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Chinhee Park
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Chinhee Park is a gifted psychic, medium and healer. Chinhee in Korean means "Big Heart". Chinhee's mission in life is to help heal the world. Her and her twin sister Sunhee Park have been naturally gifted since they were 5 years old. Her psychic healing gift has helped many to snap out of denial, their spirits evolve, and people who want to change, become stronger for major changes in their lives. Chinhee's going on 16 years of sharing her gifts and plans on doing so for as long as she can.

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If I am not available, you can reach my twin sister for instant phone readings here

Listed since: Apr 13, 2011


Honestly, chinhee is always my go-to. She's down to earth, REAL, and cuts to the chase. She picks up on situations and people and is so accurate. I've had a lot of readings from a lot of different psychics, but she really is my favorite. she won't waste your time or money. and youll feel a lot better after. shes helped me so much over the years. im so grateful
Hi Chinhee.. thank you very much. You are very enlightening. Now I got a psychic for life. You only need my name and you pick up about everything. You also know I am an empath who can pick up people's feeling. Totally a worth it $45 i spent with a great psychic like you. I feel I lifted up now. I wrote my name Jessica David, so you know who I am. :) You are very gifted, I appreciate your reading very much...
I just had my first reading with Ms. Park and was amazed how accurate she was and spot on about my feelings about the situation. I was truly impressed and felt good after the reading.
Chinhee is wonderful, compassionate and very helpful. She tapped into me, my aura and could feel where the discomfort was in my body. She said she was going to send me some healing and she did. I went out later and came up 4 flights of stairs and for the first time I did not feel as though I would pass out. I hope to be able to continue the healing she began for me. Thank you Chinhee, I am very grateful.
Chinhee Park is not only God gifted psychic, she is also a healer. I only gave her my name only and I didn't even mention what kind of problem I had, she told me the exact problem I had, what kind of person I am and what kind of person my friend is.I was shocked to know that there is a human being that has this much power to know exactly about another person's life. She is amazing and extra ordinary gift from God. God bless her a million times, much love and respect for her. she is a blessing.

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