Bruce Alexander

Bruce Alexander
Bruce Alexander


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New York City


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$111- $180


Gifted & Compassionate Spiritual Intuitive & Evidential Psychic Medium.
Certified Psychic Medium with the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. Extensively trained, and tested with world-renowned psychic medium Lisa Williams
(LWISSD)Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development: Advanced Psychic Mediumship Development, Platform Demonstration Mastery, and Advanced Forensic Investigating.
Certified Life Coach, Gabby Bernstein.
Specializing in Individual and Group Readings – Zoom & Skype - Via phone for your privacy. LGBTQ+ Welcome

Bruce is an extraordinary psychic medium with the remarkable ability to quickly connect and provide intuitive insights about all areas of a person’s life - past, present, and future. He can communicate with loved ones who have crossed over and helps others understand and develop their intuitive abilities.

Bruce began his spiritual journey in 2002 with the Sacred Light Fellowship where he conducted
demonstration readings in the Gallery Message Services. He is a spiritual counselor with SLF and has given readings to individuals from around the globe, from all walks of life. His warm and down- to- earth nature provides a comfortable reading as if you are with a close friend who knows your journey. The amount of precise information he validates is nothing short of astonishing, as stated by clients referring to him as the "Real Deal!” 

Bruce is a passionate about helping you connect with your loved ones who have passed away. He possesses a remarkable ability to deliver detailed messages from your loved ones on the other side, providing specific evidence and details that are undeniable about the loved one who you are in contact with. Bruce treats every client with empathy and care, recognizing that this can be an intense and emotional experience. Known for his warm and light-hearted nature, clients feel safe and cared for by Bruce.

Bruce uses his psychic gifts with a variety of tools such as Tarot and oracle cards, astrology, and pendulum to provide insightful readings. With his psychic abilities and the help of his spirit guides, he can offer guidance to help you sort out and resolve your current blocks/issues in your life and help you find the clarity you need to heal and move forward. Whether you have specific questions or just need general guidance, he can tap into your innermost concerns and show you where your current path is leading and you can make the right decisions to keep moving forward or change course if needed. Remember that we all have free will, and the energy you align with is where you are in this moment.

Controlled remote viewing. Seeing geographical places, structures, people, situations and events.

Mediumship readings offer to connect with loved ones in Spirit and receive guidance regarding current life situations.

Psychic readings provide insight into current life situations past and future occurrences.

Psychometry with photos and objects/ Mediumship, receiving personal information, memories, and experiences of the deceased individuals from looking at their photo or holding their objects.
Psychic, receiving information on the experiences of the living individual and their whereabouts if they are missing.
For your reading, feel free to show me photos and objects of your living and deceased family, partners, lovers, friends, and pets.

For Big Savings go to Bruce's Website ( You may order an Instant Reading via the same service used on this site. On the front page of my website, click on (Call Bruce Now For an Instant Reading)

All information discussed is private and confidential.
Please read the Disclaimer via my website
You must be 18 years old or older to consult with Bruce. Thank you.


Additional Information: 

Bruce is highly accurate, spiritual, ethical, and kind. LGBTQ+ WELCOME- non-judgmental
Sacred Light Fellowship, Spiritual Counselor, Message Bearer in Message Services
Certified Life Coach, Gabby Bernstein
Trained and tested with Psychic Detective Pam Coronado
International Remote Viewing Association (Controlled Remote Viewing)
Arthur Findlay College
A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Community

Instant Reading Reviews
User Comments: Bruce is the real deal! He has done several readings for me and been super accurate with the details he shared. This was tuning into past events without any context and seeing future events that made absolutely no sense at the time. If you want a reader who can really tune into you and see answers to your questions, he is it!

User Comments: My reading with Bruce was incredible. He was accurate & made sure what he was telling me, resonated with me. He offered more than enough validation and was very patient as I navigated through a whirlwind of emotions and processed what he was saying. I only had time for a short reading, but anticipate future readings with him.

User Comments: Bruce is hands down the best reader I've ever worked with. He's very specific, very accurate, and very kind

User Comments: Bruce is an amazing advisor this is my second reading with him, and he has been spot on! He picked up on my friend who passed away and described her to a T. He knew how she passed, and even down to her astrology sign I am still blown away by his accuracy. He has integrity and I trust him 100%. I love you Bruce thank you for coming through for me during my time of need I will be back soon.

User Comments: Blown away by Bruce on my first call, with details coming through I understood even when he didn't understand the relevance. Thank you Bruce!!

