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Greetings - my name is Allison but my friends call me THE ROCK GIRL. I provide evidential, detailed and accurate readings for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I offer spirit communication as a psychic medium, guidance as a psychic, & past-life information as a channeler. Whether you’re seeking to solve a current challenge, heal an ailment, recognize obstacles you’ve carried over from past lives, or discover your life’s purpose, you can expect fast, life-changing advice and guidance.

I'm known as THE ROCK GIRL because I use the sacred energy of stones (crystals) to channel messages from Mother Earth, your spirit guides and your loved ones on the other side in order to get you the answers and guidance you seek. I use my abilities along with the stones to answer your questions about love, relationships, career, past lives and your soul's deepest purpose.

Contact me at to schedule an appointment or see if I'm available for an Instant Reading by looking at my Instant Reading buttons above.

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Mighty Blessings,
Allison - The Rock Girl

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Allison Hayes THE ROCK GIRL is a popular Radio & TV Personality throughout the nation and hosts her own radio shows *ROCKTALK* WITH THE ROCK GIRL® on CBS RADIO and THE ROCK GIRL® SACRED STONE SHOW on BLOGTALK RADIO. She is a certified Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Empowerment Coach, and an Ordained Spiritual-Psychic-Interfaith Minister.

Allison is an Inspirational Speaker covering such topics as 2012, The Divine Feminine, and Empowering Your Spiritual Warrior Within(TM). She is a High Priestess of Stones and Founder of THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SCHOOL® .

She offers WORLD WIDE READINGS by Phone and In-person Readings in THE ROCK ROOM in NYC. Allison has 20+ years working with the energies of Mother Earth & Spirit and looks forward to reading for you!

