Catherine Paretti

Catherine Paretti
Catherine Paretti


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New York City


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$250: Available for in-person or phone readings

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Catherine Paretti is a world renowned psychic medium, healer and clairvoyant who has advised people from all walks of life in an effort to help them rediscover their divine essence. Catherine was born with extraordinary gifts, including the ability to see angels, ghosts, predict future events, help people contact and communicate with their deceased loved ones, as well as a host of psychic medium/clairsensory abilities. She has also suffered two profound near-death experiences and has had Marian apparitions since childhood.

While most people are interested in Catherine’s psychic medium abilities, they represent a sliver of her spiritual calling on earth. Catherine’s gift was given to her to help people go back to God, to show souls on earth how to reconnect with their divinity and discover their purpose on earth.

Catherine's gifts were confirmed by the late Hans Holzer, a pioneering paranormal researcher and author who tested psychics extensively to determine if their claimed powers were legitimate. Holzer claimed Catherine was tremendously gifted and featured her on several TV shows including "The Regis Show" to showcase her abilities.

Holzer, who wrote over 100 books on the supernatural for the popular market as well as plays, musicals, films, and documentaries, and hosted the TV show "Ghost Hunter", claimed that while some people have impressive psychic abilities, only a few can “play at Carnegie Hall.” He claimed Catherine was one of the few psychic mediums who was talented enough to play at Carnegie Hall.

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Reverend Catherine Paretti is an amazing human being. Her aim is to help, heal, and guide people towards the light. She has helped me understand more about myself, others, and the world, than any book or any teacher I’ve encountered.

Catherine is more than a clairvoyant, more than a reverend, more than a psychic. She is a gifted being of light, and she helps those that go to her seeking help. A session with her is an amazing experience. My visits with Catherine are emotionally fulfilling and spiritually enriching. It is so uplifting to know that she exists.

Thank you, Catherine, for all the love and advice you have given me throughout the years. I feel blessed to know you!

Hope Maxwell Snyder, Author of the novel Orange Wine

Reverend Catherine Paretti has been more to me than a psychic or an advisor- she has been a guide since the day I met her, showing me and motivating me to follow my path. Through the difficult moments she has been a support and a source of strength, and through the indecisive moments she has shown me clarity. She gives hope, strength, and positivity to everyone who meets with her, and after every meeting I leave feeling lighter and more positive, as a healing does take place. I could never thank her enough for all the help and support she has given me, and when I look back on her predictions from years ago, the accuracy of her statements shock me. I cannot describe her in any other way than someone who shows you that there is love, light, and positivity in the world. I love her and I can never thank her enough for all the help she has given me and will continue to give me. I feel blessed that we have crossed paths, and I believe that it happened for a reason. Thank you, Catherine!

Lots of love,

Stephany S.

Listed since: Apr 8, 2013


*Catherine is a pure miracle in my life. I have waited all of my life to be touched by her love and spirit. She is truly heaven-sent and has changed my life and perspective for the better. Her heart and soul are full of wisdom, faith and unconditional love. She possesses endless intuitive knowledge. My relationship with Catherine has opened my eyes, mind, soul and heart to God and his infinite love. She is a treasure. I am grateful for this Earth Angel's presence in my life.
You can feel Catherine’s angelic quality as soon as you meet her. But she is down-to-earth with a wonderful sense of humor and strength that is very rare. She understands all that a person can go through because she has already gone through most of it herself. Catherine sees way beyond the human condition right into a person’s heart and soul. She sees you as God sees you, guiding you to your highest and best self with compassion. Mystic, empath, healer, and a seer of Truth. A blessing to all
Catherine Paretti is an earth angel who is a gifted clairvoyant as well. God is her center and she is the instrument He channels through to help others. She comes from a place of purity, spirituality, emitting a light that let's you know with absolute certainty she is reading you at the highest level of integrity and sacred care. She is truly an old soul. We are all intuitive if we are open to receive, but Rev. Catherine resides in another stratosphere! She radiates love and light! Amazing!
Catherine Paretti is the real deal. She not only has an incredible gift but is also a very spiritual and loving person. I feel very lucky to know her. She may asks questions but I find best to say as little as possible and just let her tell you what she sees. Have sent many friends who now swear by her.

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