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$100 - $300

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Bruce Alexander was born with the accurate abilities of evidential mediumship, psychic intuition, channeling, telepathy, and remote viewing gifts.
I want to give my best readings to you, so I spend time and care refining my psychic mediumship skills with The Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development, James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts, Psychic Evolution's Mystery School with Jaimie and Maggie Clark, and The Arthur Findlay College.

I am certified with The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.I have certificates with Lisa Williams in Advanced Forensic Mediumship and Platform Mastery, on stage live readings.
I have conducted hundreds of accurate readings from around the globe for people of all kinds. I have recently conducted online platform demonstration readings with an audiences of 60 and 200 giving precise and accurate messages.

I am an LGBTQ+ friendly evidential psychic medium specializing in grief recovery healing.
A reading with me is therapeutic and healing because of my compassionate nature.
I use my clairvoyant, clairaudient, precise remote viewing, and telepathic soul merging abilities to give you an accurate reading. Being an intuitive empath, I can help you release the emotional grief that has been blocking you and guide you on the path to healing.

I conduct individual and group readings.
Specializing :
Evidential Mediumship
Psychic Intuitive
Grief Recovery Healing
Psychic Tarot Readings
Psychometry with photos and objects
Automatic Writing
Spirit Guide, Angel, and ET communication
Soul merging Telepathic communication
Channeling and Remote Viewing
Life Path Guidance
Compassionate Empath and Intuitive Healing
Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing

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I have been getting readings from Bruce for the past three years and he is the real deal. Bruce has astute psychic abilities and is able to connect with ancestors and guides. The connections he has made during our readings have provided me with comfort and have been a guiding force in my own development and journey on my life’s path. His advice has been invaluable to me. Lastly my sessions with him have been very healing because of his compassionate and therapeutic nature. I highly recommend having a reading from Bruce to connect with your guides and gain more insight into your life’s purpose.
Susie House

I had a reading with Bruce and he blew me away with the first sentence out of his mouth. So accurate with names & descriptions. He gave me beautiful confirmation on my Grandmother of whom I was close. The confirmations and validations of specific information blew me away! He beautifully linked us and gave me some other beautiful messages with insight from dead loved ones and people still present in my life. He was spot on with many specific details that I could validate and delivered the messages in loving and compassionate nature. He has a true gift as a medium, light worker, and earth angel.
Thank you Bruce you beautiful soul.
Rochelle Walker

I had the absolute pleasure of having a reading with Bruce. He told me intimate things about a good friend that had passed, that I would only know. He even provided names, manner of death and even time of death. He truly demonstrated his skills as a certified evidential medium. It was an amazing connection that we shared. Beyond being a great medium, Bruce is such a kindred spirit. There is such a kindness and warmth that emanates from his smile and his eyes. I felt so connected to his spirit and comfortable during the entire reading. He is also patient and answers any questions that you have.
I would strongly recommend Bruce Alexander to give you a reading. You will not be disappointed. It was truly amazing.
Diane Mammoliti

I had the most wonderful reading with Bruce for my birthday. I was simply amazed at his accuracy. I felt like I was having a family reunion as he brought through so many of my loved ones in clear detail. He was so specific and told me things that there is no way he could have known. He brought through names, locations, relationships, memories and details that were spot on. Not only was the reading amazing, but I absolutely adore Bruce and his warm and caring demeanor. I would highly recommend him!
Michelle Trosper

Bruce was my first experience working with a medium and it was mind expanding. He truly has a gift, and his evidentiary style helped me feel confident in knowing who was coming through. Sometimes things didn’t make sense until there was one small additional detail he was given that helped me connect to the incredible message from my loved ones. I also appreciated the video recording – after listening to it, certain insights have popped into my head over time creating greater understanding about what was coming through. I am grateful for the time I had with Bruce – he made sure I was able to connect to and benefit from the information from his medium and psychic work. His kindness and caring shone through brightly during my time with him, and I left feeling buoyed by his earthly confirmation of the greater love surrounding me.
Meg Lewis

