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Greetings - my name is Allison but my friends call me THE ROCK GIRL. I provide evidential, detailed and accurate readings for your personal growth and spiritual transformation. I offer spirit communication as a psychic medium, guidance as a psychic, & past-life information as a channeler. Whether you’re seeking to solve a current challenge, heal an ailment, recognize obstacles you’ve carried over from past lives, or discover your life’s purpose, you can expect fast, life-changing advice and guidance.

I'm known as THE ROCK GIRL because I use the sacred energy of stones (crystals) to channel messages from Mother Earth, your spirit guides and your loved ones on the other side in order to get you the answers and guidance you seek. I use my abilities along with the stones to answer your questions about love, relationships, career, past lives and your soul's deepest purpose.

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Mighty Blessings,
Allison - The Rock Girl

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Allison Hayes THE ROCK GIRL is a popular Radio & TV Personality throughout the nation and hosts her own radio shows *ROCKTALK* WITH THE ROCK GIRL® on CBS RADIO and THE ROCK GIRL® SACRED STONE SHOW on BLOGTALK RADIO. She is a certified Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Reiki Master, Atlantean Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Empowerment Coach, and an Ordained Spiritual-Psychic-Interfaith Minister.

Allison is an Inspirational Speaker covering such topics as 2012, The Divine Feminine, and Empowering Your Spiritual Warrior Within(TM). She is a High Priestess of Stones and Founder of THE ROCK GIRL SACRED STONE SCHOOL® .

She offers WORLD WIDE READINGS by Phone and In-person Readings in THE ROCK ROOM in NYC. Allison has 20+ years working with the energies of Mother Earth & Spirit and looks forward to reading for you!

