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Dawn Krug
Dawn Krug



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$80.00 for a half hour, $150.00 for one hour. Skype, and telephone readings are available. Please visit Dawns website for more information!

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Dawn is a gifted Psychic Medium known through out Northeastern Pa, and Upstate Ny. Specializing in helping families with Psychic children/teens, violent hauntings,and psychic phenomenon. She see's a persons Aura, and can do this remotely or in person.
Dawn uses her Psychic ability to guide, help her clients acknowledge, and reflect on their past behaivors, fears, and lack of forgiveness that is allowing them to move forward. She believes with affirmations and healing, the Universe will truly provide all that is abundant!
Dawn uses her ability to communicate with spirit to help heal and find closure for her clients. She can also communicate with pets in spirit. Many owns have the painful task of putting their beloved pets to sleep and need the reasurance that they made the right choice. She can also communicate with your pets and detect any current health issues. If their history is unknown, she can tell you the history of the animal. Dawn has worked with Horses, dogs, and cats.
Dawn has worked with local police agencies in finding missing persons, and has worked privately with clients.
Dawn teaches classes on spiritual developement. She also can do private parties, private, skype, phone, and email readings.
Dawn travels to Sanibel Island Florida and works with a large clientele in SW Florida.

Additional Information: 

Dawn Offers private psychic readings, in home private parties,and telephone readings. She also does paranormal investigations.
Dawn is currently certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She has helped clients with weight loss, smoking,and anxiety issues! She also can do past life regressions, soul path, and spirit guide sessions! These can be done in office, on the phone, or Zoom!

Listed since: Oct 30, 2008


There is not enough words to describe how special Dawn is! A reading with Dawn will change your life so much! Her compassion, privacy and pure love makes her intuition skills outstanding! Without her guidance I don't know where I'd be in my life today! From a private session in her office to group parties, or an online session, Change your year, your life an contact Dawn today!!
I discovered dawn through a freind from work. Dawn is one of the best healers I have ever met! Her gifts are truly wonderful. She has this amazing ability to connect with her clients. when you leave you feel like you have a better understanding of what is going on internally with yourself. She is a Wonderful women and many blessings to her! She has changed my life in so many ways!!!
Awesome I have been to Dawn a few times and shes always hit things right on. I get the answers I am looking for and always feel good when my sessions are done.I I went to Dawn for a hypnotherapy session she did a great job and I would tell everyone to go to her she can help you with answers you need.I look forward to my next visit.
Dawn did a reading for me a few years ago. She was totally accurate. I can look back as something's I didn't understand. She was right on about everything. I think the best part of my reading was her caring additude. She really does care about people.
Dawn is amazing.. i've had 2 readings from her she knows things that no one cpuld possibly know about me or my family.. Truely AMAZING! I must say! 5 star rating!
I met Dawn a year ago, when my sister had a party at her house. I never met Dawn before that day, but what she told me that day was exactly on target. Today one year later everything she told me has come true, some positive, some not so positive but all true. Dawn is an amazing woman and I look forward to seeing her again, she is a beautiful lady inside and out...with a big heart....and you can trust what she says. I feel like she saved me from a bad situation getting worse. Thanks Dawn.
I highly recommend going to see Dawn Krug! I have seen Dawn a hand full of times. She has helped me through a very rough time in my life. I'm not sure where I would be if I didn't see her and get her advice. She has brought much comfort in my life. I always feel such a sense of relief when I see her. She has always been truthful with me and has always been right on with everything she tells me. I have never left her of her readings disappointed.
Dawn is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. I have been going to her for guidance and clarity now for 2 years. She has helped me grow into the women I knew I was, her guidance was more then I could have asked for. I look forward to more personal time with her. I recommend Dawn to all family and friends. Don't hesitate on make appointment to see her, she does all the talking for you. No worries, she is the best! Grateful to have her in my life. ❤️
I must say I'm beyond impressed. She did the talking. Didn't dig for information. Although she let me ask questions at the end, she Knew things about myself and others that no one else does. Caring, Sweet. I'll definately be talking with her again. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!
today i had a private reading and she was so awesome ! i would give her a 5 star.she told me so many things i needed to hear and never would of known any of it if she didnt have powers.she really has helped me to move on with my life .she opened doors for me that i have closed in 1999 .amazing woman.i am ever so greatful for the time i got to spend with her!i plan on having her come to my home very soon.
Dawn is incredibly gifted! I have had 2 readings with her. Both times she has shared information with me that only I knew...and some that I did not know YET. Events unfolded later that validated her readings. Family members have also met with her and had similar experiences. Dawn has an ability to help us understand ourselves better and improve our quality of life. I would (and have) highly recommended Dawn to family and friends...and I look forward to meeting with her again. The BEST!!!!
Dawn is very gifted and help me so much. She knew things about me that she would have not known. Along with her readings right on, she also shows that she cares and explains as she speaks for a greater understanding. I would recommend Dawn to anyone of any age with her gift.

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