment to meet with Drew and discuss this situation before making a decision. Thanks to Drew's advice, my business was saved and is still going strong today.

Drew gave me the most accurate reading I've ever had. Our session was fantastic and definitely worth it! I highly recommend using Drew for anything you need to know about your life, business, or whatever. He has the answers! No doubt I will be booking another session with this awesome, talented guy. Thanks Drew for your help and your guidance. I don't know how you saw that coming for me, but you literally made a huge difference in my life! You're an amazing and talented guy! Again, can't thank you enough... See you soon!

​Robert K.
New York, NY

It was truly an amazing experience having a reading with Drew. The moment I entered his apartment he put me immediately at ease with his warmth and outgoingness. As others have said its like getting advice from your best friend who holds a wealth of knowledge about you --to help assist you to make the best decisions for your life. Be prepared to digital record the reading as so much information is provided -- you want to listen to it later over and over again --as so much is said and rather quickly at times. When I had my reading some things did not quite register until hearing the recording another time. I had other readings with other psychics who talked excessively about themselves -using up valuable time -or probed you with questions to have you talk about yourself so they do not need to do the work you are paying them for. Not so, with Drew. In fact Drew did not want me to talk about myself at all practically. Even when he asked me a question he requested that I "be vague". "It's all about validation," he said during the reading. Of course later he gave me the opportunity to ask questions, although many questions were already answered in the reading.

During the reading Drew mentioned several places he saw me traveling to. While a couple of destination seemed unusual, the others areas where destinations I already planing to visit. So we shall see what comes of this. Drew was totaling on target on specific timeframe when a huge amount of money would come my way when my family sold some real estate. He said regarding this prediction "I would write that down in blood, its almost textbook. "(I love Drew's way with words, so passionate!) Drew was on target with some health issues as well. He described two conditions that he said I have that "won't kill me"- but requires monitoring. It just so happens that physicians earlier diagnosed these two conditions and also recommended that they only be monitored. Drew also mentioned one medical condition I did not know I had but I later learned does exist from recent medical testing.

Drew was spot on when it came to describing every person I brought up to discuss in my life. There was no need to provide their birth dates or even photographs to ponder over as most other psychic require. Drew would go to town just with only their name. Drew would accurately describe whom these people are to themselves, the dynamics of the relationship with you, and whether they are a positive, negative, or mediocre force in your life. He even surprising describe the reason for a breakup with a relationship I had where he accurately identified a person who worked to savage the relationship-- a person whom I long suspected.

Perhaps the most moving and memorable period of the reading is when Drew channeled my mother, sister and and one of my closest friends. Drew began channeling my mother for instance starting --"You were not there when your mother took her last breathe." Yes, Drew was absolutely correct again. I was at my mother's bedside only the night before she past. From there the conversation got deeper and deeper. I will spare the details about what further transpired because it is obvious the meaning and messages would only resonate with me. I got so much validation that my loved one exists and came through it was shocking and errily accurate. I played this part of reading many times and it always nearly brings me to tears.

Connecting with loved ones who crossed over with Drew is like watching the best segments of the Long Island Medium. Drew is that good! But bear in mind The Long Island Medium TV show is highly scripted and edited. Theresa Caputo does not fair so well off camera in live studio audience from what I read. Drew is indeed the real deal ---and you would be absolutely convinced --as I was --when he channels your loved ones. Having a reading with Drew should be on everyones bucket list!

​Abi C.
Los Angeles, CA

Drew is amazing! I met him in Orange County at a time when both my husband and I were told we'd never have children on our own. Drew gave me confidence that I was fertile and that I would, in fact, become a mom. He was very specific in the reading and said I would become pregnant in about 10 months. I did not want to get my hopes up, but I became pregnant - unexpectedly and miraculously - EXACTLY 10 months from our reading. I couldn't believe it!!! Drew wrote down some numbers at the time of the reading and asked me what they meant. I remember I had no idea, but amazingly, those numbers were the future birthdate of my child. Drew also helped me be wary of black and white cars for the weeks following the reading and within two weeks I narrowly avoided a nasty accident between... yes, a black and a white car. He also predicted an unexpected family trip to Hawaii which also came true! He is the real deal. I can't recommend Drew enough!

