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Starts at $10 Email/text reading. $30 Phone reading. More questions/longer readings are more. In person Albuquerque starts at $40 for half hour.

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505-573-7964 text is best


GET MORE than predictions.
Gain insights, solutions and guidance
and get onto the path to your best future
Ive been giving readings since the late 80s
I serve clients internationally with integrity & compassion.
It would be my pleasure and honor to read for you.
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Accurate information, wise advice, pro-active solutions guiding you to your best future.
I utilize the Tarot Cards to help me focus and get clear answers for you.
RELATIONSHIPS- Is this person good for me? Whats the potential for this relationship?
PEOPLE- Can I trust this person? What are their intentions?
CAREER choices
MONEY decisions, options.
RELOCATION- Am I living in the best place for me? What would my life be like in another location?
HEALTH- Readings or holistic health consultations, advice on herbs and more.
PETS- whats going on with my pet?
UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENA- Who's in my house? Why? How can I get them out if I want them out?
LIFE PURPOSE- Why am I here? What should I be doing?
MEDIUM READING- Want to talk to your relatives or friends on the other side? I will give you contact info for the best medium I know.

Maybe you need a caring yet objective listener more than you need a reading.
I am the calm in the storm.
Many clients choose a compassionate listener session during times of emotional upset.
I am NOT a licensed counselor, just a good listener offering great insights and advice

Add an extra 15-30 minutes to your reading when you order, if you feel that it would be helpful.

Please text ahead if possible, to book appointment.
Text between 9am and 6pm weekdays. l 505-573-7964.
Voicemail glitchy so text is best

relationship insights, spiritual experiences & more

Additional Information: 

I was born into a family of psychics in the Northeast U.S.
I was considered "weird" by other kids and made many people nervous due to my telepathic abilities and knowing gaze.
Most of my time was spent out in nature, including summer weekends in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusettes and at the Jersey shore.
I moved to the Southwest in my 40's and continue to give readings in the U.S. and internationally, working mainly by phone.