Listed since: May 7, 2022


I really enjoyed my reading with Bruce Alexander, and felt like I was talking to a friend! My reading was very relaxed and comfortable and Bruce was able to pick up on some names, places and personalities of the people whom I had questions about and some that I didn't ask about so that was interesting. He was compassionate and empathetic, and gave me hope - something I thing most all of us are looking for. I would definitely recommend Bruce for a reading.
Today, I had an opportunity to speak with psychic/medium Bruce Alexander during an introductory session. I highly recommend Bruce's services as he demonstrated many skills from mediumship, psychic work and remote viewing. He was able to link w/ my dad and specifically presented evidence that made my session priceless. Bruce was able to pinpoint my passions and interests in life. I am grateful for his guidance, kindness and professionalism. -Rob
Bruce stepped right out of the gate with my Grand mother's name. Who is Annabelle. Wow I though to myself bingo. He told me about her life the parts that I knew and some that i could only surmised based on the parties I attended at the tender age of 5yrs. old.. He wowed me even more when he asked about flickering lights somewhere in my house , and I told him about my walk -in closet has been flickering for over a month. this reading was just as much fun as it was enlightening. Bravo Bruce .
My reading with Bruce was amazing. He was very clear with the information he brought through about several members of my family. He was spot on with their names, personalities and other details about them. He is kind and very professional with his delivery of messages from spirit. I definitely would have another reading done by him and would recommend him to anyone who would like to connect with their loved ones. Thank you Bruce!
Bruce is a very talented reader. He had tapped into very specific information about my family that no one could have known. It was very meaningful and I was impressed and moved. He is the best! Thank you
Bruce is such a skilled and empathetic reader. In addition to being accurate in the information he conveys, he is also really fun to speak with. Not all psychic sessions should be somber! Bruce makes learning about yourself fun. Truly, Bruce is someone who has spent a lot of time developing themselves so they can be of service to others. I recommend anyone who wants to have a fun and meaningful experience to please reach out to Bruce. You'll be glad you did!
Incredible experience with Bruce. I was amazed how he pick up items of my present and past. It was wonderful to experience his recollection of the presence of my mother on the other side. Great to know she is always close to me and her energy came through experiences and symbols of what we used to do together. He even brought her name without me saying anything. The fact the he pick up on Puerto Vallarta and San Diego, which are two destination that are significant to me.
I had a reading with Bruce and he brought through specific information about my family and best friend. He had their names, shared memories, and comforting messages. He asked about a new baby in my family, which at the time did not make sense. I found out the next day my niece is pregnant. He is truly an extraordinarily gifted psychic medium.
I was very impressed with Bruce's ability to contact and know information about my life that he never new! He gave me information that was pretty accurate and he is a very intuitive person❤️ ep9KG
I had my first reading with Bruce…and I was blown away by his gift for details. Bruce is the real deal. Bruce shared information that no knew. Bruce was very accurate with names,dates and locations. Bruce read my past, present and gave insights on my future. Bruce is an accomplished Medium. The descriptions and details of my Loved Ones who are passed were right on point.Bruce is a Loving Beautiful Gifted Soul. I highly recommend Bruce
I received the most accurate reading from Bruce! I am very impressed by what his reading for told. He gave me names & detailed messages from my deceased loved ones.The psychic information he relayed was spot on. His precise remote viewing described my home and my situations. He intricately nailed info & facts of my life path & providing solutions.He described in detail my family, friends, & relationships. He is amazing and should be on TV as he is truly,"The Real Deal!"
I cried tears of joy during the reading with Bruce and he and I laughed a lot. Bruce is so fluid, so free, and so accomplished as a medium that his reading gives you the best possible professional experience. Bruce was able to easily handle past, present, future realities. Amazing. There were many, many details given that I will continue to think through for a long time. His depth of understanding of the human condition plus his charming personality and compassion make him a great medium.
I am so pleased with Bruce's reading. I have been working to reconnect my cousins on my paternal side of my family. My father has reconnected with at least 3 of his long lost cousins due to a division in the family. Bruce accurately described the division of the family and gave a clear spirit message regarding what to do to heal this moving forward. I shared it with my cousins who were astounded, too! 5 Stars for Bruce!
Bruce did a tarot reading for me and it was so insightful, informative and helpful. His interpretation of the cards was truthful, beautiful and expressive. He also checked in with my guides and was able to give accurate information about family members of mine who helping me from the other side. His mediumship gave me a great sense of comfort and enriched the reading tremendously. Bruce is truly gifted. His reading was such a blessing and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Bruce is simply amazing! I’ve read with him several times over the past year and he has predicted so many things that I did not believe could happen. He has an uncanny ability to remote view past and future events in vivid detail. He also uses support from a variety of tools to channel information and validate initial impressions. He is such a sweet, gifted, and generous psychic. I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for the real deal!