​Sheila R.
Florham Park, NJ

I had my first session with Drew yesterday and I can honestly say I would highly recommend him without hesitation. As others have said, you immediately feel at ease with him and there was nothing awkward about it. He is serious about his work but has a great sense of humor as well, which i appreciate. I don't want to sound trite, but you do really feel like he is someone that you have known for years. He also shares a little bit of himself and his life with you during the reading as you are getting into matters which is nice as well. I believe I am a good judge of character and know immediately if someone is not genuine. I did not get that impression with Drew. IMHO he is genuine and appears to be a nice guy and a good person. I got a sense right away that he cared what was going on with me. He also said he felt he could do a mixed reading with me which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to hear about my loved ones that passed but also about matters happening in my physical world. When he started the reading it was amazing how Drew got right down to the central matters in my life without any input from me at all. My Dad recently passed and he was absolutely amazing with his validation of how and when my Dad passed and how I was late getting there that day. This was such a complete and consuming issue of mine and it was the first thing he talked about. Without going into detail, what he said to me has eased any guilt and awful thoughts about the day my Dad passed. I have concluded after discussing this with Drew that I was definitely better off not being there when he passed and I was actually spared seeing him fighting for his last breath. My Dad had suffered terribly with COPD. Before this reading I was rehashing that scene in my head over and over every single day since January. The emotional toll from that was really beginning to affect who I am as a person. My daily drive to work consisted of crying and thinking about how he passed. I just couldn't let it go. After what Drew told me I feel I can now put those feelings to rest. He validated how a piece of me died when my Dad died and the amazing bond that we had. That is EXACTLY how I felt. He kept talking about our close bond and said my Dad was both a mother and a father to me which is so true. My Mom died at a young age and my Dad helped me with my kids for years because my Mom was gone. He also was hearing a radio while talking to me. My Dad listened to a certain radio station every day and I now listen to it it my car and talk to him. Drew validated that my Dad plays a certain song that was a joke between us. He wrote down "song" on a paper before I even said anything. He also knew things about my relationship with my mother and how we were cheated for time with each other and problems with my Dad's estate caused by my brother and his wife. He pinpointed exactly what the problems were and their motives. This really fascinated me. There is absolutely no way he could have known what my brother was doing and how my Dad felt about it from the other side. I think this was the most amazing part of the reading, because what my brother has done after my Dad's passing has broken up our entire family. He relayed that my Dad said to distance myself from the situation and not to get involved with my brother. Drew also knew about a recent gallbladder surgery I had as well as other things he could not have known. He knew my deceased mother in law's name and described some issues with her that were unbelievable. He pinpointed my husband and our situation exactly (in a good way) and provided invaluable insight to a move to a new home we are contemplating. He knew my husband did not want to move and described him so accurately he made literally made me laugh out loud. I also asked Drew questions about my children and their future. It was uncanny how he had their personalities down exactly and provided me with invaluable insight on how to handle things with them. I tended to look at some things in a negative light regarding them, but Drew made me think of the bright side of what my kids are accomplishing. I could go on an on about this reading, but you get the idea. Drew also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and does his best to answer them. The main thing I took from this reading is that I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and actually feel more optimistic for the future. I am now going to try and focus on the happy memories with my Dad. I take comfort in the fact that my Mother has been watching over me for years and My Dad will now as well. He also told me my Dad is very happy on the other side and is actually a younger version of himself which he longed for. I realize they see what is going on! So Drew, if you are reading this, thank you for that. I initially said to myself that I was going to do a short review, but felt Drew deserved more than that.

Lisa C
NewPort Beach, CA

Drew is a very gifted medium. He predicted the eye color and complexion of my boyfriend and his eye color is rare, ok. He is a black guy with hazel and he looks mulatto. That is exactly what he said. When he said that to me I just nodded my head and took it with a grain of salt because at the time I was recovering from a bad breakup and my love life was noneexistent. But you know what he was right, I am officially in a relationship with this same man that Drew predicted in 2015. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary.. Mind you, Ive never been in a relationship this long before in my life. Drew is the real deal trust me. At the end of my session I was gonna ask him something and then he stopped me and was like, I wrote this down 5 minutes ago and wanted to let you know. He pretty much answered my question before I asked it and it was something very personal that not just anybody can guess. He knew I was recently pregnant with this man.

Philip M
New York, NY

With my professional background in science and analytics, the idea of visiting with a medium would be strictly for entertainment. That opinion changed with my recent visit with Drew. My session was comforting, informative, and most important to me validating that there's more once we crossover.

Comforting when Drew relayed that my recent unexpected loss expressed being surrounded by loved ones on the other side to include a very specific relative that Drew could not have known was special to my loved one; also my loved one conveyed specific parts of conversations I have had with him since his departure: details I have not disclosed to no one.

Informative when Drew disclosed my overall life expectancy or longevity would be based on my paternal side of my genome and not my anticipated maternal side; meaning I have much more of a longer journey than originally planned. Also that my loved one appreciated me going forward with our long-term plan acknowledging specific goals and steps only disclosed between my loved one and me.