Bruce did a reading for me. He did an excellent job of pulling through the names of current family members and of family and friends who have passed. He was able to share details to describe each person in a way that helped me to know that they are safe and well. He also brought through some very reassuring messages from the other side. Bruce clearly is a kind, caring, and skilled medium.
Angela McCormick

Bruce is exceptionally patient and caring with the reading process. He has been spot on with evidence with the readings I have had with him.He was able to help me connect with my Aunt Joan, who is the daughter of my favorite Grandmother. This has changed my life immensely and brought love and family into my world. He clearly has a gift and is able to make clear connections with the after life.
Christine Damico

Bruce did an online reading for me recently. Bruce is an excellent reader, I am impressed with his psychic abilities and the accuracy of the information coming through. Bruce is very empathic and gentle with the information he provides. During the reading, I felt safe and secure, as Bruce was holding the space for me to process the information and my feelings during the reading. I was impressed by the amount of info coming through and the number of family members living and deceased who joined the session. Bruce named the family members along with their description. Some members I couldn’t identify on the spot, however, I had my “Aha” moment after the reading, and realized who they were. I am so grateful to Bruce for doing the reading, though it is really hard to put everything into words. I felt that I was part of a real reunion with my deceased dear family members and I am still feeling love, joy, and compassion which were coming from them through Bruce during the reading. Bruce interpreted the valuable messages from my family members and my guides to me. It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Bruce to anyone who is looking for assistance with the other side.
Anna Braude

Bruce is a gentle spirit with an obvious connection to the spirit world. He was able to bring through my father, sister, and grandmother with confirmation. What a gift it is to receive messages from the other side, delivered with kindness, compassion, and some spiritual wisdom thrown in for good measure.
Linda Lang

I had such a fun time and reading with Bruce. The first name he mentioned from his automatic writing WAS A HIT for me. An aunt who was my godmother. He was spot on and validated her name and our relationship in his automatic writing. She has a very distinctive name so I was WOWed immediately. My immediate family members who have crossed over definitely came thru to confirm and validate during the reading. Bruce is kind, fun, open, generous, and easy to talk to. All that adds to the comfortability of the time we spent together.
Much appreciation, Colette Tapngrl

I’m a skeptic and science enthusiast but that didn’t stop me from exploring & experiencing Bruce’s unique ability to connect with unexplainable energies related specifically to me. Bruce is a rare human who can instantly absorb energy and decipher it, despite its baffling and impenetrable-to-human-brains, nature. His work is soothing, surprising, beneficial, and constructive. I’m an atheist but I believe in Bruce’s energy mediumistic work.
Thessaly Lerner

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Bruce. At our reading, he connected us and helped us put the pieces together to yield messages from our loved ones with accurate details. It was an incredible experience. Bruce was loving and caring the whole time. We love Bruce. Thank you Bruce for your care and love.
Alicia and Eric Markowitz

On January 22 of this year, 2021, my partner died from COVID after being intubated for 16 days in Caracas, Venezuela. We had a wonderful life and love together. I was not with him and I left on the 23rd of December to be with my children and grandchildren outside the city. He got sick the day after. He had COVID and nobody is allowed in the hospital. I followed all this painful process by phone. When he died, I cried out to God to give me a message or maybe through a dream. Surprisingly, my friend Alicia tells me that her friend Bruce has a message for me from his automatic writing. “Someone named with J like José or Jesus, and the name Maria. He presented himself with a bouquet of purple lotus flowers, and a message about the other set of keys, some stashed money, and the protection and help at the other house. The whole message made sense to me. He knew how I loved purple lotus flowers. Before I went to visit my children I gave him the keys of my house so he could look for what I had prepared for Christmas. I am very grateful to Bruce for bringing me that message from the love of my life. His name is Jesus Maria! Thank you Bruce from the bottom of my heart
Marisela Lopez