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Bio, childhood to present-

Listed since: Aug 17, 2012


I had my first reading with this young lady over the past weekend. What I was very surprised about was she said to not tell me anything about the person you want info about. Let me pick up the information with out help. Also, she was very spot on and I hope her prediction will come about. I will with out question use her again.
I had an hour session with Aleta, which stretched well beyond the 60 mins due to her generosity. She offered so many insights into my past, present and future, and I found it tremendously helpful that she also offered suggestions to help shape a future that would serve me best. What an awesome lady and what a beautiful gift!
Aleta was wonderful, direct, and personable. She is definitely an earth angel--using her gifs to help humanity. She was genuine and truly cared. She took her time with me after the reading to give advice. It was a great experience! We need more psychics like her in the world!! I'm recommending her to my family and friends!
I have been talking with Aleta for a few years now and I just cherish her! She has been spot on whenever we talk. It's usually about my son, career, love life but this last time, I feel like I can never repay her for what She gave me, she gave me a sense of peace I have not had in about 10 years. Completely out of the blue but, the angles wanted her to tell me my babies I lost were okay and that I need to forgive myself. I never knew how much I really needed that.
I have spoken with Aleta several times, all times supportive, accurate and helpful. I had compiled questions I had for her, and before I could even ask some of them she would already have an answer. In one visit she was helping me through things, and she saw my daughter next to me... I had no children and didn't even know I was going to! 4 months later I found out I was pregnant with my daughter! I didn't even ask about future children. It was the awesome when I found out I was having a girl!!!!
What can I say? Aleta is an angel. I have been going to her for guidance for three years now and each time she's provided me with the exact words I needed to hear. She is truly gifted and such a gentle compassionate soul. She loves to help people and does it unconditionally. Aleta, if you're reading this, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making things in my life clearer and brighter. I send you a huge embrace!
I have reached out on three different occasions to Aleta and have not been disappointed. She has been on point!
I recently had a phone reading with Aleta. She is authentic and provided information and guidance that is helping me greatly. I highly recommend her. She is a gifted and upright intuitive who is not wrapped up in her own ego.
Aleta has become both a spiritual counselor, and friend. She has been the ONLY reader I have had since 2012. Yes she is REAL, and Yes she is extremely accurate. You'll have her read again and again!
I found Aleta on this site and have to say, she gave me an amazing reading! I was able to get 7 questions answered in 30 minutes. All answers were on target and very consistent throughout the reading with several tarot cards consistently showing up, reinforcing the message. I would recommend Aleta without hesitation.
Ms. Aleta is amazing she was on target with my question she gave accurate answers. She knew exact people dealing with my school situation, she told me things that I thought was going to happen and what I was thinking about my relationship. I'm just glad to have had a conversation with her she helped me to clear my mind and focus on just the main things. She also gave me advice on things that will be helpful in my life. I'm thankful for her she is great !
Aleta's reading was "SPOT ON!" I was in a love triangle, I was being lead to believe there was something more between me and my "boyfriend." I cought him in a lie agian & finally "let go" knowing I would never get the answers from him I needed. Later that night I got my reading from Aleta and she reaffirmed everything & that alone is helping me to move on & heal. Aleta's reading was the best and 100% accurate. I ordered another email reading shes that great! Love, light & blessings Aleta!
Aleta is clear and focused. She does not fill-in with matters that are not important (to you) at the moment. And she is accurate! Her down-to-earth approach, with higher connections packs a punch. Her reality-based readings give life direction and choices that you will have confidence in. Her compassion and authenticity speaks for itself. She is a person of integrity with absolute intent to serve others in the highest way possible. Aleta has a real gift. She is a Reader to call and trust.
If you are looking for the best psychic around, please trust Aleta to be the person to guide you. You were my first experience using a psychic, Aleta, and I am so thankful for all the help you provided me with the two times I called you. You are such a luminous being who has been blessed with an amazing gift. Thank you for being light. I appreciate you. Sincerely, Janeth :)
Aleta gave me a very straight forward reading with great guidance. She didn’t waste my time or money. Additionally, the wisdom and insight she offered me on life in general was priceless and unbelievable. She really helped me to form a more healthy perception on my life. I am grateful that she is using her gift in such a loving and ethical manner.
Aleeta is excellent and on point with her readings! Everthing has been very accurate with her readings. Plus she is a very down to earth person and tells it like it is! She truly wants to help people using the wisdom of their ancestors and higher self. Aleeta is awesome!
So helpful, I felt a lot of clarity and relief after the reading, thank you.
I had a phone reading with Aleta. She was very helpful in pinpointing what questions to ask for clearest answers. The answers were very literal and specific. She offers practical advice and guidance. And yes, her voice is quite soothing as well.
I just want to say thank you Aleta for all your help. When I talked to you, I felt like I was talking to a friend. You were compassionate, and understanding. I honestly know that if it wasn't for your help, I wouldn't be able to write this review. The information you gave me, and the intuition you used to help me were spot on accurate. Thank you again for all your help.
Aleta's reading was so acurate! She helped ease my fears and clarify for me what actions to take in a very critical situation. Everything turned out so perfectly! I am very happy that I reached out to Aleta and will definitely use her again.
My reading was on 1-28-13. No info on me or the reason for my call was needed initially. The 1st and 2nd parts of the reading were 100% accurate without deviation. After minimal information was given for the 3rd part, I am looking forward to what the cards predict for the future of my currently broken relationship. She was extremely down to earth and very blunt about what the cards relayed. I will surely be calling her back in a month for an update and have already recommended her to a friend :)
Ms. Aleta was amazing! She gave me the guidance on which path I should take for my son & I, she eased my worries with my son's sperm donor. I was so suspicious about goin into this being that I had never seen or talked to a psychic but she had everything right on the money without me giving her detail. She seen how bad I'm struggling & she helped me in her own special way. I do intend to use Ms. Aleta each & every chance I get. I was in awe of her & so very thankful for the answers I received!!
Very helpful. Helped me make a career choice and showed me what was going on in various people & situations. Confirmed my suspicions *& my own intuition. I will recommend her to friends.
Ive been getting readings from Aleta for a few years now both in person & by phone. She is accurate, honest & direct. I have been through some really difficult and complicated situations and she has helped me understand whats going on and what my options are. Ive been able to make some tough decisions with her help. Very caring & real.

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