Validating that I brought my loved one with me to the session when my loved one shared with Drew me moving to a new home; that I often wear my loved one's shoes and clothes to comfort me; and that specific experiences I am having are my love one communicating with me are not my imagination. None of which previously shared with anyone.

Now I understand some information is out on the web. That said I witnessed details expressed during my session with Drew that could only have come from my loved one.

Drew is professional, caring and personable. The surroundings are welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I left my session with Drew both elated and content. I recommend if you're thinking of visiting a medium, including the skeptics like myself, to give Drew a chance; he will not disappoint.

Corrine D.
Lansdowne, PA

While looking for a medium to meet with for my first experience I found Drew on Yelp and was really impressed with the number of 5 star reviews he had! From the moment I texted him to make an appointment I knew I picked the right person. Drew was so kind over text and even more welcoming and caring when I met him in person. I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect but Drew made me feel really comfortable!

Drew was able to help me connect to my dad and grandmom who passed away unexpectedly. The details he mentioned there's no way he would have known. Drew said he kept hearing "somewhere over the rainbow" being played and asked if me and my grandmom use to watch the wizard of oz together. I responded yes because we did but it wasn't until I got home did I realize the much deeper connection. At my grandmoms funereal they played a slideshow of pictures and one of the songs in the slideshow was over the rainbow.WEIRD. My grandpop has the slideshow on his computer and often watches it and always sings along when over the rainbow comes on. I personally feel like my grandmom was trying to validate that she is with my grandpop when he watches it .

Drew also randomly brought up a cotton tomato that would hold sewing pins in my grandmoms sewing kit. When I went home I checked her sewing kit and there it was a cotton tomato with her sewing pins. I Literally got goosebumps it was so weird!!!! I could write paragraphs on paragraphs about other things he brought up that were spot on. it really made me feel confident that he is the real deal!

If you're on the fence about meeting with Drew I encourage you to do it! I left feeling like he really gave me clarity on situations I have been struggling with and brought through messages that really have impacted my life. Definitely meet with him!

Drew, thank you so much! I can't wait to meet with you again :)


Sam C.
Tustin, CA

First and foremost let me say that I am a skeptic and do not believe in Psychic and/or mediums. I was going through a difficult time in my life and after reading the amount of positive feedback that Drew received from other people, I decided to give him a try.
I was really impressed by how accurate he was on many different things that were going on in my life (personal and business).
There were some things that he mentioned that did not make any sense at that specific time but later on they became very clear to me. Again, I was quite impressed. I recently had my second reading by Drew and again was truly impressed by how accurate he was on specific things that he mentioned to me. He also accurately predicted a passing for my sibling which sadly was correct. I highly recommend Drew and I will definitely will be seeking him again. My advice to people getting a reading from Drew is to ask questions if you are clear on anything that he says. He will be more than happy to explain it to you. I am no longer a skeptic.

Linda B.
Costa mesa, CA

After my mountain biking injury, I went to an orthopedic surgeon, and I was told that without extensive surgery I would possible be crippled for life. I had a reading with Drew McClain about the situation because I was devastated about my consultation with this orthopedic surgeon. Drew began writing and opened up my set of cards and saw that every accusation that this doctor had made was false. I was instructed by Drew to get off my crutches and to start walking again. I started walking within one week of the reading which I thought was completely impossible! and this was four months post accident. The doctor recommended ligament surgery. Drew proved everything the doctor had said to be incorrect in strong and specific detail. I just had my final checkup with my new doctor, and I was released without ever needing any surgery nine months after the accident just as Drew predicted. Drew is simply an amazing Medium!

Sal S.
New York, NY

My first reading with Drew was March 9, 2018. I am not new to going to psychic mediums...I have had my fair share of really good ones and ones...well, not so good. Drew McClain has earned his way on my list of top readings! Admittedly, my friend discovered Drew first and coaxed me into going with her. I am so happy she did! Not only was he able to hit the nail on the head with everything he said but I walked away from my session with a sense of peace and tranquility. I do have several family members that have passed on which I was hoping to hear from. Drew was 2-for-2 in channeling messages from those relatives! Through those messages, Drew knew my mother's name and even the name of a member of my family that is in law enforcement. Crazy stuff! As a side note, I did not tell my mother I was going to this reading but I did want my grandmother to come through. Of course she did and Drew mentioned 2 symbols, a Cardinal and Blue Jay, that my grandmother would use to say she was with us. Literally, as I was walking home from Drew, I called my mother and said in a very casual way, "Mom, have you taken notice of any birds lately around the yard." Wouldn't you know, the first thing out of her mouth was "yes, as a matter of fact I saw a very pretty Blue Jay in the tree outside this morning." I nearly dropped the phone out of my hand. WOW!

