Whether you’re interested in instant readings or not, I know that those of you who use psychics and mediums, as well as the psychics and mediums themselves, are all interested in raising the standards of the psychic and psychic medium industry. For too long, the general public’s perception of this field is that it’s not real, or worse, it’s a big scam. And there are specific reasons that it gained—and has held on to—this erroneous reputation, despite that fact that psychics and psychic mediums offer legitimate benefit to our society.

There are multiple reasons for this clouded reputation, but some of it stems from the traditional psychic hotlines. I have been a critic of psychic hotlines over the years, but only for specific reasons. One can't assume every person who gives instant readings is doing something unethical or out of integrity. That’s just unfair; it’s stereotyping and judgmental.

A lot of credible psychics and psychic mediums work via hotlines. Heck, a lot of lawyers, engineers and coaches work via pay-by-the-minute phone services. My criticisms have not been with the instant phone-service model, but rather specific criteria that the "typical" psychic hotlines follow, mainly that they characteristically use fake names, anonymous reviews, unreasonable fees, and they give incentives to the psychics to keep callers on the line as long as possible and get them to call back more frequently than is healthy.

This is why I decided it was time to set a new, higher standard in the psychic industry when it comes to instant readings. A friend of mine actually encouraged me to change the standard and not just criticize the current one, and I accepted the challenge. That’s what we should all be doing when we see that improvement is needed—set a new example based on a higher standard for others to follow.

As founder of, which currently lists over 600 psychics and psychic mediums, I receive a lot of feedback from the public as to what they want. And many of you have told me that you don’t like waiting days, weeks and, often, months for a reading. Others suggested that they don’t like playing telephone tag or email tag trying to book a reading with the psychics. In other words, many people have told me that they like instant readings for these and other reasons, which is why they use the hotlines.

So I decided to give the psychics and psychic mediums on my directory the option of offering instant readings via phone or chat right on the directory. I personally don’t consider the directory a psychic hotline as a result of this, mainly because people still have the option of contacting the psychics and psychic mediums directly via their personal phone numbers, email addresses and websites that we list on each psychic’s and medium’s directory page. Just try to contact a psychic through their personal phone or email address on a hotline.

To me, we’re still a directory, only now we offer a new option for people—instant readings. But if anyone wants to call us a hotline, that’s okay with me, because we are a new and improved hotline, the one that sets a higher standard. And I have no doubt that others will follow.

Here are the key points in relation to how my instant reading program sets a higher standard in relation to instant readings:

1) All our psychic mediums use their first and last names—no one-name aliases.

2) All our psychic mediums are personally screened and approved by me before being added to the directory, and they are regularly monitored. This is not to say that I test them all, but I use my skills that I’ve developed over the past 12 years to approve only those who seem most credible. Then I carefully watch those approved and monitor public feedback about them to be sure my choices serve the public positively.

3) All our Reviewers use their first and last names, and each review is approved before being listed.

4) Our fees are reasonable and our readings are monitored for abuse.

5) We do not give incentives to psychics and mediums for keeping callers on the line or for encouraging callers to return for daily or even weekly visits, which is sadly a common approach by the corporations running the hotlines.

6) The public has the option to contact the psychics and mediums directly by their personal phone number, email address or website, which all are listed on each psychic’s directory page. This is what really sets this directory apart and makes the instant readings a choice, rather than the only option.

I know that setting a new standard and allowing the public another choice in how they choose to get a reading will meet with resistance from some people. But, then, some people resist change altogether, don’t want to give new options a chance, and prefer to stay locked onto their stereotypical perceptions of instant readings. Such people resist change that is good for the industry rather than helping to promote a new, higher standard. Criticism for the sake of being negative isn’t beneficial to anyone. Instead, critics should use their critiques to inspire improvements and beneficial changes, which is what I’ve chosen to do.

I hope you enjoy the new instant reading option.

Bob Olson founder

 ©2011 Written By Bob Olson

A former skeptic & private investigator, and the author of ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE: A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR'S 15-YEAR RESEARCH UNLOCKS THE MYSTERIES OF LIFE AFTER DEATH, Bob Olson has been an Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher since 1999. In his search for evidence of life after death, Bob has tested hundreds of psychics, mediums & other afterlife-related practitioners. Bob is the host of AFTERLIFE TV, founder of BEST PSYCHIC DIRECTORY and BEST PSYCHIC MEDIUMS, and offers his PSYCHIC MEDIUM WORKSHOP to help psychics and mediums improve their abilities and business. Visit Bob on AFTERLIFE TV's FACEBOOK page & on TWITTER.