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Greetings - my name is Allison but my friends call me THE ROCK GIRL. I provide evidential, detailed and accurate readings for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I offer spirit communication as a psychic medium, guidance as a psychic, & past-life information as a channeler. Whether you’re seeking to solve a current challenge, heal an ailment, recognize obstacles you’ve carried over from past lives, or discover your life’s purpose, you can expect fast, life-changing advice and guidance.

I'm known as THE ROCK GIRL because I use the sacred energy of stones (crystals) to channel messages from Mother Earth, your spirit guides and your loved ones on the other side in order to get you the answers and guidance you seek. I use my abilities along with the stones to answer your questions about love, relationships, career, past lives and your soul's deepest purpose.

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Mighty Blessings,
Allison - The Rock Girl

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Allison Hayes THE ROCK GIRL is a popular Radio & TV Personality throughout the nation and hosts her own radio shows *ROCKTALK* WITH THE ROCK GIRL® on CBS RADIO and THE ROCK GIRL® SACRED STONE SHOW on BLOGTALK RADIO. She is a certified Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Empowerment Coach, and an Ordained Spiritual-Psychic-Interfaith Minister.

Allison is an Inspirational Speaker covering such topics as 2012, The Divine Feminine, and Empowering Your Spiritual Warrior Within(TM). She is a High Priestess of Stones and Founder of THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SCHOOL® .

She offers WORLD WIDE READINGS by Phone and In-person Readings in THE ROCK ROOM in NYC. Allison has 20+ years working with the energies of Mother Earth & Spirit and looks forward to reading for you!