I just had a reading with Bruce and I must say it was surprising and accurate. He gave me specific names of my friends and family. He validated with specific scenes. He told me about the jewelry I was wearing who it belonged to. He described in detail the picture I was working on, I'm a painter. He had seen a Spring wreath and that is the exact picture. He mentioned an inside joke from my dear "best friend" that involved Hawaiian leis. He told me about her passing. He recounted it.
I reached out to Bruce after struggling with grief for over 10 years since the passing of my grandmother. I was a bit skeptical only because I wasn't sure what to expect. Within minutes of our Zoom call any skepticism melted away as Bruce connected with my Grandma and provide some much needed closure and several laughs along the way. Some items I wasn't sure he accurately communicated only to have them come to fruition in the days following. The peace I feel now was exactly what I needed.
I just had the best reading from Bruce! I was wanting to know the steps forward in regard to a legal case I am in and between him and our guides he told me exactly what I should do and how I should view what is happening! Also other questions in regard to love, money, and a potential move! I truly appreciate Bruce's gifts and him sharing his talent and true concern for my life and outcome! Great reading and incredible healer!
I had an excellent reading with Bruce. He brought through several family members that passed. He provided names, birthdates, and the vocations that they did! He even knew one relative was afraid of flying, and regretted not traveling in this lifetime. No one would have known that. He also brought through my dog. It gave me peace knowing he was safe. Bruce has a caring heart and is a true talent! I was very touched by the reading and it gave me peace and happiness. I highly recommend Bruce!!
Had my first reading with Bruce and WOW! Without any directive he was able to pick up things that was going on in my personal life that blew me away. Thank you Bruce for sharing your incredible gift from spirit.
What an enjoyable, loving, and inspiring session with Bruce. He has a wonderful heart.....and brings such helpful information from "above". My family was present and could send messages and love through Bruce. Talking with Bruce was like having an inspiring conversation with a caring friend you've known all your life. Very good reading for me.....I can totally recommend Bruce and his gift to help people.
My recent reading with Bruce was very authentic. He brought up my brother who recently passed. He was very accurate and extremely kind in his presentation. I would highly recommend Bruce for honest and accurate presentation. Thank you, Bruce.
I had a wonderful reading yesterday with Bruce Alexander! Bruce was able to connect in spirit with my mom and my grandmother! He was able to relay my grandmother’s name, Ann immediately! My mother’s name, Mary came up soon after! He gave perfect details describing each of them exactly how they were here! They both loved planting flowers and he said they showed him this! My grandmother loved cooking and they both loved family so much snd thar came out in the reading! Bruce is great!!!
Bruce Alexander did this amazing reading that was so visual and to the point. His has an amazing personality and connection from the beginning of the reading. It brought so much joy, strength, and a sense of calmness over me! Bruce Alexander is 20 out of 10 recommend!
I recently had a reading with Bruce&OMG he is beyond Amazing & Incredible!He knew 100% NOTHING about me!Bruce immediately was able to connect with my precious father by telling me many detailed things that only made sense to me.I was overjoyed with amazement& emotion.Profound messages&validations were delivered through him from my Dad&other loved ones.My great-grandfather even came through,revealing his very unusual name! Bruce gave me such a healing&heavenly experience! Thank You sooo much!
I had the unique opportunity to have Bruce give me a reading. He immediately picked up on my husband Larry’s death in 2014, and tried to comfort me by saying that Larry thinks about me often and always very lovingly. That comment touched my heart, and continues to do so even months later! It’s good to know that our loved ones who have passed continue to relate to us! Thank you, Bruce!
Bruce gave me a reading & it was amazing! Bruce brought through three very important people in the reading, he was very detailed - knew how each one passed. No way he could have known this, because it’s very private. Bruce answered my questions and it brought me closure and peace. Bruce delivers his messages with kindness. I am a true believer in this, and feel that Bruce has a wonderful gift that you should share with the world. I highly recommend him!
Bruce is authentic and his work has the ability to effectuate healing. He knew nothing about me or my life, but in our session he identified a number of relatives that had passed, unresolved issues that no one knows about, detailed descriptions. He does this in a compassionate and professional manner. Afterword I spoke with my mom and he was actually correct about facts that I was wrong about lol! One session was cathartic and in many ways altered my perception of family history.
I really enjoyed my reading with Bruce!! He did a wonderful and amazing job talking about my aunt who passed away several years ago. He mentioned some interesting things about her that he didn't know. The other cool thing is that he also mentioned my point of interest and I didn't even ask him. Told me things in detail about this person! Bruce is a sweetheart and am lucky to have found him! Will be in touch, thanks Bruce!

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