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Karen Tallkat Conley
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Karen Tallkat Conley, to me the most wonderful woman in the world passed away on August 27, 2020. I am giving you this poem she wrote 2-3 months before her death. I think she saw what might happen. Michael Conley


I am riding alone
At high altitude under gray skies
Alone through a mountain forest,
winding up and upward again.
It is all uphill
until the squishy giggly shallow stream
and the twisty turny path.
Skinny unpaved uneven places
with rocks, old logs, and low places to avoid.

Now the wind is coming in gusts against and all around us.
My horse smells rain. I suspect a storm.
His nostrils twitch and flare.
Deeper and deeper into the forest we go, stirring flocks of fussy birds
that peep and squeak in protest as we pass.

We blow by the old long abandoned cabin
past the white tailed deer families that live on the mountain with us.
Leaves are swirling, branches rustle.
Storm is coming, clouds are building, and we are turning
the corner leading to a vast opening
of sweet meadow grass. Tall straight pines line both sides of the wildflower
meadow, like uniformed guards, doormen, sentries or watchmen on duty.
We are moving ahead, now faster and faster until we blend and combine
into the scene itself.
The thrill of a steady forward motion until we are invisible.

Looking back over my shoulder, I see the guardian trees so deep and green
leaning toward us as if waving good by and farewell.
Dreamy sweet well wishes flow from them
as we fly past. My long hair, his black mane and tail
fly straight out behind us in the wind.
A salute to the guardians.

We are nearing another opening now
galloping galloping hooves pounding out a steady rhythm.
I hardly even need the reins, bridle, stirrups or saddle.
A great black beast, my handsome escort
carries me willingly, easily on his back.

Thunder rolls again and again
suggesting we focus on the opening ahead.
There is an unknown space beyond the known.

Breathless, eyes wide open,
I want to see it all.
I am riding, I am free.
I am flying, I am born
again and maybe again.

It is all coming back to me now.
I am going home...
Going home. I am going home.
I am