Listed since: May 9, 2009


I enjoyed my reading with Allison "the Rock Girl". She was upbeat and direct and gave me specific answers to the questions that I had. She picked up on some important factors in the trajectory of the relationship that I asked about. I would definitely read with her again!
I have had several readings with Allison, The Rock Girl. She is always amazing with her intuitive thoughts, insight, wisdom and the ability to point me in the right direction. I find the stones to be very enchanting and it is always interesting to learn what each stone signifies. The energy emitted from the stones and Allison, The Rock Girl always surprises me. Her ability to communicate the details of the story that the rocks are telling is most impressive. Get a “Rock Reading” today.
I had heard of Allison before but was a little skeptical about the whole rock thing even though I fully believe in pyschics. Something drew me to her yesterday and I was able to get a reading that day. I am so glad I did. She was dead on with everything. She helped me make some decisions I knew I had make. My connection with her was great, like talking to an old friend. I definitely got the sense that she truly cares about who she is reading. What an amazing and gifted person.
I have now had 2 readings with Allison the Rock Girl and I think she's absolutely amazing. She has the insight to put what you should already know into perspective, but then kicks it up a huge notch with her abilities to see what you haven't even told her, or as an individual do not even know about yourself. Her guidance has been invaluable and I trust 100% that she understands who I am and what I need. I plan to speak with her many times throughout my life. Thank you Allison!
Allison The Rock Girl has such an amazing gift. She is the real deal! Her Psychic Rock Readings are genuine and full of compassion. It is obvious that Allison's love and devotion comes purley from the heart as she guides people through their lives. Allison's Psychic Rock Readings have helped me through my "up's and down's." Her insight has given me hope and direction. We all have the choice to change our path. Thank you Allison The Rock Girl for sharing your beautiful and unique gift to all!!
My psychic rock reading with Allison, The Rock Girl gave me chills, literally! While the rock reading itself left me in awe! The Rock Girl is so down to earth that I felt as if I were chatting with a close friend. She offered me crystal clear guidance while empowering me with invaluable insight and practical tools. Her impressions were accurate and her delivery is kind, sincere and full of deep compassion with the utmost integrity. I highly recommend a reading with The Rock Girl.
First of all, a reading from Allison The Rock Girl is like 2 readings because of the rate she thinks, intuits & speaks. Having 3 psychology degrees it is a strong recommendation for me to say: she knows me - she teaches me - she guides me. Her accurate Psychic Rock Reading is accomplished with respect & warmth.
Allison the RockGirl provided with reassurance about my future. She really has a true gift for locating all the aspects of one’s life that need real direction. If you are looking for direction she is the person to talk to. I felt lost before I called her and she was able to give me detailed accurate information on what I needed to do going forward. She let me know all the things that needed my attention. she welcomes your questions and is happy to answer all of them!!
I had my first reading with the Allison the Rock Girl and it was amazing. Not only did she know exactly what was going on in my life but was able to help me immensely in the direction I need to be headed. She gave invaluable insight into the steps I need to take to improve my life. For anybody who is doubting or unsure of what is coming their way or should be doing I highly recommend getting a reading from the Rock Girl. She is amazing!!
I have had many, many different kinds of psychic readings over the last several years, but the reading that Allison, the Rock Girl gave me was completely amazing. I was feeling unfocused and unable to decide which direction I wanted my life to take, but with her wonderful insight, I was led to wonderful new possibilities that I'm so excited about because now I have the enthusiasm and confidence I need to further develop my own psychic abilities.
I heard about Allison the Rock Girl on the radio station Lite FM. As someone who does not normally take psychics seriously, I was extremely intrigued. I scheduled a phone session for a psychic rock reading and I was so glad I did! I cannot even find enough words to describe how gifted she is and how her reading helped me. It is definitely worth an hour of time!
My psychic rock reading with Allison the Rock Girl was amazing! I would suggest anyone who is interested in personal growth to get a reading from her. Her reading is very different as it gets to the core of how you can growth as a person spiritually!!! Great experience
During my visit to NYC I had the privilege to spend time with Allison, The Rock Girl. What a fantastic experience!! The relationship that Allison has with the stones is phenomenal and allows for a truly precise reading. The information Allison gave me was not only deeply meaningful but it has changed my life in the most positive way. Allison is truly a kind soul and the best psychic I have ever met. Cathy Brown
I first wasn't sure as to how a psychic rock reading would work and didn't know what to expect. But Allison The Rock Girl put me at ease and gave me a better understanding of her work. Very insightful, she gives a very thorough reading, even able to read into your innermost thoughts. I find her to be compassionate, comforting and understanding, and would recommend her to anyone that is in need of a more detailed reading with incredible, intuitive information.
I had a psychic rock reading from Allison the Rock Girl, and not only did I encounter a TRULY gifted psychic, but a healer with integrity who is devoted to helping all of us achieve our higher path and highest potential. She was absolutely bang on, and delivered messages that were essential for my well-being.
I have read with Allison The Rock Girl many times now. Her psychic rock reading today was over-the-top-amazing in a variety of ways. She is one of the most powerful people I have met in the spiritual/psychic community. For those who are wanting to help themselves, The Rock Girl can catapult tremendous change, growth and insight. I highly, highly recommend her.
My Psychic Rock reading with Allison the Rock girl was a wonderful experience. I’ve consulted with a lot of psychics in the past 2 yrs, and very few of them had provided me with answers, comforts, and guidance at once. Allison not only did so. Her utilization/understanding of stones was amazing. You will be shocked at how the Universe works. We all have free will to change our life, and sometimes it just takes another mean to show us the possibilities lying ahead.
Allison "The Rock Girl" is an amazing teacher and gifted psychic! She is considerate, kind, accurate and ethical. A reading with her is a truly unique experience. She is able to take the information that comes through to her and use it as a tool for enlightening, teaching and healing. I feel very fortunate to have found her and to have had the opportunity to gain such invaluable insight from her. Thank you Allison! You Rock!
I am a HUGE fan of The Rock Girl's radio show!! Been to many psychics and The Rock Girl is the BESTof the BRIGHTEST!!My reading was right to the point and also went to her animal Rescue site and made a donation and have recieved great "Critter Karma"ten fold right after I made the donation!! Amazing!!Go make a donation,you'll get good karma!!Thank you to Allison and her Rocks!!
Alison is a very good and understanding reader, and very accurate. The infomation she gave was very helpful, will for sure have another reading in the future. Thanks again Alison!!
Allison is one of the BEST Psychic's EVER! What to expect with a reading from The Rock Girl: Expect someone who has a genuine interest in your life... when something great happens, Allison is right there, excited with you. You can hear her enthusiasm. Expect someone who is completely modest, and who is always shocked when people have wonderful things to say about her. MOST OF ALL EXPECT ONE OF THE KINDEST HEARTS YOU WILL EVER COME ACROSS!!! AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, EXPECT AN ACCURATE READING:)
I was very lucky to get a psychic rock reading from Allison “The Rock Girl”. Allison is warm, kind, honest and a lot of fun. Her unique way of rock-reading is amazing and astoundingly accurate. She related to me specific words and instances about my life that no one else knew and helped me understand how to help myself. It truly was an honour to be read by her. I would personally recommend her to anyone, and will definitely get another reading from her in the future. Thank you so much!
WOW..... about two 1/2 months ago and came across Alison and her Show on Thursday for the fun of it i decided to call...... I WAS EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! she seemed to know information and things about my personal life NOBODY would know.....feelings....emotions......and she helped me find a path im on now...... She was and is a blessings in disguise THANK YOU ALLISON Damiem Of Palmdale CA
I just had a rock reading with Allison. WOW, talk about hitting the nail on the head!! She was so accurate and so detailed. The Rock Girl is one gifted phychic.
Allison has this incredible ability to cut through the clutter, harness the magical, and really get me back on track. Through the stones she helped me get my motivation back, she's very talented, and I'm very grateful.
My hopes were down, and my days felt like they were almost gone. I came to Allison, through a radio show, in search for answers. Our line connection through the phone had broken up several times, so she offered me a reading off the air. After talking to Allison, I started to see what my life was all about, and little by little I worked towards what was said between us. She is a great person to talk to, and helped spark motivation for me. Thank You Allison.
Had a rock reading for the first time today. Allsion was very in tune and accurate. The reading was helpful and the information about the rocks really was fascinating. Thank you!!
Allison is a terrific reader who gives fabulous insight and detail thru her connection with the stones. It is truly an amazing and unique gift! In addition you will absolutely fall in love with her uplifting energy!
Allison, The Rock Girl, IS as spectacular as her testimonials. She is the ultimate synthesis of sage and spirit...a very fine blend of sacred knowledge and superb psychic ability. She is gifted and generous, and she knows more about stones than anyone I have ever met. It's awesome to "see" her in action...extremely precise.
Allison is the best and I have spoke to many psychics in my time. She is accurate, compasionate and consistent in her readings. Her abilities are unmatchable. She not only gives me hope she gives me strenghth! Truly my friend! I will talk to her as long as she will have me.


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