Tracy Farquhar

Tracy Farquhar
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Philadelphia, PA


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$95.00 for one hour

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Please see my website to schedule a reading.


Tracy of Spirit Light Services provides personal psychic consultations, psychic and mediumship gatherings and classes in psychic development, meditation and Infinite Possibilities (Law of Attraction/positive thinking training). Tracy has over 12 years of professional experience and her heart-centered work is done with the highest degree of compassion, honesty and a desire to see you reach your soul's potential. She is also the author of Frank Talk: A Book of Channeled Wisdom, an Amazon Best Seller and her second book, From Deep Space with Love: A Conversation about Consciousness, the Universe, and Building a Better World, co-authored by NY Times Best-Selling Author and Celebrated New Thought Teacher Mike Dooley, will be released by Hay House in May, 2017.

Readings: The reading you will receive from me is not like a fortune teller’s prediction. Your future is never carved in stone; we all have choices to make and lessons to learn. Your reading is “interactive”; it is ultimately up to you to interpret it in a way that is most relevant to your life situation. What I hope you will gain from your reading is insight and guidance which draws on your past, your present, and your future. Your spirit guides may have messages about your present situation which can help you make important decisions, and I can often foresee probable outcomes of decisions and actions you are considering and what you can do to best enrich your life, realize your potential and achieve your goals.

Tarot Cards: I do what I call an "Intuitive Tarot Reading," using Tarot Cards as a psychic tool. I believe that the cards have both an archetypal meaning and a very personal meaning to the person being read. Using a three-card spread representing past, present and future is a good way for me to help guide you with a current issue, decision or course of action.

Galleries: A spirit gallery is a group reading where I connect with spirit energy that is present. In this type of group reading for five to twelve people, I will tell you as much identifying information about a spirit as I can, and can usually identify the guest the spirit is there for or at least indicate the area of the room where the guest is seated. I will sometimes get a name, but not always, and I'll usually be able to get some idea of the spirit's relationship to the guest. It's important to keep an open mind when attending this type of reading, since sometimes the spirit that comes through for you is not at all who you were expecting. Our strongest spirit connections are not always with those we've had close connections with in this life. These readings are always very interesting, fun, emotional and healing.

Additional Information: 

Individual readings and workshops are held at the Spirit Light Center, 916 White Horse Pike, Oaklyn, NJ 08107. Phone and Skype readings also available by appointment only.

Listed since: Oct 25, 2012


Tracy's work is authentic and actionable. She is truly gifted and I would recommend her to everyone.

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