Listed since: Oct 20, 2011


I had the best reading from Tallkat today. She honed right in on all the things I was looking for answers on. She is clear and concise and very thorough. I HIGHLY recommend her.
Truly a jaw dropping and eye opening experience. Tallkat led a group session and blew everyone away with her keen abilities. She was able to pick up on a lot of our concerns and issues before we even prompted her with questions. We learned so much and are walking a much clearer path thanks to her. Tallkat is amazing, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with. Definitely a genuine and grounding session. I strongly recommend anyone interested in a reading to set an appointment with her.
My reading with Karen was a wonderful experience! She is definitively gifted but, in my view, her best quality is her capacity to connect at a human level, her lightness of being, her beautiful soul that I could sense through her laugh. I will cherish in my heart the memory of this moment for years to come. Her warmth and her empathy gave me lots of hope in humankind. I am filled with gratitude.
Karen Tallkat Conley is the best of the best! In my most recent reading she facilitated connection with a dear friend who had recently died. We were able to have beautiful closure to our relationship thanks to Tallkat and her loving, gentle spirit. In addition, she gave me incredible information regarding past people and situations, which explained so much, particularly regarding my Mother. That information has freed me in ways that I never dreamed possible! In a word: Simply Magical!
I just had my first reading with Tallkat, and to say it was incredible would be a grand understatement. She zoned in what I wanted to talk about in record time without needing any information from me. She is very gifted, has a great sense of humor, and is super down-to-earth. Her observations were on point, and she is very honest, which I thoroughly appreciated. She pours everything she has into her readings--including her time. Highly recommended.
Today was my first reading with Karen Tallkat Conley but it won't be my last reading...From the very beginning of the phone call it was "game on"...So easy to talk to and so very on target...My parents came thru and that was just pure joy.Life decisions were discussed and I feel more comfortable in what decisions to make...All in all a really positive experience.Thank you Karen Tallkat Conley...You are a treasure..
Tallkat was on point from the start. She just connected in a way that cleared up a very big stone in my way truly gifted soul. Unforgettable reading makes you feel comfortable. Thank You Karen Tallkat Conley for letting me see the two big doors at the end of my very long tunnel!!! God Bless
My reading with Tallkat was pure Joy and Light.She connected me immediately with my Darling Husband who passed 6weeks ago;and with her warmth and humour gave me absolute proof he was there as she told me things only he and I knew about.For the rest of the day I was on "cloud 9" and now have the peace in my heart,knowing my mate is there,to carry on with my life.I will be contacting Tallkat many times I am sure.Her positivity and genuineness is proof our loved ones are still there.
I was a bit apprehensive as we began my reading; however, I was immediately put at ease by Tallkat's warmth and compassion. She instantly tuned into my energy and gave me valuable information specific to me and my circumstances. No guessing, just a good clean read. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to speak with Tallkat. The guidance she provided was life changing. I strongly encourage anyone interested in a psychic reading to book an appointment with her. She is the real deal!
I have never had a reading where I didn't first provide at least my birthdate. With no prior knowledge of anything about me, she accurately described my current life and recent occurrences. There was a real sense of rapport and caring, and many helpful suggestions along with much encouragement...so appreciated at this mysterious time of my life. It was a real boost. So glad to know Tallkat is there when I may need her. She even gave me messages from my ex who recently passed, very healing.
Tallkat is truly a gifted psychic. Her ability to see the bigger picture/other realms is awe inspiring. My reading with her was ultimately very affirming, exciting and eye opening. I've been to several psychics in my life and I can honestly say that Tallkat is one of the best ever. She's the real thing. I highly respect her and the gifts from Spirit that she brings to her clients in light and love. I look forward to seeing her again, and in the meantime will refer all my friends to her!
What a wonderful, wonderful reading. Tallkat Conley is the real deal. Moreover, she's *grounded*; no need for me to believe anything, or share a philosophy, in order for this reading to have been highly useful and spot-on accurate. I've seen several mediums over the years and feel that I can accurately speak to whether or not someone's "filter" is clear or muddy. Hers is lucid, clean and devoid of any interfering ego. Plus she's got a great sense of humor! Trustworthy and highly recommended.
If you wonder, like me, about what kind of universe we live in. If you wonder if spirit is just another word in the dictionary. If you wonder if all the lessons you have learned will count on a cosmic scale, or just be lost upon an uncaring oblivion, why not take a chance? Tallkat has honed her caring and ethics as a nurse; no better credentials. Maybe, maybe we can evolve spiritually. Maybe a kick in the pants by a medium will get you meditating and caring again. I recommend Tallkat to you.
I'm grateful for the time spent with Tallkat. I have been considering a relocation, and without a word from me, she picked this right up and discussed it with me, giving me the feedback I most needed to hear. She then picked up that I was in a new relationship, and she spoke of that as well. My direction is clearer now, and I would highly recommend her to others. Blessings to you, Tallkat!
What a blessing. Tallkat is most sensitive to the loving communication from the unseen beings of light, bringing it so gently to a level of understanding and validation; I look forward to the next time. Connecting with my father was so needed and validation of who & where I am, was so amazing. The time went so quickly but left me filled with so much love and knowing....I needed a precious gift, & I was given Tallkat. Thanks to God and thanks to God for working through the beauty of Tallkat.
Wow! What can I say, Tallkat blew me away. Her delivery come from a place of love, and her accuracy really earned confidence. This was my second reading with her and I will be checking in with her on a regular... If you don't understand something, or just need a higher understanding don't hesitate to call. You won't be disappointed!
When you meet someone who is authentically psychic, it is a jaw-dropping experience. If you have ever entertained doubts regarding psychic phenomena, I encourage you to reach out to Tallkat, and your doubts will be erased. Meeting Tallkat was a milestone. I have seen her move people to tears with her accuracy and authenticity. She is a treasure and confirmed for me—after years of searching—that such abilities are real.
Spoke to her and was blown away! She pinpoints people with dead on accuracy. She helped me see something right in front of my eyes that I wasn't willing to see. Some of her predictions have already come true- she is the real deal! She is also very upbeat and she made me laugh out loud several times in the hour. Call her- you will not regret it!
Tallkat was amazing from the start. I never said a word and she gave me so much information that was detailed and accurate. She picked up on so many different areas of my life and was right on with everything she told me. It was really a gift to have a reading from her. I learned so much and feel at ease with everything going on in my life and am excited for the new year. She gives u everything u need to know to make the best possible choices for your life. You must get a reading with her. !!!

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