I had an incredible reading today with Bruce Alexander. It was such a fun time. When I first saw him on video, I got very emotional because I felt such a strong connection to him and his Spirit. We both realized we were very old kindred souls. During his reading, he provided insightful details to so many things that no one else could know about me and my family.
For instance, he described the “Abuelita’s” small discs of chocolate I love to add in my coffee!! LOL! He also provided a lot of confirmation and messages from my guides which are invaluable.
Bruce is a beautiful soul with true gifts he uses to channel, guide, encourage, heal and elevate your soul. Book him, you won’t be disappointed.
Tilde Guajardo

Thank you Bruce Alexander, you are made of 50% magic and 50% love.
Bruce could dive in all my memories as if he was there. Places, numbers, names, he saw everything! Even he gave me some presents from my beloved grandfather. I strongly recommend him, you should all have that experience! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mariana Nuñez

I just had a beautiful experience with Bruce Alexander. We had a powerful reading experience. He was able to tap into the spirits of my deceased matriarchs and patriarchs of my family and my dog. I had noticed the lights flickering all day and during the session. He helped connect me that they were with me. I felt comforted. He offered very specific information that would not have been common knowledge giving me peace and comfort to know I’m not alone. That I still have my family supporting me. I loved the confirmation I received with the three card spread and it helped me to know I’m on the right path.
He has a beautiful kind spirit and openness about him. Bruce is so compassionate. I’m so grateful for this powerful experience.
Holly Hartman

Wanted to share my reading experience with Bruce Alexander Right from the start there was an immediate sense of calmness. This lasted throughout the entire reading. It was almost like I was enveloped in the most peaceful bubble.
There were several family members that came through for me. Two of which I was extremely close to. Bruce was able to hone in on her love for cooking and the kitchen that was the favorite gathering spot to chat and talk as she whipped up favorite dishes. There were many validation points throughout the reading. Two of my favorites were around a turquoise necklace I got about 3 months ago and a Bee! Bruce was able to tell me the nickname I had for this bee…. And it’s not very common
I am so grateful for the time spent with Bruce. It confirmed quite a few things that I knew, but just needed that gentle push to get to the true knowing. Thank you so much Bruce. You are a definite beacon of light
Natacha McSwine

Bruce Alexander is compassionate and easy to talk to. This was my first reading from a medium, and all my close family members were clamoring to be heard. Bruce correctly identified my parents, 3 grandparents and my guardian angel who is my great grandmother.
He was correct about the personalities of several of the aforementioned people, and where I was when my mom passed.
He mentioned Nana as my grandmother’s name, and I was so hyper focused on my maternal side that I forgot that my paternal grandmother was called Nanny! He also knew that my mom leaves me quarters and said she will come through to me by way of hummingbirds. (last month I hung up hummingbird feeders to attract them.) Bruce picked up a lot of my own energy as well and how it connected to my mother.
Ironically after I denied that my mom comes to me through electricity, the color of my video turned pinkish red, and stayed that way for the rest of the reading. That was most definitely my mom.
I was very inspired when he answered my path question. Bruce took his time, was very patient and never rushed me through the reading. I recommend the 60 minute session or more.
Dorothy Commander

I had an amazing reading from Bruce. He was not only able to connect to my son, father, and other family members as well. Amazingly, he also connected with a couple of my pets that have passed. He tapped into names as well as dates. Bruce gives his messages with so much love and compassion, he is truly a gift to this world! Thank you so much for my messages and for putting my heart at ease.
Brenda Smith

Thank you for your precious time, energy, and help with contacting my loved ones in Spirit. It was very comforting getting messages from them, some of them very surprising! It was my first time getting a psychic medium reading, I had no expectations, but I was very happy with it. Thank you again, Bruce, keep shining your light!
Daniel Redder

Meeting with Bruce provided me with closure that I’ve been seeking for over 20 years. Having the confirmation that my feelings and intuitions about my loved ones being near and supporting me is priceless. I feel recharged and ready for taking big steps for which I’ve been preparing.
Ashley Belcher

Listed since: May 7, 2022

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