Elizabeth Anglin

Elizabeth Anglin
Elizabeth Anglin


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Santa Fe


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$160 per hour

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Sessions with Elizabeth are gentle and joyful as she provides messages from spirit guides, angels, saints and loved ones in spirit. She balances these messages with communication with the physical body and pets as necessary, giving her clients the opportunity to view their lives from many different perspectives, integrating multiple forms of wisdom and understanding in each reading.

She has worked with academic researchers at Harvard University and Holos University on extraordinary experience/spiritual emergency research projects and evidential spirit medium research projects.

To schedule your session, visit http://www.elizabethanglin.com and click the "BOOK NOW" button on the home page, or call 505-908-9558,. Elizabeth is available for phone readings or in-person readings and healing sessions at Starshine Gallery in Madrid, NM.


Through accessing the Akashic Records and reading the universal probability field while working in tandem with your spiritual guidance, she can explain how your life learning plan is likely to manifest for you. This is not prediction, but an honest description of how spirit is working to provide you with the life lessons you desired before this lifetime began. The plan is changeable, but sometimes, a spirit guide will quote Mr. T. (from the A-Team) saying "I love it when a plan comes together!"

Elizabeth is able to connect with your divine high self, and the divine high consciousness of any person, animal (even situation, place or thing) and report and discuss (with their permission) the information available that is for the highest good (of all) to consider and understand about your relationships, career, hopes and dreams, victories, frustrations, heartbreaks, and sticking points along the way.


Trained at the Ayer Institute, the teaching arm of the oldest Spiritualist Temple in North America, Elizabeth offers Evidential Spirit Mediumship sittings - providing a bridge of light and energy connection to your loved ones in spirit to allow them to give evidence of their continued survival beyond physical life. She also offers Animal Spirit Medium sittings.


Elizabeth began her Animal Communication service in 1994, while working as the office manager at an equine surgery clinic. She has worked with horses, cats, dogs and other animals in emergency health situations, and is willing to work with veterinarians. A few of the reasons to call Elizabeth for an Animal Communication session are:

1) New Pet Adoption
2) Blending Pet Families
3) Refined Equine Competition Training
4) Hard to pinpoint health concerns (will work with your vet)
5) Horse Pre-Purchase
6) Behavioral issues in horses, dogs, cats, birds
7) End of Life Concerns
8) Animal Spirit Mediumship


A Traditional Usui System Reiki Master since 1994, Elizabeth ran a Reiki Clinic for several years after becoming a Reiki Master. During this time she became very attuned to understanding the energy of the physical body, learning to use Reiki, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and remote viewing techniques to understanding the sources of energetic and physical imbalances in the body. Using Reiki and other intuitive energy healing techniques, Elizabeth helps facilitate the client correcting the mental, emotional and energetic imbalances that give rise to discomfort, pain and disease, and gives directions on how clients may help correct these imbalances in the future through long and short term behavioral changes, traditional and/or alternative medical treatments.

She does not diagnose any medical conditions or prescribe any medications, and strongly suggests that any information she provides be validated by one's licensed professional medical provider.


Elizabeth has been accessing the Akashic Records since 1997, researching life lesson plans, karmic connections and ties, spiritual agreements, past life traumas, and other information that may allow clients to heal and progress at deep level.


A lifelong psychic with physical medium capabilities, Elizabeth has been offering her intuitive skills in service to others since 1994.


Elizabeth is the author of two Amazon Bestsellers: "The Energy of Receiving" and "Experience: Memoirs of an Abducted Childhood"


Elizabeth has made guest appearances on The Dr. Pat Show, The X-Zone Radio Show, The Soul's Journey Radio Show with Jeanette Dames, Journey Into Light with Mike Long, Journey for Truth, The Wicked Domain, The Enlightened 30 with Charles Taylor and Spaced Out Radio with Dave Scott. She is the host of Cosmic Passport on SpacedOutRadio.com airing 9 pm - 12 am Pacific Time on Sunday Evenings.


Elizabeth has been teaching:
Reiki since 1994
Animal Communication since 2004
Spirit Mediumship since 2007
Remote Viewing since 2007

She is available for mentoring in Animal Communication, Spirit Mediumship and Psychic Skills Development.

