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"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson

New Mexico

Karen Tallkat Conley

Karen Tallkat Conley is a psychic medium. Her unique and unexpected style is described as improvisational with a spiritual vibe. Neither party knows just what the information will be or how it will be presented. It is allowed to unfold, live - in the moment. Specific information usually comes forward spontaneously, however she encourages you to write down your most important questions before your appointment. Tallkat does not use Tarot ca
(Reviews 19; Listed since: Oct 20, 2011) ::

Elizabeth Anglin

Sessions with Elizabeth are gentle and joyful as she provides messages from spirit guides, angels, saints and loved ones in spirit. She balances these messages with communication with the physical body and pets as necessary, giving her clients the opportunity to view their lives from many different perspectives, integrating multiple forms of wisdom and understanding in each reading. She has worked with academic researchers at Harvard Universit
(Nearest City: Santa Fe; Reviews 12; Listed since: Jun 25, 2007) :: READ MORE...

Elissa Heyman

In full-time practice as a psychic and healer since 1979, Elissa Heyman has an international clientele with a home office in Santa Fe, NM. In person or by phone, Elissa is accurate and specific, offering clarifying insights about the personal, professional, and spiritual lives of her clients. Specialties include clairvoyant reading, divination with the tarot and the Speaking Stones, shamanic and spiritual healing, and mediumship. Elissa's weekda
(Nearest City: Santa Fe; Reviews 2; Listed since: Feb 20, 2008) :: READ MORE...

Tawn Head

Talk with Tawn if you are looking for a reading with warmth, sincerity and a connection back to yourself. Tawn has drawn others to her throughout her life due to her caring nature and an ear for what is ailing those around her. She has been described as caring, compassionate, and sensitive to the needs of others, along with an uncanny accuracy as to what actions may be helpful for a shift in their lives. Tawn is a lifelong Intuitive, licensed Psy
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 15; Listed since: Sep 25, 2008) :: READ MORE...

Aleta Mason

GET MORE than predictions. Gain insights, solutions and guidance and get onto the path to your best future . Ive been giving readings since the late 80s I serve clients internationally with integrity & compassion. It would be my pleasure and honor to read for you. * SEE REVIEWS - Scroll down to bottom WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM YOUR READING? Acc
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 24; Listed since: Aug 17, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Rhonda Harris-Choudhry

Author of You Are Not Broken. Do you need to know what’s going on in your relationships? Not sure if you are on the right career path? Tired of dead-end love affairs? Sick of feeling stuck? As an empath, I can help you to know the inner workings of others and yourself. As your Psychic Counselor, my goal is to empower you to take back your life and live it to the fullest. I have had over 240,000 views of my YouTube psychic empath training tutori
(Reviews 1; Listed since: Nov 27, 2012) ::

Lorna Adams

Speak directly to your Spirit Guides or those who have passed. With over 40 years of experience I can tell you communicating with your own Guides is a unique and powerful experience. Guides are here to help and empower you in your life. During a reading I channel your Guides and pass on what they say and the pictures they show me. The goes for those loved ones who have passed. All I need to connect with anyone, living or passed in their first nam
(Nearest City: Las Cruces; Reviews 0; Listed since: Dec 16, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Avion M Lourde

Within energy is information, and energy is highly perceptible. In the layers of our individual energy fields holds information about our past, present and more. Accessing information psychically helps in becoming more aware and in gaining clarity about our "next steps". Applying intuition in everyday life assists in decision-making, improves our understanding of events in our lives, tendencies, and motivations. The wealth of information and
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 0; Listed since: Mar 10, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Danelle Beclund

InnerSpiral offers many different services that can help people transform their mind, body, and spirit. Danelle Beckluund is the owner and founder of InnerSpiral. She has over 15 years of experience working as a hypnotist, psychic/medium, Tarot and past life reader. She offers channeled healing in her sessions. As a medium she connects with loved ones on the other side and offers evidental information that life continues on after the physical
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 0; Listed since: May 30, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Jennifer Jacobs

My work is holistic and comprehensive, combining my strong psychic abilities with my healing, enlightening educational gifts and talents in a motivating, inspiring manner. I am a Spiritual life Coach, Intuitive Writer & Psychic Medium who’s main goal & purpose in life is to help other’s attain their highest purpose through self love mastery. I am so very grateful for the God granted abilities my gift’s have bestowed upon me. I feel espec
(Nearest City: Santa Fe; Reviews 0; Listed since: Dec 28, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Janice B. Noehulani

Hi! I'm Janice Noehulani! I'm a Shamanic Love Coach Psychic Healer. I can help you attract the love, health and finances you desire. I use principals from the Law of Attraction and much, much more. In sessions and courses you’ll gain practical tools you can consistently use. Each session helps you focus on what you want to receive, while clearing the path for you to receive. ​Find clarity. I'm a Shamanic Healer, Soul Path Visionary, and E
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 26, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Nora Helbich

With 10 years experience as a certified energy healer, intuitive reader and psychic medium, I can help you heal and thrive in all areas of your life. Intuitive Energy Healing services provided in person in NE Albuquerque or by pre-arranged remote healing session. Realize immediate results and consistent improvement with illness, injury, malaise, despair, dis-ease, Medical Intuitive using gifts and talents I can help identify factors co
(Nearest City: Albuquerque; Reviews 0; Listed since: Oct 30, 2017) :: READ MORE...