Listed since: May 9, 2009


My reading was great! I have been to many mediums and psychics for years, but was impressed with Allison's accuracy and her ability to get to the point. She was very specific and was caring. After the reading I felt like I had answers to the questions I had before the reading. I cant wait for my next reading with Allison. I would recommend her for anyone that wants answers or feel positive about their future. I have been searching for a solid and knowlegable reader for a long time. Dont hesitate
I was very skeptical with this whole psychic thing. Allison is amazing.there was stuff she knew that only a couple of my closest friends knew. I was in shock of how much she actually knew. I caught myself saying a lot of yes that is correct because she was that accurate. She genuinely wants to help you even if its not the news you want to hear. She tells you how she sees it and doesn't try to beat around the bush. I will be calling her back and I highly recommend her.
Originally I wanted to wait to see a prediction come true, but already something even more powerful happened. In this first reading Allison has identified for me what is truly important now. Within the first few minutes she identified the real issue, which I was not aware of when I called. Very powerful!!...I cannot wait to have another reading as I find her gifts amazing. She is accurate, humble, kind and very generous. She will not leave you wondering. I am grateful for the opportunity I had.
My reading with Allison was AMAZING! I immediately felt a sense of ease and comfort in "The Rock Room". Her energy is wonderful. I felt an instant connection and it was like she "knew me" like an old friend. She gave me so much insight and confidence, and I know I will be seeing her again, to help me on my own spiritual path. No matter what your issues, problems or questions are, she has ANSWERS! She is also kind & empathetic & I can't wait for my next reading! You will not be disappointed!!!!
I recently had a reading with Allison. I have had a few readings with some famous psychics. I can tell you she is very accurate, extremely authentic, and very generous with her time and attention to detail. She is compassionate and wants to make sure she has answered all of your questions and concerns before ending the session. After speaking with her I felt lighter, more centered and ready to take the necessary steps to move forward with my decisions. I highly recommend her!
I love Allison! I was surprised at how easy she was to talk to. She was really interested in what was going on with me, gave me some great information and was very generous with her time. Best reading I've ever had. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
I know this is long overdue since my reading with her was back in May but her predictions were mostly for Aug. & I wanted to wait until the end of the month to see if everything panned out. First, I must say that Allison was very sweet & compassionate during my reading. As far as her predictions are concerned, some have come to pass but I have all the confidence that the rest will too. She is definitely good at what she does & I look forward to visiting her personally one day.
Allison is a powerful and empathic psychic. Her no nonsense style is confident and refreshing and only comes with someone who is very seasoned at what they do. Most of all her passion for the stones that she uses and her oneness with their messages is priceless. She is truly a gem!
Allison is the real deal. I left the rock room feeling re-energized. She is extremely knowledgeable in several different areas. She really takes her time explaining how she is able to do readings. She was overly generous with her time and I stayed after my appointment ended. She doesnt rush at all. You can tell she is genuine and this is really her passion. I am so glad I went for a reading and will go back in the future.
If the elements of the earth...crystals, rocks and stones, which have lived generations through time immemorial, can speak of ancient wisdom and divine knowledge, they will channel their messages through a gifted and highly attuned psychic like Allison Hayes.After just one reading with her, I have not a grain of doubt in my mind that Allison is veritably a messenger of the sacred and the infinite.I cried, I laughed, I sighed and I rejoiced...throughout my reading with her. She is the real McCoy.
I've had many psychic sessions before, but she is indeed quite unique in her style and therefore, much more helpful. I feel like I have a new direction in life now that I can look forward to, and slowly but surely get out of the rut I'm currently stuck in. The fact that she combines healing with the reading is definitely a plus. I initially thought that her fees were quite high, but the hope, healing and new direction she gave me made it worth it! She was also gracious to extend my time...
Wow, holy crap! Allison is deadly accurate. I've had readings from other psychics before but never was this reading so detailed. I can paint a picture it's so visual. I have pages of notes and am amazed how much info I got from her. Don't waste time pondering if it will be a good one. It is! Her calendar gets booked up fast but she's worth every penny. I got clarity and direction now. I would rank her in my top 5 - she's that great. 10000 out of 10.
It was my first time reading with Allison, and she gave me waaaayyyy more than I expected- She was super accurate, honest, compassionate and most of all, a very clear communicator. Most of all, she went on and gave me so much extra time, just to ensure that i understood what she was picking up- which really shows her dedication to her clients and this is not just a job for her- it is a passion. Thank you xx
The reading I had with Allison ( Rock Girl) was such a pleasure, i wanted to continue talking to her all night. She knew things about my dad from his mannerisms, to things he would say and it was pretty amazing to say the least. All I needed was some guidance and I feel that I got exactly what I wanted. now I can make the right choices based on some interesting facts that she knew, without even knowing me. It was awesome!
Allison immediately picked up that something on the back of my mind should be in the forefront, and encouraged me that a project would be revived. She seemed to know details and specifics that even I was unaware of. I also enjoyed her energy and enthusiasm --after talking to her you really do believe that she has a sense of each of our destinies.
I was very fortunate to get a reading from Allison "The Rock Girl." Her answers are extremely intuitive, accurate and deeply personal. She exudes such warmth, honesty and really knows how to interpret the path you are supposed to be on. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for concrete answers. Thank you so much Allison.
While I've had psychic readings before, my reading with Allison was truly unique. She is extremely warm, empathetic, and she was able to tune into what I was going through immediately. She not only gave me specific facts that shows her ability, but her energy helped me feel calmer and renewed in a lot of ways. Thank you so very much!
When you have a reading with the Rock Girl, you too will know what the rest of us know …. she ROCKS!!!! The Rock Girl has a huge reservoir of knowledge, years of study in her field AND she is purely connected to Mother Earth and your guides. She is authentic and compassionate and her focus is on your best interest. Her mission is to help you help yourself by providing exactly what you need at this time to propel yourself into the direction you must walk for your highest good. She is a Master!
I just recently had my first reading with Allison and I was amazed. I could call myself a psychic connoisseur, as I've spoken to many in the past, and some were great, but Allison was phenomena! She knew details and specifics that no one could know. The whole reading was evidential...just bam, bam, bam hit after hit and all super specific. Her knowledge of the rocks is amazing and her explanations of them are so eloquent. She was also kind and compassionate. Will definitely call again.
I would love to highly recommend Allison to everyone looking for a unique and energetic reading. She is amazing and right on with the information she has given. I truly enjoyed the experience and am fascinated with her mastery and collection of crystals. Thank you! Go Rock Girl :)
I have had plenty of readings in the past, and am a discerning reviewer, but I can say without hesitation that Allison is the best psychic I have been to. Sge doesnt deal with generalities (ie "I see a dark handsome man in your future" but is very specific.) She is an extrememly inteeligent, honest,ethical and caring individual whom I recommend without reservation.
Allison is by far the most accurate and impressive psychic I have ever been to. She doesn't speak in generalitites (i.e. "Someone will come into your life very soon.") but rather gives you VERY specific guidance and insights. She knew things about my relationship that only I was privy to and dispelled any concerns I may have had about her accuracy within the first 3 minutes. I enthusiastically recommend Allison without any reservations. She is absolutely the best!
Wow is all I can say about Allison the Rock Girl. I have had two readings with her and she has been spot on with her information. The info comes fast and you definitely get your money's worth. Her best attribute is that she actually cares about you and wants to do her best for you. You can't go wrong with The Rock Girl.
Loved my very accurate reading with Allison...she is a superstar in the psychic world...and her delivery is heartfelt and I am amazed at her skull collection and have spent time with Milo, Rosalia, Lilith, Venus, Eros and my fav Jorge..even got some skulls of my own from her...thanks Allison :)
The Rock Girl is the REAL DEAL! I have had readings before but my experience with her was like no other. In the beginning I was a bit nervous & her loving voice grounded me immediately. During my reading there was no doubt in my mind that she is able to connect to our guides because she addressed an issue that had just come up that morning! By the end of the call I felt empowered and more sure than I have ever been in my life. Believe me when I say she is worth every penny and then some!
Allison, The Rock Girl, is an extraordinary intuitive psychic. The combination of her soul wisdom and experience, her brilliant psychic abilities combined with the beautiful magical stones that she works with is truly unique and really speaks to me and who I am so this reading was superb in so many ways.
Rock Girl i is far, far beyond phenomenal. She is absolutely amazing. She is quick, oh so effective, compassionate, and very accurate. I cannot tell you how much I valued our conversation. She is much more superior to any other psychic/advisor on any network. Thank you so very much, Rock Girl - I am forever grateful for everything you did for me.
Allison, The Rock Girl, gave me one of the best readings. She made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions. By far, I was blown away. She was able to know things about my past and give me great insight into my present situation. When the reading was over I had all my questions answered but felt like I had a whole new outlook on life. Highly recommend her.
This was my second reading with Allison...both were amazing! I use the information she gives me as a compass to guide me through the coming events in my life and most importantly in my business. Our business is booming and we have acquired additional companies based on the guidance from Allison. I feel as though I have known Allison for years...she has a way of giving you such great comfort as she helps you to navigate through the waters of life! Best investment I have made in myself all year
i had a reading with this wonderful psychic this past week, she blew me away! hope one day to see her in person somewhere, she has to have a wonderful white light around her. sorry i am still blown away. thank you allison so much


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