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How long does it take for reviews to get approved?

It really depends upon the timing of the review’s submission. Some reviews are approved the same day while others might take up to a week or more. It only takes a week or more if I’m away on business or vacation. Still, approval might take days because I personally look through each review, and the directory gets a lot of them.

Reviews are not automatically approved since our review form would be inundated with Spammers. Ironically, I still must delete Spam reviews even though they never go on the site. Plus, some people submit complaints to the review form, so these complaints would end up on the psychic’s or psychic medium’s directory page if I didn’t weed them out. Add to this the fact that I also investigate suspicious email addresses in order to determine their authenticity, and the result is that it takes a lot of time to accomplish all this.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Reviews Not Being Listed?

It’s not always a matter of reviews not being approved. Many reviews never make it through the system because the reviewers don’t submit them correctly. In these cases, I simply never see them. But there are other reasons, too, that reviews don’t show up, and the following are the most common reasons.

1. The reviewer did not submit the review with their first and last name (as is written right beside the review form as a requirement). This is the most common reason reviews don’t get approved. If people submit only their first name, only their last name or only their initials, the review is instantly deleted. 

2. The reviewer did not write a positive review (we only approve positive reviews) OR they did not write a review at all and either said something incredibly vague like “she/he is a really nice person” (and nothing more) or asked a question about themselves like “is my father around me?” The review section is intended for the public to write feedback about the “readings” they had with each psychic or psychic medium, nothing more. 

3. The reviewer did not type in the Spam protection numbers or letters before submitting. Even though the reviewer would land on a page that says they forgot to type the numbers/letters, people might not notice it (in which case I never get the review).

4. A client might have told the psychic or psychic medium that they will leave a review but do not for several possible reasons (some do not want to leave their full name, for example; others simply procrastinate or forget).

5. On occasion, random review writers are required to verify their review by email. If they do not, the review is deleted. This is a completely random process used to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of the reviews. Some psychics and mediums have attempted to submit reviews for their client, for instance, which is not allowed -- clients must submit the reviews to BestPsychicDirectory.com on their own. This process helps us to be sure that the reviews are being written by the people whose names are associated with them.

6. Finally, some people might accidentally submit a review correctly but for the wrong psychic or medium. Believe it or not, it happens. They would have to do this from the other psychic’s or medium’s directory page, of course, but at this point I realize that anything is possible. We are dealing with humans, which I guess is how we came up with the term “human error.”

The directory has thousands of reviews and has worked without issue since 2007. If thousands of people have been able to submit their reviews correctly, it must be a fairly simple process. I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Warm regards,
Bob Olson

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