I would absolutely recommend Drew to anyone, including skeptics! He will turn your skepticism around in 1 session! And to Drew, I want to thank you for warming my heart with the messages you delivered. You are the best!

Rdtdaily M.
San Francisco, CA

Like many other reviewers here, all I can say is Drew is the REAL DEAL. I just had my first reading with him a few days ago. So... as far as many of his predictions, more will be revealed... but the strangest thing was he mentioned to watch an injury in "lower extremities" and a possible "surgery." I thought it was weird, because I had been in a pretty bad bicycle accident a week prior where I hurt my leg pretty bad. I didn't mention it to Drew because I had other things on my mind and I thought I was on the mend. I wasn't limping, so there is absolutely no way he could have known about it. Well... to make a long story short, two days later, when I woke up and noticed the wound seemed slightly worse, Drew's warning rang in my head. I went to the emergency room and they said it was infected! The doctor's told me I caught it at the very beginning of the infection - but they did have to cut it open and... well, you get the picture. In other words, I had a surgery in my lower extremities. Honestly, if I hadn't encountered Drew, I know for sure I would have let it go and then it REALLY would've gotten worse. I really lucked out taking Drew's advice not to mess with this injury. I'm still kinda bugged out about it, frankly. There is definitely more here in this world than meets the eye. He truly is a medical intuitive. I feel fortunate to have found someone as gifted as Drew and can't wait to see him again!

Samantha S.
Yonkers, NY

I had my last session with drew on july 26th, 2018. I was having trouble getting pregnant with my 2nd child and he said that it would happen. after we met, i found out i was pregnant 3 weeks later. I couldn't be more happy! Thank you so much Drew!

Deanna R.
Whittier, CA

Had an amazing reading from Drew today. He is always very friendly and fun to do a reading with! He is very sweet and considerate, even if it's something you don't want to really hear, he presents it in the right way.

Validated my suspicions on some serious things. Also legal wise validated that it was ok to move forward. Both items I can't get into detail at this moment, but spot on.

My grandma came into the reading he described a hutch exactly how it looked (in the beginning of the description thinking I don't remember that in either of their houses) and then stating what was in there, to all of a sudden me going to the next room saying this?? And there was the picture of my grandma.

And Looking back at my very first reading, the next chapter of my life was going to take place 3 years after I finally got over the person I had been talking to prior, well his next prediction of timeline on romance happens to be that 3 year mark of me finally getting over that person. Have not had a "real" relationship during that time. Exact same initial that he predicted the first time of coming into the picture. Also same initials of a potential partner I have in mind. Tapped into the exact order of the few names I had wrote down. Details of the main past person I had questions about with key items of validation for each person.

Also knew the time frame and confirmed the planning of my move/buying a home, and who I was currently living with.

Was previously considering a different career path, but recently got involved in some new large projects and my current business. Saw that I won't be changing career paths anytime soon. Which I recently just felt this shift as well.

Knew that I was a single mother, and validated how I feel things would have been if father was still in the picture. And for me to play the roles of both parents was more than enough for my son, and that he is getting everything he needs

Such a good clarification reading of validation and to feel a sense of relief in the items I needed to know. There were many other things he had mentioned that had meaning as well, as far as locations, my recent surgery-specifically what it was, and health concerns. I had precancerous cells in moles, and have been looking at some recently, he called that out to remove them...same day (today) I actually had to call my dermatologist for a refill prescription and ended up booking the appointment for that. Also about dentist...another appointment I've been procrastinating long over due and I'm normally there every 4-6 months. Also another doctor appointment I considered booking and confirmed I don't need, so saving myself an afternoon!

Looking forward to seeing him in October for my past life regressions. Such a good person and business, he remembered me previously and before he moved he was going to give me a free progression reading, yearssss later he is still honoring that, which most probably would not do. He is such a fun and goodhearted soul!

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With my professional background in science and analytics, the idea of visiting with a medium would be strictly for entertainment. That opinion changed with my recent visit with Drew. My session was comforting, informative, and most important to me validating that there's more once we crossover. Drew is professional, caring and personable. The surroundings are welcoming, comfortable and cozy. I left my session both elated and content. I recommend give Drew a chance; he will not disappoint.
I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Drew. I was blown away!!! I have seen many psychics and mediums but Drew takes the cake! He was so SPOT on, it was amazing. He know things that many of my close friends don't even know about me! He is truly talented. I highly recommend booking a reading with Drew!
I have been seeing Drew for over 3 years now. He is the number one Psychic that I go to. He is ALWAYS right! What I love about him is that he will tell me the truth even if its not what I want to hear. I always feel like he supports me and is wanting the best for me with my career and relationships. My life has improved tremendously since I started getting his readings and following his advice! I do not make any major moves without consulting with him first. I wish more psychics were like him.

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