Listed since: May 9, 2009


i had a reading with this wonderful psychic this past week, she blew me away! hope one day to see her in person somewhere, she has to have a wonderful white light around her. sorry i am still blown away. thank you allison so much
Words can not describe how amazing my reading with Allison was tonight! I am at the brink of huge changes in both my personal and professional lives, and I needed some guidance on how to proceed. Not only did Allison validate what I can only describe as my own intuition without any help from me, but she explained the processes that are needing to happen in order for me to be successful. She has a beautiful charisma and I can't wait to validate all of the beautiful events that are yet to come.
Allison, the Rock Girl, stands out as one of the most gifted and inspired readers I have ever worked with. I have had experience with a variety of psychics and mediums over the years, and recognize Allison is a truly gifted psychic of immense integrity, perhaps the most important ingredient in your psychic guide. I felt from the first moment of our reading that Allison was tuned in to me, that she cared about me. Her guidance was to the point and very encouraging. I highly recommend Allison!
I just had a reading with Allison. I am still in shock of the amount of insight she provided me and the accuracy was astounding. She provided me with answers that I so greatly needed. This reading was a true gift! She is caring, honest and very accurate! I would highly recommend Allison. Thank you for your patience, understanding and honesty. I have been blessed and feel honored that I was able to connect with you. I will take the information you gave me and hold it close to my heart! thanks!
My reading with Allison exceeded all expectations! She provided me with invaluable information on how to utilize crystals for my highest good. Not only that, but she gave clear and concise answers to questions that have been weighing on my mind for quite some time, delivered with compassion and empathy. My time spent with her felt like a visit with a wise friend. Thank you Allison; you are a bright light!
Allison is amazing! The reading was incredible. She was accurate and insightful. It was honestly like talking to one of my best friends. She is such a caring soul. I will definetly be calling again! Thanks, Allison!!!
I met Allison at a critical time, while I was struggling with a decision between two different paths in life. With no verbal cues from me, she was able to see this, and made specific references to the two trajectories, and what it would require for me to take the leap from one to the other. Being a scientist, I wasn't ready to take her advice at the time, but now, one year later, I see that all of her predictions have come to fruition. She is honest, she is generous, and she is a gift.
Allison is an amazing psychic who delivers her messages with warmth, grace, compassion, intelligence and incredible understanding. After a reading with her you will truly understand the meaning of psychic healing and you will have a peaceful sense of empowerment knowing where you need to go. I haven't had a healing experience like this in a long time. Blessings to Allison
Allison's reading was awesome! She flowed with information with no hesitation, answered all questions and went above and beyond in her reading and no pun intended, but "left no stone unturned". I look forward to reading with her again very soon. She left me feeling empowered and hopeful that I'm on the right path in life. She is wonderfully giving and gifted.
My reading with Allison was exactly what i needed, she was right on point with every area of my life. Her amazing gift and wisdom gave me the direction i need to embrace and follow in order to achieve my full potential .She truly made me see life in a whole new light. Thank you so much rock. posted on November 7, 2011 by Danielle Pepe
Allison was great! – she asked me what questions I wanted answers to and then proceeded to give in-depth answers. Her accuracy about things she could not have known was remarkable! She is everything her website says she is and more!
I just had another INCREDIBLE reading with the Rock Girl. My first reading with Allison, I was unsure where my career was headed. Allison assured me that I was on the right track and provided details and timelines that I thought were unlikely to materialize. That was 3 months ago. Fast fwd to now, and I am literally in the middle of all the change she told me about. I feel extremely lucky to have been given guidance by the Rock Girl. Allison has a gift that she uses with integrity.
I took a 2 hour workshop with Allison, and was so impressed that I signed up for a reading the next day which proved to be one of those most inspiring experiences yet on my spiritual journey. Her generosity and insight is tremendous. She is both ways brilliant - wise and a source of light. She validated what I had heard from other intuitives (always a good sign) and more importantly what my own guidance had showed me. I've already signed up for the first of many workshops in the Rock Room.
Allison was so right on accurate with everything in my reading. She is so incredible. You will be absolutley amazed when you have a reading with her. It is a very profound and educational experience with her. She also gives you insight and really makes a connection with you and is very in tune with the energies surrounding you. You have to experience this with her. Thank you so much Allison.
Allison was amazingly accurate and insightful in her reading of me. The messages she received from my guides were spot on, as well as positive, uplifting, and helpful - a sign that they really are sourced from the higher realm. Allison is also very warm and energetic - you can definitely sense that she really is a caring individual. And she took extra time to talk to me! She is definitely a talented psychic with whom you want to consult during crossroads in your life.
OMG, I just had my reading with Allison & all I can say is run don't walk if you are seriously looking for answers, confirmation as the the direction you're heading, considering. She's given me the confidence and a knowing to go full speed ahead with my dreams. I've been to countless other psychics & she is the real McCoy. I highly recommend her & will DEFINITELY be using her services again, you're awesome & you Rock Girl!
My reading with Allison was simply amazing. She has a true gift and really enlightened me! Her reading left me with a revitalize feeling to go on and reach for my dreams. I was left knowing if I set my mind I can meet my goal and have a happy and successful life. I need to start by nurturing myself to in turn be able to be other and get to the place I am meant to be. Thanks so much Allison!! You are truly AMAZING!!
I have had many different readings with psychics throughout the years and I can honestly say that Allison is a truly exceptional psychic who has completely mastered her gift. I have had 3 readings with Allison and she has been completely accurate and insightful every time. She is compassionate and incredibly thorough. She has the ability to give very specific information while also helping you understand the bigger picture. One reading with her and you'll understand how special she is.
My reading with Allison was simply amazing. She has a true gift and really enlightened me! Her reading left me with a revitalize feeling to go on and reach for my dreams. I was left knowing if I set my mind I can meet my goal and have a happy and successful life. I need to start by nurturing myself to in turn be able to be other and get to the place I am meant to be. Thanks so much Allison!! You are truly AMAZING!!
My reading with Allison felt like I was communicating with an Angel. Her knowledge and insight nutured my heart and soul. Before speaking with her, I had been severely depressed. She explained what was happening with me from a spiritual perspective and how the industries I had been working in and pursuing, no longer served me. If like myself, you feel lost and overwhelmed by the challenges in your life, consult with Allsion, she will take the weight of the world of your shoulders.
WOW! Allison is the BEST psychic I have ever spoken to. I have been going through a lot of marital problems for the past 6 months and have called several psychics to try and get a clear image of what directions are available to me. Allison is so caring and gave me very accurate insights as to the problems I have been facing as well as how things would be if I remain in my marriage or if I decide to exit the relationship. Allison, thank you so much!
I had my second "Rock Reading" w/Allison on Monday, June 25th. She is AMAZING! It had been aproximately a year since my last reading and she was consistent, insightful, extremely ACCURATE and compassionate w/o sugarcoating. She truly reaches the depths of an individual during her readings. I highly recommend her to anyone who is searching for clarity and honesty! Sincerely, Jessica Alonso
I was so happy to find Allison through a great review, and I can't say enough good things about her. I feel my reading was fair and insightful. She gave me many things to think about and pointed out patterns I need to pay attention to in my life. I would highly recommend her!
WOW!! Where do I begin?? I had the honor of receiving a reading by Allison and I can't say enough good things about her. Not only was she accurate and insightful, she was kind and took the time to help me with a matter of the heart. You can tell she really cares about the client and puts all her energy into giving a great reading. Rarely do you find someone so special. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Allison gave me a reading yesterday and I was truly impressed with her insight into events in my past as a child and personal details about a traumatic event (everyone was ok afterwards), she discussed what's currently happening in my life and how to prepare for my future. She didn't sugar coat anything, was very honest and realistic, didn't tell me what I wanted to hear and as scary as that can be it was comforting and gave me much clarity to many of my unanswered questions about myself and my
I've had a couple of readings now with Allison, and always feel good after the readings. She just brings completion to you after her reading. She is very knowlagable, insightful, aNd TRUTHFULL. For instance she gaVe me an example, and I was like living near where she gave me an example of a learning experience. She is the real deal, we all want the truth not someone wbho is goin to say what we want to hear. We want the truth as close as we can get it. Allison is my number 1 psychic to go to.
Allison is wonderful! When a reader nails your current situation immediately and precisely, then your faith in the information that follows is bolstered that much more. But, not only is Allison accurate, she is sweet, thoughtful and empathetic. In all, the perfect combination one wants from a Reader no matter what the discipline. Thanks Allison! You're the best.
I’ve been to numerous psychics in the past and have never had a reading this accurate. Allison really focused on present circumstances, offering guidance and insight that I have never been given before. She touched on exact people and places, giving descriptions she had no way of knowing other than through her own psychic ability. I felt very comfortable talking to her and was left with a feeling that she genuinely cared about the problems I was having.
I highly recommend having a rock reading with Allison. She is amazingly accurate and insightful. I have been so impressed with her on target readings and wonderful delivery with her gifted intuitions for several years now. She is an empath who tunes in and really delivers honest and motivating messages which she receives from her rocks. You will surely be uplifted after a session with Allison.
Just an amazing, professional, and caring person. She was direct but gentle. I felt like I was talking with an old friend. I will be connecting with and through her again. It was an honor.


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