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Christopher Allan is 'Keeping The Spirits Alive' and continuing the integrity of afterlife communication for a new generation. He has gained the respect of mediums & the countless families he has helped. Nominated Best Of Long Island, he has been documented by MTV and featured on News 12. His unique charm & devotion has touched the hearts of those who seek guidance & closure. He is a member of The Forever Family Foundation, an organization committed to prove the existence of life after death through science & research.

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+Christopher has worked with many charities and organizations such as:- National MS Society, Events & Adventures,, National Cancer Society, various 9/11 support groups.
Like his gift, Christopher Allan's story is unique. Born in Bogota Columbia, he was an orphan like so many children in the poverty stricken capital of South America. But, when a well deserving family from New York-- who struggled to conceive children of their own, saw a picture of this child who needed a home, they immediately sensed a connection. Within weeks, Christopher was adopted and could live a life full of love and full of family.
Growing up, Christopher was an extremely sensitive child. Though cliché', he encountered many events that he learned later on, could be defined as psychic experiences. He always knew what he would get for Christmas' and birthdays --something he thought everyone could do. He questioned why people ever used wrapping paper.
Christopher would often stay at his grandparent's house in Babylon, NY while both parents worked day jobs. It was in this house; Christopher recalls feeling like there were more than just his grandparents living there. He began hearing voices telling stories about his family. Christopher thought he would get in trouble if he shared these stories at first. They were about people from the past that always seem to make the family cry.
As a young boy, Christopher became attached to his grandmother, whom he shared an unspoken bond with. "She had a rough life growing up and accredited her intuition for guiding her through those hardships. This is one of the many gifts my grandmother gave me." Christopher explains.
It's these strong family values he was raised on that are the driving force behind his work as a psychic today. rn But what makes Christopher Allan stand out above the rest is that he knows, first hand, how it feels like to never say goodbye.
In the winter of 1996, that same grandmother would suffer a massive stroke only to fall into a coma soon after. The family didn't allow young Christopher to visit her hospital room. She would die the day after Christmas. Not being able to say a fond farewell only added to his pain.
Soon after, Christopher claims his grandmother visited him in his sleep. "She looked 20 years younger, but still who I knew to be my Grandma. With a smile, she let me know to tell the family 'I'm still here'. And that I was to make sure I do so because as I got older, it would be my job to say those words to others." Though unclear at the time, it doesn't take much to see that Christopher has lived up to his grandmother's words.
Christopher has made it a priority to give people closure through his readings. With his stunningly specific messages, many claim it's as if they are having one last conversation with their loved one. Christopher Allan has showed us that there is no such thing as goodbye. In turn, this gives closure to Christopher and his own family.

Listed since: Jun 13, 2009


Christopher Allan is a must see. He read my family & had us laughing and crying. Our mom said she had a huge weight off her shoulders after Christopher connected us with my uncle. He stayed longer than was booked so everybody had a chance to be read! Super nice. Super genuine. I've been to several mediums/psychics before and looking back, I believe he was the most relatable & gave the most amount of correct information & "validations".
I was so excited I couldn't sleep the night before. Christopher Allan met all my expectations, although I suppose you shouldn't have expectations going to a medium. I couldn't help it though! He connected with my deceased mom and told me her name, how she passed and things only I would know. Was blown away! Very helpful & comforting experience. Highly suggest people go to him if your serious about getting a reading! A+++
Christopher Allan gave me the most accurate & mind blowing reading of my life! I say mind blowing because he was a normal looking, down to earth person, but when he spoke and shared with me what he picked up, my mouth hit the floor & in 1 hour, he changed the way I looked at! Christopher's very gifted, talented, and warm hearted. He put me at ease and showed me my brothers spirit is still a part of mine. Forever. Highly recommend!
Christopher Allan gave the most deepest, insightful, & accurate reading to me and my brother. We gave his office different first names & called with a friends cell phone. Needless to say, he turned these skeptics into true believers. He didn't cold read or ask questions, he was head & shoulders the most impressive medium my family has been to. Very grateful & would highly recommend.
I had my first reading with Christopher 2 days ago, to put it short, I was blown away. Not only was he on point with every word said,but he was so empathetic and personable. Such a sweet person with such an amazing gift. He also read my boyfriend and sister and they too, were blown away. I recommend him to anyone who would like to get in touch with their loved ones on the other side. Christopher changed my life and outlook on mediums! Such an amazing breathtaking person!!!!!!!!!!
I had several readings with Chris. I was more than pleased with each reading. He was accurate, giving specific details that no one would have known. Moreso, he was friendly and personable, which added to the overall experience. I have seen (in person) mediums who have established a bigger name, yet I was more impressed by Chris. He def has a gift and I would (and have) highly recommend him to others. Great experience overall for myself and anyone else who has had a reading with him.
I think Chris is an amazing person. His thoughtfulness for other people coupled with his talent is an inspiration to all of us. He is someone who appreciates family values and can help us find comfort knowing that our loved ones are still very present in our lives. I thank him for showing me how to look for the signs.

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