Elizabeth also has a special bond with horses and horse people. She began riding at 6 months of age and has been one of the few state licensed riding instructors in the US.

Additional Information: 

Over the past four years my frequent discussions with Elizabeth have been accurate, enlightening and immensely gratifying. Her ability to see, to connect with and to quickly verbally illustrate the matter at hand, both with me and other friends I have referred to her, is nothing short of extraordinary. She has clearly and compassionately enabled me to understand the situations I have encountered providing a basis on which to make positive, informed decisions. I hold Elizabeth in the highest regard, both as a professional and as a friend, and would recommend her services to anyone looking for insight, whether into their life path, or any other matter one might encounter. Scott B.

Listed since: Jun 25, 2007


I spoke with Elizabeth for the first time around 2006. I hung up with clarity, comfort & reassurance! Elizabeth was very clear, spoke to my situation with compassion, left me with hope of better love in the future, steps to get there, specific details about people, years & what obstacles I may encounter to be better prepared. Here I sit in 2021 bowl away by just how precise & accurate she was now that I am in the "future" we spoke of. It's very clear her connection is authentic & a true gift! TU
500 characters is not enough to fully express the wonder, comfort and clarity Elizabeth provides in her readings. I met her 2 years ago by total chance and received a reading that greatly impacted me. I moved across country and felt strongly compelled to reach back out for a reading recently. Elizabeth is nothing short of incredible. Kind, honest, direct, joyful, accurate, powerful and knowledgeable. I’ve had decent readings from other psychics, but, frankly and with respect, none compare.
I was urged by my good friend after she spent face to face time with Elizabeth and raved about her. I was literally down and out and needed some guidance so I had a phone reading with her.. the things Elizabeth said gave me clarity and motivation to keep going I wanted to give up I was fighting a battle that was beyond and couldn’t see she said something so key and pivotal that changed my life literally ... I believe in God and there’s a higher realm I had another and things drastically improve
spot on. I am very pleased to spend my time with her. top notch. Very informative.
Elizabeth (Anglin) is like no other human I've met. And I adore her for her talents and insights - YES - but for her humanity. I've been in a slump, could'nt decide if "stuck" or "adrift." And, it didn't matter. EA's reading got me right to the point of what I need to focus on....and, as my readings with her before...direct to SPIRIT. Thank you E.A. - for giving the gift you have so amazingly been given! I know I can always find truth with you!!! Love and light, Laz Strongheart
Elizabeth recently communicated with my husband's horse. She connected quickly with Crusader and shared valuable information and insights with me that were very helpful and focused. I highly recommend Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is an amazing, kind, accurate and insightful person! She passed on information that has changed my life and the way I look at it as well as confirmed things that gave me much peace. I hightly reccommend her!
Elizabeth has an especially strong link to animals. I was quite impressed when discussing my mother's home how she knew about the spirit of the sister cat who remained with her brother and also noted how the brother cat Smokey was very fond of the train under the Christmas tree. I had to ask my mother because I did not live there at the time, but yes, they did have a train under the tree that the cat liked to chase.
Elizabeth has been doing readings for me for the past 7 years. She is one of the most talented people I have been blessed to meet. Her readings are always accurate, in depth and have helped me with my personal, business and animal issues. She is truly gifted and I highly recommend her! Thank you for everything!!!
Elizabeth is by far one of the most gifted communicators I have ever worked with. She has helped solve issues that stumped even the best vets in the country! I will continue to refer anyone in need...it is the best thing I can do for my friends and our horses! I am eternally grateful...
She has been right on track with both our dogs and horses. Her insight is remarkable. Thank you!!
Elizabeth is a very talented reader with a special gift and lovely personality. I have a small farm with several horses and she has helped me with young and old, on health issues and personality issues. She has also helped me in my personal life and I am amazed at how accurate she is time after time. The time that I have spent with Elizabeth has also been a joy because she is just a neat person talk with! Thanks dear you are in my opinion the best!!
Elizabeth is a talented reader and healer with a sincere desire to serve. She gave me several good readings and helped me with a health problem that my dog had. Give her a try!
Hi! I recommend Elizabeth. Her readings are completely accurate. She has helped me work through many issues, and am now a stronger person for it. Thanks Elizabeth! --Rose
Remarkable insight, saved my life, nuff said. Thank you very much. U.M.

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