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Greetings - my name is Allison but my friends call me THE ROCK GIRL. I provide evidential, detailed and accurate readings for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I offer spirit communication as a psychic medium, guidance as a psychic, & past-life information as a channeler. Whether you’re seeking to solve a current challenge, heal an ailment, recognize obstacles you’ve carried over from past lives, or discover your life’s purpose, you can expect fast, life-changing advice and guidance.

I'm known as THE ROCK GIRL because I use the sacred energy of stones (crystals) to channel messages from Mother Earth, your spirit guides and your loved ones on the other side in order to get you the answers and guidance you seek. I use my abilities along with the stones to answer your questions about love, relationships, career, past lives and your soul's deepest purpose.

Contact me at to schedule an appointment or see if I'm available for an Instant Reading by looking at my Instant Reading buttons above.

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Mighty Blessings,
Allison - The Rock Girl

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Allison Hayes THE ROCK GIRL is a popular Radio & TV Personality throughout the nation and hosts her own radio shows *ROCKTALK* WITH THE ROCK GIRL® on CBS RADIO and THE ROCK GIRL® SACRED STONE SHOW on BLOGTALK RADIO. She is a certified Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Empowerment Coach, and an Ordained Spiritual-Psychic-Interfaith Minister.

Allison is an Inspirational Speaker covering such topics as 2012, The Divine Feminine, and Empowering Your Spiritual Warrior Within(TM). She is a High Priestess of Stones and Founder of THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SCHOOL® .

She offers WORLD WIDE READINGS by Phone and In-person Readings in THE ROCK ROOM in NYC. Allison has 20+ years working with the energies of Mother Earth & Spirit and looks forward to reading for you!

Listed since: May 9, 2009


The Rock Girl(Allison) Allison was right on with my reading .also she helped me sort out things that was hidden in my subconcious mind,i will have another reading with Allison in the near future,she is awsome and got me verry intrested in the crystals of many colors and ther meaning. Rita Downs
Allison, REALLY ROCKS!!!! I have had many readings from Psychics never did one come CLOSE to what my journey was, she is TRULY GIFTED and PASSIONATE for she talks her TALK and walks her WALK!!!!
My readıng wıth Allıson The Rock Gırl was one of the best and fun readıngs that I have had. She ıs easy to talk to.She was accurate and very helpfull. I GREATLY ENJOY MY READING.
All I can say about The Rock Girl is WOW! Allison is amazing. She immediately tuned into my “energy” and to the aspects of my life that were weighing on me. She gave me insight and advice that was applicable. Her empathy and honest commitment to the reading were remarkable. I got the distinct impression that she cared about me and my well being. I truly believe in her gift and her belief that it is what she is called to do on the Earth. I’m sending my husband to Allison now! Thank you Allison!
First of all, I don’t really believe in psychics, but a psychic that reads rocks?? But, to please my wife, I conceded to a reading about my career. Allison told me 2 positions will be opening soon at work. I couldn’t figure out how she knew that 2 people would be retiring soon (which they are). Allison told me about myself and certain fears that I have. She was honest and I felt that. It is hard for me to believe in psychic abilities, but I can’t explain how she knew the stuff she did.
My mother got a reading from The Rock Girl. For years, I’ve had a keen interest in rocks/gemstones, so I figured I’d give Allison a shot. Having never had a psychic reading before, I approached the reading with some apprehension. Allison made me feel comfortable and “tuned in” to key points of my life. She told me about the physical characteristics of where I live, which she did not know. She also told me about what I have been thinking about lately. I would recommend her to anyone.
Allison, the Rock Girl, has totally astounded me with ACCURACY, TRUTH and validations. She is one in a million when it comes to reading the "sacred energy". Without a shadow of a doubt this woman is totally amazing and beyond words. I tell everyone I know about this woman that is how AMAZING she is to me
Allison is a very compassionate, generous and gifted soul. My reading with her was very accurate and insightfful. The guidance/direction was empowering, sensitive and very positive. She took the time to provide explanation and understanding when necessary. Allison has a very postive energy and made me feel very comfortable with a situation that was difficult to talk about. I feel very blessed for her to have crossed my path and look forward to her reading for me again.
Allison, The Rock Girl, literally astounded me with her INSTANT accuracy. I do not understand quite how she does it, but she does. I have recommended her to my personal family and friends, without hesitation.
I can say beyond a doubt that Allison, The Rock Girl, is one of the BEST, if not THE BEST INTUITIVE -- Psychic, Energy worker, and Teacher, I have had the pleasure of being read by, and a student of. The reading I received from Allison was precise, accurate and amazingly insightful!! Book with her while you can! She is about to become VERY busy! You will be SO glad you did!


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